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Mini-Crewmates Addon


Do you pay Among Us?And you cant afford any pet?Well this addon adds mini-crewmates in your world!And they are also tamable! And ...
Copper Addon


Do you want the cave update?Well this addon add the copper that will also be added in 1.17!This will add copper to your minecraft ...
Rubys! Addon


Do you know rubys?Well if you know rubys you should download this addonBecause this addon add rubys and other ruby items like ruby sword ...
Ninja Pack Addon

Ninja Pack

Do you want to be like a Ninja in Minecraft?Well this addon add items that ninja useLike shuriken, katana, sickle and more!This addon ...
Boys Skin Pack

Boys Skin Pack

Do you want some boy skins in Minecraft? Well, download this skin pack if you want some boy skin pack. This pack has almost 40 boy ...