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Biomes Parkour Map

Biomes Parkour Map

This parkour map features over 10 biome based levels with increasing difficulty with the final level being a parkour-based ender dragon fight. This map was made ...


This world is skyblock with a twist, you can get dirt from mining trees, and you can sieve blocks by breaking them. You will get ...
Item Generators Addon

Item Generators

This realm friendly addon adds multiple generators that spawn in items. These generators can only be accessed through creative mode or commands and are a ...
Sound Randomizer Addon

Sound Randomizer

This addon completely randomizes the sounds in the game, from mob noises, to block noises. This addon is great whether you are attempting a challenge, ...
Ore Randomizer Addon

Ore Randomizer

This addon adds up to 1000 new ores, ingots, blocks, and 14,000 swords, Each ore spawns underground and can be crafted into a sword or block. Choose ...
Lucky Blocks Addon

Lucky Blocks

This addon adds 3 lucky blocks to the game, which can be opened by breaking them. There are a total of 58 different things that can occur ...
Floating Islands

Floating Islands

This map is about a 300x300 area full of floating islands. It's perfect for survival challenges, map-making, or etc. There are trees, mineshafts, and all ...