Darth Makroth

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Starwars Hoth Base

Starwars Hoth Base

Are you a starwars fan and looking to play something like it in minecraft? In this map there are sith, stormtroopers, lightsabers, guns & lots more ...


Do you always wonder what it would be like if minecraft was just 2d, in this map you're in a 2d world and can place ...
AutoPlant Addon


Do you get annoyed with having to break crops then replanting them? Well with this addon when you break them it will automatically plant another ...
TreeChopper Addon


Do you find chopping down the entire tree a bit tedious? Well with this addon when you break the bottom log of a tree it ...
Playercount Addon


Always wondering how many players are online? With this addon it will display online players in your action bar (at the bottom of your field ...
Minecraft Simulator

Minecraft Simulator

Did you ever think you would play a simulation of minecraft INSIDE of minecraft? Well now you can, with this map you can walk around, ...