Useful Nether Quartz Add-On 1.0.2

Nether Quartz is only used to craft a few things, and outside of decorative aspects is almost never used in the game, This addon will give you a purpose to mine for Nether Quartz outside of grinding XP. There are a lot of features introduced and even deterrents that compel you to take advantage of these new features. This does not replace any vanilla mobs. Follow @UECMT for updates and tweet us if you’d like to voice your thoughts.

WARNING: Any videos or showcases made on this addon MUST follow Unity’s add-on TOS or we’ll take down your video. By downloading and using this addon, you agree to the terms of use.

 Creator: NightwalkerLots, Twitter Account, YouTube Channel, Instagram Updated: 18 April, 2019 (read changelog)


Features (As of V-1.0.2):: The Final Build

(Requires Minecraft Bedrock 1.8 or higher)

(This version has been playtested by Multiple Mixer Streamer before release)

Zombie Pigman

  • Tamable with Nether Quart Blocks
  • When tamed, Will automatically attack all monster mobs
  • When tamed, will shoot fireballs if the target is out of range
  • Regular/Tamed pigman no longer broadcast aggression
  • Does not wonder and will follow you closely when tamed
  • AI designed by @Lastofthesorrow
  • When tamed, Are semi-invulnerable
  • When tamed, keeps creepers away
  • When tamed, keeps phantoms away
  • Will come with you through the Nether Portal
  • Can hold items for you once tamed (27 slots)
  • Will immediately pick up items you throw at it
  • Regular/Tamed will randomly spawn gold near them
  • You can trade regular quartz with Untamed Zombie Pigman in exchange for a gold nugget (walk up to them and interact with quartz in hand)
  • Has a chance to spawn with armor & swords above gold quality
  • Buffed drops of untamed pigman


  • 50 Health
  • x1.8 Bigger (New texture works without resource)
  • Better attack AI
  • Much harder to kill
  • Now drops Phantom Membrane
  • It’s fireballs now explode on impact
  • With looting enchantment, will occasionally drop diamonds
  • Will occasionally drop fire charges

Wither Skeleton

  • 50 Health
  • x1.2 Bigger (New texture works without resource)
  • Now inflicts slowness along with wither effect
  • Replaced dropped coal with coal blocks
  • Replaced dropped bones with iron nuggets
  • Rare chance to drop diamonds if you have looting

Iron Golems

  • Can be healed by Nether Quartz
  • Are tamable by Nether Quart Blocks
  • have 90 health once tamed
  • No longer try to attack zombie pigman
  • Player made Iron Golems no longer retaliate when you attack them

Passive Features

  • Trade quartz blocks with cows for their meat and the essence from the nether will automatically cook it
  • Trade quartz blocks with chickens for feathers
  • Tame a sheep or pig with quartz blocks, once tamed they will remain stationary and randomly drop their raw meat.
  • Tamed sheep and pigs will automatically pick up the raw mutton they dropped if they remain stationary (inventory of 27 slots)

Other Big changes

  • Enchanto Potions now gives you a lot more XP (A random tweak for testing purposes, figured a few people might like this if I leave it in)
  • Enchanto Potions now act as a splash potion of harming 
  • creepers now randomly drop gunpowder and it sounds like a firework when they do
  • Shulkers now drop more shells and are affected by looting
  • Phantoms now drop more shells and are affected by looting
  • Phantoms now have a rare chance to drop elytra with looting enchantment
  • Can trade quartz with Enderman in exchange for ender pearls (walk up to them and interact with quartz in hand)
  • Creepers now drop more gunpowder and don’t destroy blocks when they explode 
  • Shulkers now have a chance to drop ender pearls and chorus fruit


Credits, Intended Use, & Copyright

In association with Unity Entertainment Productions
© 2019-2023 Unity Entertainment Productions
Addon Founder: Nightwalkerlots
Insta- nightwalker_lots
This Addon is owned by Unity Entertainment Productions™. DO NOT attempt to edit, change, or tamper with any files or assets in the Useful Nether Quartz Addon. The contents of this addon are organized specifically to work on Mobile and XboxOne. We are not responsible for any damage done to devices installed with this addon. We are not responsible for anything that happens during the unintended and/or inappropriate use of this Minecraft Addon. Please use this addon at your own risk. Separate download links will be available for your device on the Unity Entertainment Website (Home/Downloads/Minecraft add-ons). Updates and Bugfixes will be made frequently by the Unity Entertainment Modding Team. Report bugs or give suggestions on our discord server.

Known Bugs

  • Flying away from your tamed Zombie Pigman can cause him to lose track of you… Best to go on foot
  • Changes and tweaks to vanilla mobs in this add-on may overwrite some things in other add-ons
  • Pigman may not spawn with golden swords anymore, but have a chance to spawn with something better
  • Creepers may still destroy blocks if “Mob Griefing” is left on while using cheats
  • Some play tester reported zombie pigman not following them into the overworld


  1. Visit Unity to Download
  2. Complete reCAPTCHA
  3. When hitting “Get Link” and an ad window comes up. Close it and click “Get Link” again
  4. Download the file for your device
  5. (Xbox One) Watch Installation Tutorial
  6. (Mobile/Windows) Apply the pack for a world

Changelog View more

-Iron Golems will no longer attack your tamed zombie pigman

-Brought back zombie pigman inventory due to positive feedback on this feature

-Fixed a bug that allowed creepers to still destroy blocks

-Further improved tamed pigman AI to automatically attack all nearby monsters

-fixed a bug that didn't allow you to trade quartz with sheep for wool

-fixed a bug that caused blaze to not drop diamonds at all.

  • Made Wither Skeleton harder to kill, but also made a reason to farm them.
  • Updated new bugs found from our playtesters
  • Phantoms now have a rare chance to drop a elytra
  • Removed a feature that allowed you to trade with sheep
  • Added resized textures for the blaze and wither skeleton (does not require resource pack)
  • Tweaked creepers to drop even more gunpowder
  • Changed UUID of the addon so that way you can update the addon on a world that has a previous version on the addon.
  • Removed some un-used assets to reduce file size.

-Made blazes health from 80 to 90

-Pigman are now sit-able, while keeping their inventory feature.

-Further increased the amount of gun powder dropped from creepers

-Phantoms now do 20 damage

-Donkeys can now hold 27 slots rather than 16

-Blaze will now shoot 9 instead of ten fire balls at you

-Fireballs now have twice as much blast damage, and knockback

-Added trades for the leather villager trades

-enderman will now attack villagers and wither skeletons within 7 blocks

-enderman are now mad at you for twice as long

-Fixed a bug that didn't allow you to heal Undead Horse with rotten flesh as intended

-Made the wither skeleton twice as big

-Lowered the distance of how far phantoms will avoid pigman

-Tweaked the spawn rules of the skeleton/undead horses in a attempt to get them to spawn more frequently

-Tweaked some drop values to be more ballanced

-Blaze now use their fireball attack more often

-xp bottles will now give you even more experiance than before

-blazes will now also drop fire charges

-enderman are now immune to fire

-shulkers now have a chance to drop enderpeals and chorus fruit

-creepers now have a slightly longer fuse

-creepers now avoid pigman and icelots at a farther distance

-lowered the health of the creeper from 20 to 10

-creeper explosions are now three times as powerful

-iron gollems persue targets a bit faster

-lowered iron gollems health to 90, making it essential to heal them when you get the chance

-lowered the iron gollem tame probability

-quartz now heal the iron gollem for 30 health

(Passivist Features)

-Trade quartz blocks with cows for their meat and the essence from the nether will automatically cook it

-Trade quartz blocks with chickens for feathers

-Tame a sheep or pig with quartz blocks, once tamed they will remain stationary and randomly drop their raw meat.

-Tamed sheep and pigs will automatically pick up the raw mutton they dropped if they remain stationary (inventory of 27 slots)

(Other Fixes and changes)

-changed UUID to make it easier to replace with a newer version on Xbox

-Fixed pigman inventory (no longer sitable)

-Pigman now pick up things you drop on it

-Fixed pigman randomly attacking other players when using addon with other people

-Fixed tame probability for zombie pigman and sheep

-Fixed iron golem & zombie pigman attacking each other

-Fixed mode switcher in zombie pigman from melee to ranged

-Fixed a bug with sheep not generating their meat when tamed

-Fixed Download link on our website

-Updated installation details for those who don't know how to get through a URL shrinker... My God

-Blaze no longer drop phantom membrane

-Increased the number of iron nuggets dropped by wither skeletons

-Player-made iron golems no longer attack you if you damage it

-Iron golems now walk faster when trying to follow you

-Removed Villager trading files do to them having no effect thanks to recent title updates

-Updated pigman & iron golem mob-auto-target list for hostile mobs beyond TU1.9

-Made it so pigman notice a hostile mob faster, and use melee attack at a higher frequency

-pigman will now randomly drop gold ingots (wild/tamed) and sounds like a firework going off so you can't miss it. There is a possibility he might immediately pick it up, so check his inventory every now and then for a present. 

-pigman now do 40 melee damage

-pigman will now cast fire magic at targets when they are too far away (beyond 6 blocks)

-pigman will now spawn with either a golden, iron or diamond sword that has a good chance to have a random enchantment on it

-small fireballs shot by blaze now do 7dmg instead of 5 and no longer catch things on fire

-creepers now randomly drop gunpowder and sound like a firework when they do

-creepers now avoid pigman at a higher distance (50 blocks)

-xp bottles now give a more ridiculous amount of experience (800/1000 points)

-xp bottles now act as a splash potion of harming

-Removed the feature that allowed zombie & skeleton horses to spawn naturally

-Removed feature that allowed you to store more items on donkeys

-Removed feature that made wither skeletons apply slowness as well as wither effect

-Nerfed blaze & wither skeletons health to 50

-Buffed small fireball damage from 7 to 9, as well as buffed explosion power to 3.5


For Mobile, simply apply addon to your world.

For Xbox One, watch the installation tutorial provided below

(There is no longer a resource pack)


Supported Minecraft versions


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    The creator is rude and only wants praise, can’t handle any critics. GROW UP!

  3. Gaynus says:

    Help i am stick in the nether and im not sure if it is because of this addon or something else HELP PLEASE also the nether is super laggy and it struggles to pick up items help

  4. Anonymous says:

    When i go on storage and click the zip file, i only see Useful Nether Quartz Addon V1.0.2.

    No seperate Behavior pack and resource pack. Im on Xbox One.

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    im still having trouble getting it im on wndows 10

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    Is it still available for 1.8+? It seems to have updated and I’m not sure if it is incompatible due to 1.12 beta coming out.

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    Giving you a 5 star because people are giving you 1 star for no reason, and I like the pack.

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    Can hold items for you once tamed This one dont work on my minecraft,win10

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    By the low amount of stars this gets I’m having second thoughts now.

    • The low amount of stars seems to be mostly from people not knowing how to download the files, or just not liking the concept of the addon overall. Someone gave me 2 stars just because he didn’t know how to close an ad window. This addon hasn’t been rated fairly.

  11. Mark says:

    The trades are too OP. Doesn’t make nether quartz more useful, it makes Minecraft a lot easier, in stupid ways.

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    Quartz is already useful

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  14. victor says:

    No me deja tamear al Zombiepigman, solo me sale intercambiar

    • Must be something you’re doing wrong, or depending on what platform you’re using. You’ll need to walk straight up to the pigman if you’re on PE, and they’ll be an option that comes up that’ll say “tame” or if you’re using regular quartz it’ll say “trade”

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    Can you please turn the down load server through somewhere like AdFly and then mediafire. I am interested in this addon but can’t get it. 😡😡

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    Sirve para versiones anterior como la 1.7?

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    What site or app did you use to make this addon?

  18. Editor says:

    We are sorry for the bugs…
    Bugs fixed on our next update…
    Thank you for everyone who tried this addon.

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