Useless Addon

Oh hello there! Don’t click me, it’s Useless anyways, why bother reading me? Are you sure want to click me? No? Okay, you’ll probably see me again when you scrolling

If you really want to know, just read this, and you probably exit and search another addon, i’ll be waiting……

Still waiting…..

So you really want to know? Atleast you really WANT to read me…

What added? =

Phone =

You CANNOT do anything with It, except right clicking. It will plays eating sound and animation. Just because it looks like you are clicking the phone


It’s the only item that’s not useless, just because it reminds me about MCPEDL everytime i see this item

Diamond Ingot =

Diamond ingot huh? Very creative indeed…

ok this Is cursed

Barbells =

You can use this as A weapon but It’s basiclly useless anyways.

Pen =

A pen, yeah… You can eat It, because I did It once. Just because you can eat A pen, doesn’t meant you should eat A pen

Useless Crate =

You can break the Crate and get atleast 10 diamond ingot….

All crafting =

Note = In the middle Is glass pane

And here to get the items with /give =


Use This Pack In Your Video But Credit Me

Share This Pack In Your Video But Credit Me

Edit The Code / Addon , But Sharing This Pack With Your Edit Needs My Permission


Use This In Your Video Without Crediting Me

Share this In Your Video Without Crediting Me

Sharing This Pack With Your Edit Without My Permission!



Subscribe = Lestrey / Lessie

Mcpack Is Recommended for Android

Just Press / Open The Files Then Use Minecraft

Use Zip Files Of You Are In Computer

Open The Files

Put The Files In com.mojang then Resource Pack

If you don't know how to use the link follow this step

Go to any link you want

Complete captcha verification

Go to the next link / press the blue button

Wait 5 second

Press the button

Download the Mcpack / zip


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16 (beta)

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Installation Guides

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24 Responses

4.83 / 5 (6 votes)
  1. DiamonDaggers says:

    Oh my gosh!! How useful!!

  2. Guest-7595777897 says:

    the only thing that usefull in this addon is nothing

  3. Guest-2954746136 says:

    And a cursed cake because it’s my birthday (Thetigerking)

  4. Guest-5284580226 says:

    Can you add packing peanuts and a fake lamp (username Thetigerking)

  5. Guest-2137966351 says:

    (Mcpack is recommended for Android)
    Wait this pack is not compatible with iOS?

  6. FlaviusFire says:

    Me: Notices each stack of ingots in your hotbar is at 69

    Also me: Noice 👌

  7. Guest-2541365273 says:

    as useless as you said…….

  8. Guest-2763780976 says:

    This is so useless

  9. Guest-5020854322 says:

    69 nice

  10. JalTheDude says:

    So this gets accepted but my “Wacky Texture pack” gets denied? Why?

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