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Coca Cola Truck Addon Addon

Coca Cola Truck Addon

The Coca-Cola Truck finally gets to Bedrock Edition of Minecraft! Introducing fully functional, drivable (4 seats) truck with semi-trailer. The original Cola-Cola Christmas Truck advertisement comes ...
Mech Car Addon Addon

Mech Car Addon

Mech Car Addon is remake of cars from most advanced vehicles mod - Mech Mod. It was originally released in 2015 for Minecraft Pocket Edition. Time ...
Trophies Addon Addon

Trophies Addon

This Addon brings 30 new unique trophies to the game. With these you can decorate your houses, stadiums, race circuits or whatever creative you have built. ...
Ice Hockey Minigame V2

Ice Hockey Minigame V2

This minigame has been built during a period of two months and the end result is a fully functional (and for the most part automatic) ...
Hoverboard Addon Addon

Hoverboard Addon

Travel faster with new Hoverboard in Minecraft! Hoverboard is new popular vehicle for faster transporting. The main purpose for this add-on is to make Minecraft: ...
Futsal [Minigame]

Futsal [Minigame]

This minigame brings the world-famous sport of futsal to Minecraft. It’s a variant of soccer but with less players on the field. This map ...
Kart Addon Addon

Kart Addon

The Kart Addon implements gokarts which can be used for racing in Minecraft and it’s inspired by the Mario Kart games. Each kart can ...