Useful Commands Add-On

Do you want some new “commands” that can help you in-game ? avoid typing long commands just for a night vision or invisibility effect, kill every Mobs except players easily, troll your friends easily and so on. This Add-On is good for you because it adds some interesting functions !

This small Add-On can be useful for a lot of players, mostly for server moderators and players in creative worlds, because it brings you some nice functions in-game.

New functions :

-> /function night-vision :
-Gives to player an infinite Night Vision effect, with disabled particles.
-Has an alias : /function nv

-> /function vanish :
-Gives to player an infinite invisibility effect, with disabled particles.
-Has an alias : /function inv

-> /function clear-effects :
-Remove all potion effects of you.
-Has an alias : /function ce

-> /function kit-starter
-Gives to player some nice stuff to begin a Minecraft adventure (some woods, a pickaxe…).
-Has an alias : /function kits

-> /function kit-diamond
-Gives to player some diamond stuff, useful for PvP games for example.
-Has an alias : /function kitd

-> /function kill-mobs :
-Kill every Mobs in a world, except players, villagers and Mobs with a name (because they can often be tamed animals).
-Has an alias : /function km

-> /function kill-players :
-Kill all players in a world.
-Has an alias : /function kp

-> /function troll-arrow :
-Summon an arrow some blocks above each players (except the user of the command).
-Has an alias : /function ta

-> /function troll-fire :
-Turn all players into fire (except the user of the command).
-Has an alias : /function tf

-> /function troll-levitation :
-Give level 255 levitation to all players (except the user of the command) for some seconds. 
-Has an alias : /function tl

Other functions will be added in the future, please give me some suggesions 😉

Credits and other informations :

► Addon created by : Floshox (me)
► Floshox’s Twitter : 

► Discord server for Floshox’s Add-Ons (Useful Commands Add-On, BetterBedrock…) : 

I created this Discord to report bugs from my Add-Ons and also to give me suggestions.

Changelog View more

► 1.0.2 Update : Documentation update

• Added a better thumbnail.
• Updated download links and names.
• Updated some sentences in the Add-On documentation.

► v1.1 Update : Troll functions update
• Added 3 troll functions : "troll-arrow", "troll-fire" and "troll-levitation".
• Added aliases for every functions (vanish, troll functions, and so on).
• Added a function to give a "diamond" kit to the player.


1) Download the Add-On with the link above.
2) Load it into your Minecraft
3) Create a world and load it through the "Behavior Packs" tab.
4) Choose the world size by using the option tab.
5) Enable Experimental gameplay and cheats !
6) Enjoy :)


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta)

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29 Responses

4 / 5 (8 votes)
  1. Guest-5253411650 says:

    It’s not working. Even with experimental gamepla and cheats. And Minecraft is up to the latest update.

  2. Guest-6408937234 says:

    Maybe instead of commands already doable you could add a command which builds a structure around you like /function house or /function hs

  3. Guest-8784983695 says:

    N. B. T.

  4. Guest-4501195603 says:

    is it suspose to give me a bunch of effects

  5. Guest-8405406988 says:

    can you plz add troll-anvil which woll spawn an anvil some blocks above all players except the user

  6. Guest-1162093891 says:

    it is not working even with ex and cheats?

  7. Very Good because i love commands

  8. Guest-6070323903 says:

    Nice! Helps to troll your friends if you want to type a long command!

  9. Guest-7707212198 says:

    It is good but the next time you update it make sure we dont have to enable experimental gameplay because it crashes my game

  10. Guest-1967373931 says:

    Is it resource pack?

  11. Guest-5207771412 says:

    I mostly use /effect clear, /kill @a, /kill @e, /effect @s invisibility 1000000 1 true, /effect @s night_vision 100000 1 true, and etc. Nice concept, maybe add something that can’t be done already. This is instructive criticism, not hate. This does help simplify the commands for younger users though, at least it helps with that.

  12. Danieal550 says:

    kill @a better..I think you need to shorten a few sentences.but great work🙂

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