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yStructures Addon


yStructures is an add-on that adds new NATURAL GENERATION structures, dungeons, bastions and ruins to your worlds! (no function) You can find a diversity of ...
DomesticPets Addon


DomesticPets is an add-on for your minecraft that adds new pets, from fish, to various breeds of dogs. The add-on still has work features, so ...
yBiomesCraft Addon


yBiomesCraft is here! Have 25 FULL NATURAL GENERATION biomes in your game! For you to have fun with many new trees, structures and biomes very interesting ...
Candy Island Addon Addon

Candy Island Addon

Candy Island Addon is released! With it you can explore gigantic biomes completely made out of sweets! With over ten new structures, dungeons and more!...
BiomePets Addon Addon

BiomePets Addon

BiomePets is an addon with eight new creatures to your game found in each respective biome, these pets have exciting features and each with an ...
yFantasy Addon


yFantasy is here! Bringing magnificent and dangerous resources to your exploration, you can hunt down dangerous vampires, tame baby dragons, trade wizards, meet several new ...
Tropical Craft 2 Addon

Tropical Craft 2

Tropical Craft 2 (Tropical Beach 2)! New incredible coastlines and rain forests for you to explore! This is an incredible complement you can include in your world. ...
yFarm Craft Addon

yFarm Craft

yFarm Craft has arrived to transform your farms with new animals, plants, trees and more !!! Here you can check everything about this add-on!The add-on ...