Useful and Detailed Glazed Terracotta!

Have you ever wonder that it is hard to use glazed terracotta in minecraft well here is the texture you need, it will make minecraft galzed terracotta useful for your builds.

Here are some screenshots (to get does blocks go to the galzed terracotta section in your inventory): reminder, the glazed terracotta are crafted like normal ones.they are crafted the same as the original ones, if you do not know how to make glazed terracotta search in youtube or minecraft wikimy skin is made by me, also all textures are made by me.

This texture pack changes all the type of glazed Terracotta:








-Light blue




Are the colors changed for the glazed terracotta.

New update: subpack(options) are added to add more varieties to the blocks in the players point of view.




New: Added 3 more subpacks


V5: Planks

V6: city blocks

To access the options, go to the texture pack. Cluck it and then click the cog icon, then set how you want to be.

I have a YouTube channel called ‘BlockLeader Interest’ and made a video about my texture pack.

New video about v3 and v2

Changelog View more

-Added 3 more subpacks

-Added a suggested idea

-The 3 subpacks are v4, v5 planks exclusive, v6 city blocks.

- Added subpacks (option menu)

- Changed the pack icon

- added more textures in each version

- Fixed link and textures

Added more description.

Changed unnecessary pictures.

Tweaked a bit of the textures.


Reminder: All textures are made by me (the creator) if you want to review, edit or make my textures to your personal use will be accepted if you credit me (for videos) and ask permission.

This texture pack I know is supported for android and ios, I am not sure if it works on other platforms.

If you have issues in downloading please inform me, if you are unable to install the mcpack rename the .zip file into a .mcpack

Feel free to leave any suggestions to what you want in future updates.


Supported Minecraft versions




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  1. I have an ANNOUNCEMENT, you must delete the old versions of this texture pack to get the new one.

  2. If anyone has any suggestions on the next update you can share some with me ?

  3. I will be updating this texture oack soon, so stay tune ?

  4. The link will be fixed soon, don’t worry

  5. Runaway_Zombie says:

    Only green terracotta changed

  6. Runaway_Zombie says:

    Only green terracotta works

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