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Biomes Parkour Map

Biomes Parkour Map

This parkour map features over 10 biome based levels with increasing difficulty with the final level being a parkour-based ender dragon fight. This map was made ...
Item Generators Addon

Item Generators

This realm friendly addon adds multiple generators that spawn in items. These generators can only be accessed through creative mode or commands and are a ...
Floating Islands

Floating Islands

This map is about a 300x300 area full of floating islands. It's perfect for survival challenges, map-making, or etc. There are trees, mineshafts, and all ...
Natural Disasters Addon

Natural Disasters

This addon adds four natural disasters which naturally occur in your Minecraft world. These disasters include tornado, fire, earthquake, and dragon's breath. They despawn after ...
Heart Containers Addon

Heart Containers

This addon adds heart containers that can be crafted from 9 heart shards. Heart shards can be found in their ore from underground. When you eat ...
Vanilla Ores Addon

Vanilla Ores

This addon introduces 5 new ores which drop vanilla items and helps to spice up mining. The new ores are diamond / gold / iron chunks, blaze ore, ...
Minecraft Challenges Addon

Minecraft Challenges

This addon adds 6 challenges that can be activated easily with 4 difficulties each Challenges: Lava / Water rising, Manhunt, Harder Mobs, Falling TnT, Falling Anvils.Difficulties: Easy, ...
Bedrockium Addon


This addon allows you to create bedrock and bedrock weapons. To craft these items you will need a lot of cobblestone. You will have to ...