Useful Flesh

Have you ever wanted to eat the flesh of your enemies without any adverse effects? or stitch it together and wear it? well, now you can! Smoke it, cook it, throw it in a furnace to watch it burn! or, just throw it on a campfire for the pleasing smell of that zombie that bit you, being cooked!

This addon allows you to cook Rotten Flesh, stitch it together and create leather from it.

Two new items were added.

  1. Zombie Jerky – A dry yet tasty snack!
  2. Stitched Flesh – Smoke this and you’ll have some perfectly usable leather!

To create Zombie Jerky, throw some Rotten Flesh into a Furnace, smoker or onto a Campfire.

To craft Stitched Flesh, put Rotten Flesh into the crafting grid in a 2×2 grid (4 total flesh).

To create leather from Stitched Flesh, put it into a Smoker.

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Fixed a small change in Stitched Flesh. moving it from Furnace to Smoker


Windows 10

 just open the file, it will install.


Either download from web page then open, or use the MCPEDL app.

Xbox One

Check out the tutorial on YouTube : Elder Wizard Gaming - How to Download Minecraft Mods on Xbox One


Supported Minecraft versions


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6 Responses

4.75 / 5 (4 votes)
  1. RatherLargePotato says:

    Flesh carpets and blocks please! Would be awesome for horror maps! Maybe hangable zombie corpses that can have flesh taken off? Would be sick if they can hang off chains!

  2. GibbsX says:

    Great addon and awesome design its unlike other rotten flesh to leather addons definatly going into my medieval survival world

  3. Gatorclaw says:

    Forgot to rate. Sorry about that.

  4. Gatorclaw says:

    I feel like this is the beginning of Leatherface. *Minecraft Chainsaw Massacre*
    Very good concept though. A little creepy. Next thing you know you will be stitching enemies flesh together to make furniture…. (Horror Map Makers would love it) xD

  5. FireGinger says:

    Tbh, im not gonna use this addon but in my opinion this is really cool consept and unique design too. Bcs there’s a lot of simmiliar idea about this but i see you are the best. Keep the good work man👍

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