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Rainbow Food Addon

Rainbow Food

This add on add rainbow food and one new mob to Minecraft named rainbow chef, that rainbow chef have custom attack and walk animation and ...
More Skeletons Addon

More Skeletons

This add on name is more skeleton and this add on add 6 new skeletons to your minecraft game,each skeletons drop different bone when you ...
Sword+ Add-on Addon

Sword+ Add-on

Are you bored of the vanilla swords in minecraft? if you did this add-on adds 5 new swords and 8 items and blocks to your minecraft game! ...
Katana Add-on Addon

Katana Add-on

Are you bored of minecraft regular swords?Then download this add-on,this Katana add-on add new gui, ore, crystal, ingot, and katana. so it adds 5 ...
Glitch Skin Pack

Glitch Skin Pack

Are you bored of original Minecraft skin? Then download this skin pack this skin pack add 5 new skin to your Minecraft game, each skin has ...