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Member since 17 September, 2019
11 submissions
SuperVanish Addon


Steal your friends items, troll them, and more, but do it all unseen. Using SuperVanish, you can completely Vanish from one second to the other. ...
Simple Anti Cheat Addon

Simple Anti Cheat

The First AntiCheat for Bedrock Edition everyone can use! Hackers can be really annoying. No matter if you have a private server and your friend ...
More Mobs Addon

More Mobs

Have you ever wanted multiple Add-Ons run at the same time (Weapons, Mobs, etc.), but they weren‘t compatible? Well, with this addon, this does ...
Essentials Addon


A few Essential Function Commands to better Manage your Server - Not too much, not too little - including /function heal, /function feed, /function fly, /...
Auto Cook Addon

Auto Cook

Raw Food? No Thanks. Not with Auto Cook. All your Favourite Food will be cooked already. If you kill any Animal, their Meat will be ...
Thirst Addon


Want a new Asset in the Game? Well, here it is. Thirst adds a new difficulty to the Game as you get strong and healthy ...