Unobtainable Items Addon

This addon lets you access some blocks which exist in-game but have for different reasons been made inaccessible. For example, some of the blocks are part of a feature which no longer exists in the game. The way that you can get these blocks are by killing a few different types of mobs which will now drop these blocks.

Creator: Allan1905, Twitter Account
Updated: 31 May, 2018 (read changelog)

How does it work?

Four of the mobs in-game will now drop some new blocks which previously existed in-game but was inaccessible. Here is a list of the blocks you can obtain.

  • Invisible Bedrock – Dropped by the Wither Boss
  • Stained Glass Blocks/Panes – Dropped by Sheep (requires a stained glass addon)
  • End Gateway – Dropped by the enderman
  • Nether Reactor, Glowing Obsidian – Dropped by the Zombie Pigman
  • Portal Block – Dropped by Zombie Pigman if killing it with an enchanted looting sword
  • Ender Pearl – Dropped by Enderman
  • Wither Star – Dropped by the Wither Boss
  • Stonecutter – Dropped by Silverfish
  • Frosted Ice – Dropped by Snow Golem
  • Bubble Columns – Dropped by Drowned ( only!)

All of the “new” blocks looks actually pretty cool and can be used for decorating your worlds. Everything (except for the stained glass blocks) require no texture pack and that means everyone will be able to see these blocks.



  • Bubble Columns – Dropped by Drowned ( only!)


  1. Download Behavior .McPack
  2. Activate the packs for a world in-game

You can get a .ZIP file for this addon here.

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211 Responses

4.53 / 5 (98 votes)
  1. Hasim The Gamer says:

    How to get nether portal block?😅😅😅

  2. Anonymous says:

    tHe EnDeRmAn DrOpS eNdEr PeARlS wOw!!!

  3. DelTaco24 says:

    Uh the wither isn’t dropping the invisible bedrock.

  4. Friendly Fire says:

    Please add:
    Fire Block – Dropped by Magma Cube
    Water Blocks (still and flowing) – Dropped by Guardian
    Lava Blocks (still and flowing) -Dropped by Ghast

  5. Friendly Fire says:

    Please add more!

  6. Anonymous says:

    I can’t download it and it’s not on the app…

  7. Jordan says:

    Can you put water blocks and lava blocks and fire blocks into this addon?

  8. Christmas Butt says:

    Could be better if you traded it with villagers and what happend to the red reactor Ruby’s cameras and other stuff

  9. Anonymous says:

    Editor, if you see this, ive a recoomendation. Now that Plug give command is disable, theres no way to get enchantements like “Thorns 32767”. Maybe, can you make something drop an enchanted book like “Thorns 32767” or “Protection 32767”?

  10. No one says:

    I can’t get it to download, only half of the pack is available for me

  11. matcraft the noob says:

    if you need to vote for a block glowing obsidian, nether heart reactor, end Gateway, or portal what would you vote for?

  12. [Help] says:

    You install the pack, get rid of the ad on the top right, download, something will pop up, click copy to Minecraft, create a new world, add the behavior pack to the world, then play!

    That’s how you install addons

  13. Tectonix says:

    How do I put this in my minecraft

  14. Unknown says:

    Add the cyan flower and rose they are nostalgic and I will rate five stars if you do

  15. Tetrabitdaming says:

    Hey guy I will be doing another Lost bits today so get ready.

  16. READ IOS USERS says:

    You can use this app called Plug Toolbox which allows you to access ANY kind of block including reserved6, water/lava block, and cool spawn eggs including dragon fireball and boat. (ONLY FOR IOS; sorry android users) Just Search “Plug Toolbox MCPE”.

  17. MCPE Gaming says:

    Can you add the 3 nether reactor core stages??? I have been waiting a long time for it

  18. Someone says:

    Everybody had been waiting for this! Pls add the 3 STAGES of the NETHER REACTOR CORE plz!!!

  19. Someone says:

    I cant get the portal block by killing the zombie pigman with looting III sword!! Plz fix

  20. percyjackson57 says:

    Hey i love your addon, its really cool, i have a few recomendations tho
    *update block (this happend to quarts in the old days)
    *water and lava block
    *neather reactor core (3 stages)
    *old education edition items (camera, allow/deny block)
    *end portal (to the end and back, in the portal)
    I wanna see u add all of these in the future thanks!
    (Sorry for such long suggestion)

  21. LiamStarcraft says:

    Its getting better every update! But I have a suggestion. Can you make it possible to get all 3 stages of Nether Reactor Core? That would be cool if you could.

  22. zwirth2795 says:

    Add the other nether reactor core variants and the ate!Upd

  23. Vortex says:

    Bubble columns don’t work yet I’m in 1.5.3 so it should work can you fix this?

  24. Friendly Fire says:

    Why you dont add end portal, water, lava, and pistonarmcollision? it could be fun 😀

  25. MeepMoop403 says:

    Can this corrupt my world if I delete after?

  26. Anonymous says:

    Will this corrupt your world in Andy way if you delete it after placing blocks?

  27. Percyjackson57 says:

    I have a question, how are we supposed to be on version 1.5.7 if version 1.5.3 just came out?

  28. DOGE LORD says:

    It’s Not Beta.

  29. xXExGamerXx says:

    I have the enchant meant of looting but the zombie pig man isn’t dropping the portal block it drops the same thing but with 2 duplicates with a golden sword

  30. Ben says:

    You should make glowing obsidian be able to make nether portals so a new nether will be added

  31. Anonymous says:

    The ender peral and stonecutter are already in minecraft ok.

  32. CoolCreeper39 says:

    Can reserved6 and other unobtainable blocks like that be added?

  33. Danboy says:

    Add the Camera the Update block the Water block and Lava block the Unbreakble Pickaxe
    The Air block LOL And the Missing Texture Block

  34. Unstoppablegaming says:

    I can’t download it

  35. BeautifulGrass8 says:

    I think it might’ve ruined Minecraft for me because now I can’t go to worlds. I can’t copy, create, or play any of my worlds, and there are a bunch of ridiculous issues. Overall, a good addon.

  36. Jack Jackinator says:

    add the camera to this addon

  37. xEliteGamerx754 says:

    How do I get rid of the invisible blocks

  38. Anonymous says:

    Some of these blocks like the nether reactor are actually very old blocks, they were there before there were nether portals

  39. ShishizaLyra Gamers says:

    Why at the time of opening the file add on successfully but not appear in the resource package, and when viewing the storage in the file there is an exclamation mark and it says warning: Missing dependency with ID ‘53644fac-a266-42e5-843f-a3c6f169a9ab’ and version ‘0.0. 1 ‘? I want to use the addon but can not. Please the solution 🙂

  40. Raptor_1 says:

    1. Stained glass came to Minecraft
    2. It would be cool if you added cameras to this addon
    3. This addon is great!

  41. CharaIsAmazing says:

    Can you add the Structure Block?

  42. Akira Fenix says:

    Idunno, the fact that you can get the Nether Reactor Core and/or the Glowing Obsidian is kinda bad… because…y’know… THEY MAKE FLYING REDSTONE PARTICLES APPEAR EVERYWHERE IF YOU PLACE ONE OF THE TWO DOWN

  43. KappaKapeesh says:

    Could probably already remove stained glass. It is already a feature of the official MCPE.

  44. R3DSTON3n00b says:

    I have been using this mod for years now, i love how there is a level of difficulty in Ontarioobtaining these items, and that they are so fantastically used…. Suggestion, there is a end hate tile now, and it would really bring this mod together… Thank you!!!

  45. Hi says:

    Love it but I can’t get the bubble coulomb😭

  46. SpookedCow says:

    This is really helpful! Thank you.

  47. McpeTDM says:

    This Addons is a great one i live this I use it for server lobbies can you fix the part were if you in the end and go through the nether you get back there and you can’t get to the over world

  48. Ahsan says:

    Hey, you should add fire item dropped by blaze

  49. Kjhwe says:

    It’s nice… but
    You can get it by using Pocket Inventory Editor .-.)/

  50. Anonymous says:

    The ID for bubble columns is actually -160

  51. ******* says:

    it is not working

  52. Dm20 says:

    Wow it’s good+cool

  53. adam says:

    How do u get rid of the barrier bloks?

  54. Cassidy says:

    This does not work for me, it says the download is missing viral components that make it function. Please help.

  55. NELSON LIMONTA says:

    God ,happy addons

  56. Minecrazy153YT says:

    Isnt it possible to add Fire to it too

  57. Jacob Morris says:

    AFter you get the blocks must you keep the addon enabled because im trying to make a map but dont want it to be over 20MB

  58. oof says:

    Will this work on xbox mcpe

  59. AwesomeNinja886 says:

    Cool Add-On, but why don’t the Endermen drop End Gateway?

  60. Zedonia says:

    How do i remove a barrier block (invisible bedrock)!? It’s stuck in the wrong place!!!!help😣😣😫😫

  61. Jet says:

    this addon is stupid. it takes forever to obtain each addon which is highly inconvenient. you can’t even spawn the wither-boss in game, so you can’t find the invisible bedrock unless you actually are willing to go through that challenge of finding it. if i could put 0 stars i would.

  62. Heather Geary says:

    I bet the nether reactor works🤔

  63. Heather Geary says:

    I luuve it so much!

  64. Heather Geary says:

    Guys I have stained glass because I’m in the better together update

  65. Heather Geary says:


  66. Heather Geary says:


  67. Anonymous says:

    There’s a new update on minecraft Pe that has staned glass and the

  68. Will says:

    I played iOS for years and I remember these blocks. How you grinder on old worlds just to get the nether reactor core with would create giant netherrack structures basically ruining your world and once all the pigmen were killed or the time ran out it would rain items I think. Then the core would turn into red obsidian. It was cool playing Minecraft then. I remember my cousins city world was all bit in survival the only accessible game mode and all the 4 towers were built out of dirt and glass-now wood or wool or stone. Her main house was a tall sand house (as it was built in the desert) and a floor of stone and the most valuable item she had was iron. Mining ores used to be really tough. Some of these blocks bring back memories.

  69. JurassicJordan says:

    If the camera is still in the game, you should add a way to obtain that!

    • Akira Fenix says:

      Because the entity is broken and it can crash your game and destroy your world?
      I mean, SURE it still exists as a secondary item in Minecraft: Education Edition (no not the option wich adds the periodic table to your game. The alternate version Minecraft: Eductaion Edition.) but Minecraft: Education Edition Worlds can’t be sent to any other version of Minecraft. Not even Java or one of the Bedrock Engine versions. (sigh, and they still claim bedorck engine will unify it all and make all compatible with the better togheter update. God damnit, Microsoft.)

      But yeah it’s for your world’s safety.
      I think.
      Either that or because it might be impossible to obtain it.

  70. Ella says:

    So…. you know you’re missing two blocks that are in the game but unobtainable…

    1. The Red Nether Reactor Core. 2. Nether Portal block

    • superspider3500 says:

      Number 2 is in the addon.

    • Akira Fenix says:

      You might wanna check again.
      First, It’s not Red Nether Reactor Core. It’s the Active Nether Reactor Core.
      The Active Nether Reacor Core only appeared before The Nether Reactor Core became useless.
      You can’t obtain it because, if i’m not wrong,the texture is just the nether reactor core block with the ID being 1. Plus, You might just want to run a old version of MCPE, place the Nether Reactor Core down, Make it’s home so it can create a hollow nether cube thing, backup your phone in your computer, get to the folder with the world you placed the Nether Reactor Core and activated it in, (tip: it is hard to get to the folder. Check pcgaming wiki for help on finding that.) Copy the world’s folder and shove it right in the folder with worlds on your Windows 10 Device.
      SSSSSSSimple as that.

  71. TheMinecraftPlayer says:

    You can still get stone cutter in MCPE and it’s in the creative inventory.

  72. GalaxyOfShaz001 says:

    Love the Add-On however, can you make is so that the invisible bedrock isn’t hard to get (make like a creeper or another mob drop it please) so when I’m in creative, I don’t have to spend 5 mins making an arena (so Wither Boss don’t wreck mah world) and having to kill it! If you do that, I’d appreciate it greatly! 😀

  73. Harm99 says:

    I need the invisible bedrock for a mini game I’m making but I don’t want a huge explosion in my world so how do I get the invisible bedrock without killing the wither?

    • AlanDudy says:

      If you are in creative, make a big box out of bedrock in the sky, give yourself strength 255 so you can one shot the wither (/effect @s strength 1000000 255) and build the wither inside of it, and kill it to get the invisible bedrock. In survival, I’m not sure.

    • Percyjackson57 says:

      You can turn off mob greffing for a litlle bit and it wont let mobs change the world (ex: sheep wont eat grass of)

  74. 11annguyen says:

    Hey did you know that you can get the nether reactor without this addon? It’s actually to late for that though. You need a old world back when the nether reactor was not removed and you were holding one before the update. So there’s a small chance of you even having one. I have one cause I got about 150 worlds and I think I don’t even use 125 of them. I remeber still having one world with it. Back in right before the thing was removed and the nether was added.

  75. 🦄 says:

    Um.. How so I get these stained glass panes??

      • Akira Fenix says:

        Well, first of all you don’t need any fancy commands. The stained glass and stained glass panes you’re looking for quite literally are on the creative menu. No fancy command, no scary addon that might break your compute, no nothing. Just go to creative mode, go to the all tab and search for Stained Glass and both the panes and blocks will appear. Simple as that.
        Noone gave you an awnser because it was obvious they were on the creative inventory.

  76. superspider3500 says:

    Stonecutters aren’t unobtainable! They’re available in the creative inventory! And the snow golem doesn’t drop frosted ice. I tried it this version and it didn’t drop it.

    • 11annguyen says:

      They are now. They removed it at some time. I still have a world with them in it. And a bunch of chickens in a 1x3x1 hole and I collect their eggs by corners and use them for more and ammunition.

  77. ImAnonym says:

    The Best ADDON 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  78. HiddenKid_618 says:

    I was having mcpe since it was in the first update so I’m an original Player

  79. True Player says:

    Am I the only one who was here when the nether reactor was here? If I was IM A TRUE PLAYER UNLIKE YOU SELFISH PEOPLE.

  80. Anonymous says:

    Updates? Nether Portal? 🙂

  81. Alec says:

    Can I help if it gets updated??!! Because I
    Love I mean Love this addon.

  82. Savanna bishop says:

    Hi can I please get this mod

  83. SuperBoy says:

    Can you add at this addon the nether portal but not the portal, the cube of the portal of nether ok? Plz :’D

  84. Admiral Saac says:

    Can you activate the Nether Reactor Core?

  85. TrollzandLolz says:

    Great addon but… Frosted Ice isn’t that like packed ice? Ender pearls, wither star and invisible bedrock are all obtainable except for the bedrock is only obtainable with commands. But amazing addon non the less

  86. Naruto says:

    Can you activate the nether reactor core?

  87. Cameron mclin says:

    Can you update it to where you can obtain primed Tnt

  88. PvP2 says:

    Can you activate the add-on, get the unobtainable items and remove the add-on? Because I think you can obtain the items with a MCPE inventory editor.

  89. Sophia says:

    Does it works on 1.0.8?

  90. sinfulBanjo7135 says:

    🥕it so good!

  91. IronInget says:

    What da heck when I killed the wither it didn’t drop the invisible bedrock! Please fix or tell me what I’m doing wrong

  92. M.Ghozi Farhan says:

    This addon is really easy to install on my ios device,i thought it have to use file explorer…..btw thank you…..

  93. Lien says:

    Love it plus finally I’m able to get them again + I started at 0.16.2 so I don’t have the nether reactor core thanks for making this addon but could you fix the crashes you need a looting III sword

  94. Lien says:

    Love it plus finally I’m able to get them again + I started at 0.16.2 so I don’t have the nether reactor core thanks for making this addon but could you fix the crashes

    • superspider3500 says:

      The nether reactor core looks like this plastic thing because of an accident in 0.15.0, to let you know.

  95. Fawfuls TNT says:

    Please change the loot tables so the mobs drop the unobtainable items in addition to their normal drops, because now ender pearls and nether stars are impossible to get in survival. 😐

  96. Dubull_N says:

    The nether portal don’t work for me…can you change it ? Need i to redownload the pack ?

  97. Blazer055 says:

    OMG I LOVED THIS ADDON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO MORE TOY BOX (because I’m on laptop so I can’t even do toy box lol) But whenever I kill a Zombie pigman with a sword WITH looting, it doesn’t give me a portal. it the description it says if I kill it with that I get a portal. plz fix that.

    • superspider3500 says:

      Repeat that process until you get it. It’s most likely you get a portal when you have looting three, or III.

  98. HUSKYPUP756 says:

    Can you add the camera

  99. Anonymous says:

    This addon is AMAZING 🙂

  100. The Stupidest Guy says:

    I use ios minecraft,
    I can get these items now!
    Best addon ever!
    Can you make allow,border,deny blocks?

    • bonin888 says:

      Only one edition of Minecraft will get these. Camera and Other “Education Edition” blocks will never be in mcpe because there’s no point.
      Literally what the Devs or others said. Sad to see a camera become history now that they dropped its purpose. And sent it to be used in one edition of the game only. 🙁

    • Mister Chuckles says:

      I don’t think those are in MCPE yet….he/she just got old blocks still in game to drop

      • Such Awesome! says:

        You’re probbably one of those guys who talk about technical stuff which you don’t know. Those items are IN vanilla MCPE.

  101. LuckyLachie says:

    Thank you SO much I have been missing these blocks (nether core red obsiden and portal) for a long time

  102. Anonymous says:

    The end gate way doesn’t drop for me

  103. Kabama04 says:

    Love it!
    It allows more diversity in builds!

  104. iRedstoneEater says:

    I was wondering what that piece of dirt is that says “update”. I will be downloading this because of the invisible bedrock and glowing obsidian. This will be helpful for when i start making maps.

    • superspider3500 says:

      Look at its name. That block is known as an Update block. Try to go into a 1.1.3 LAN game and tell another player to give you the new blocks in that version. You’ll be given blocks which haven’t been added yet, so they look like update blocks to you.

  105. Sirconol says:

    This is awesome.

  106. TrollzandLolz says:

    Awww I miss nether rectors!

  107. MCPEDL says:

    Guys, I recommend this add-on for people who are Map Makers.

    • Therix says:

      The real MCPEDLs name on their website would be Editor and they would have a green mark in the bottom right!

  108. nickgamerguyman says:

    GREAT works like a charm. Just in next update plz add cmds to get them coz I will mostly use it in gmc

  109. king of pvp says:

    love it

  110. SolidMoney25979 says:

    Will the portal block actually teleport you?

  111. rod says:


  112. bonin888 says:

    This is for people who don’t have android and can’t get Plug pe on iOS. Great work! 😀

  113. LOL says:

    I like,make a more drops

  114. Anonymous says:


  115. Admiral Saac says:

    Are you able to activate the Nether Reactor Core?

  116. ClickbaitMC says:

    Oh WoW cool addon

  117. PandaDustin says:

    I started playing in 0.10.3 so I actually still have the nether reactor core in a few worlds.

    • BlackyShiro says:

      Cause The other features Is deleted in the other update But you don’t have shulker shulker boxes concrete blocks sandbox powders Lingering potions totem of undying idk if this is all on the To 1.1.3
      1.1.3 only exist in android

  118. Master_Waskerz says:

    Amazing ty for making this

  119. Minecraftien111 says:

    Nice addon for Android users and iOS users who didnt wanted to pay for PlugPE! Thanks for adding this as an addon, but i was wondering, will you add in the future the Invisible Bedrock block (its is unbreakable, invisible but breakable with /setblock ~ ~-1 ~ air only.)

    And when i saw the Nether Reactor Core, there is a Sphax PureBDcraft PE texture pack and it change its texture, maybe put a link for it?

  120. Elijah says:

    I absolutely love these addons !!!

  121. Brandon says:

    Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,I can finally get the nether reactor in mcpe:-).Thank You ALLAN.B-)B-)B-)B-)

  122. The Ageek theory says:

    It’s good but? Can you use them for anything?

    • bonin888 says:

      The nether reactor gives free items if you use a normal diamond pick! 😀
      And the glowing obsidian is a really good decoration, and it emits red stone particles at a certain area in the world for some reason, and the portal blocks, (all types; end, nether, gateway,) all can teleport you to the dimensions that they are supposed to take you to. Invisible bedrock is weird though, because it’s used only in “old world” type worlds. Other blocks are just plain useless as they are placeholders. “Update!” and “ate!upd” are an example of these. Stained glass is also coming SOME TIME in the future.

  123. S4/\/\ says:

    Wouldn’t it be easiest if you could get these blocks by trading with villagers? That would be more survivial friendly.

  124. OnFire3000 says:

    Are there commands to get these blocks?

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