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Lucky Blocks Addon

Lucky Blocks

This addon adds 3 lucky blocks to the game, which can be opened by breaking them. There are a total of 58 different things that can occur ...
Wizardry Addon Addon

Wizardry Addon

This addon adds 10 magic wands that shoot projectiles and use mana. Mana is regenerated over time and is displayed above your hotbar as a blue ...
Vatonage Modpack Addon

Vatonage Modpack

Vatonage Modpack is a lightweight, vanilla-like modpack that adds 111 mobs, 940 weapons and tools, and 7 blocks. All the features act similarly to vanilla, so it is ...
Ritual Magic Addon

Ritual Magic

This addon adds 11 new entities, and 12 rituals which can be performed to spawn them. Ritual entities spawn randomly in your world, dropping a specific item ...
Loot Bags Addon

Loot Bags

This addon adds 5 tiers of loot bags which can be dropped from mobs and found in structures. These loot bags drop a bunch of useful ...
Impossible Mode Addon

Impossible Mode

This addon makes Minecraft more difficult by making all mobs stronger, including passive ones. Food will be harder to get, and mobs will chase you ...
Basic Machinery Addon

Basic Machinery

This addon adds 9 new machines with 3 tiers each to your world which can be used to help automate the production of certain items. 5 of the ...
Baby Mode Addon

Baby Mode

This addon makes Minecraft much easier by making it almost impossible to die. This addon also automatically gives your items and your armor max level ...