Unreal Graphic Shader : Default++

Default++ is a new Variant of Unreal Graphic Shader PE. This Shader just Improve the Default Color. This shader also has some features, like Wave Plant and Water, Fake reflect, Sun reflect.


  • Improved Saturation
  • Improved Fog
  • Sun Reflection / Specular
  • Fresnel
  • Sun rotating
  • Waving Leaves, Grass, and Water
  • Fake reflection in Water



  • This shader doesn’t work on Minecraft Windows 10
  • This Shader is made by me, but I’m using some code from GitHub
  • If this Shader crashes, it means your Phone is not supported
  • If you found bug, please dm me on Twitter


Supported Minecraft versions




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30 Responses

4.55 / 5 (11 votes)

    Its so dark and broken πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž

  2. CrisTVH says:

    It would be appreciated if it was also compatible with Minecraft Windows 10 Edition

  3. WIN10 pls it took so long to be supported pls support WIN10!

  4. ThePotatoeMan1234 says:

    It looks great I haven’t tried it because I play on xbox so can you make it support xbox?Please!!

  5. Steeeeve says:

    He’s making Version 2.0 already, check his twitter to see his progress on the Unreal Graphic Shaders Version 2.0 Update.

  6. Updating this shader would be so awesome, so fix some bugs and make it support win10. This really good so update this

  7. Fake IsnO says:

    Can I ask where you got the nice water? I would like to use it for my shader thanks!!

  8. AFRANI says:

    you can make shader 2.0 compatible with openGL devices your shader looks great.

  9. Found a bug when you go underwater everything turn to black, green, red and blue. Also reduce plant waves and make it compatible with windows 10 edition.

    Great work btw…
    5 stars!

  10. FLARXXS says:

    I really like your shader. But … you can add a nice tonemap effect?

  11. VanillaWasEliminated says:

    There’s a visual glitch under the water where everything turns super saturated to the point where you can’t see anything. Please fix that.

  12. ImVanillaSkyYT says:

    Is the stretched entities shadow an intended feature? Because in my opinion it looks as if you tried to replicate the entities shadow in Java edition.

  13. megabekfast says:

    this shader is absolutely amazing! my only issue is the lag with water and leaves. if that could be reduced, maybe taking out frames in animation and quality (or like a lite version) that’d be awesome

  14. Zlzbub says:

    PLEASE make this available for Win10. It looks so great

  15. Also I found some other bugs:
    1. Entity shadow was too stretched, is it fixable?
    2. The SUPER water not everywhere, I think it depends on a biom, so could you add that water with reflections to all biomes?

  16. Lord Arrow says:

    could u make it windows 10 supported?

  17. Wahrmensxch says:

    I played this on my iPhone 8 Plus, and it’s really good, but I suggest you make the leaves and water, less wavy.
    Hope you’ll make it compatible for Windows 10.

  18. Very nice shaders! But the only thing I would prefer is to lower the movement of plants, leaves and water because it looks too crazy, plz I hope you’ll read and at least write that you’ll fix that because those shaders are GOOD.

  19. iTzDaniel08xX says:

    luego puedes hacerlo para windows 10

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