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Ore Hider Pack

Ore Hider Pack

Have you ever wanted to troll your friends, but find commands too old-fashioned? This texture pack introduces a way to troll your friends. It replaces ...
Hardcore Mode Addon

Hardcore Mode

Hardcore mode has been added ever since Java edition 1.0.0. In hardcore mode, players can no longer respawn upon death, and the difficulty is locked to ...


Are you tired of annoying chat backgrounds and oversized titles blocking your screen? ProHUD is a UI pack made conveniently to solve this issue! In ...
No HUD UI Addon Addon

No HUD UI Addon

Have you ever wanted to record epic gameplay footage for your server, realm or maps? This addon removes all your HUDs except for your hands ...
Airdrop Addon Addon

Airdrop Addon

Have you always wanted to add a little more fun to your realm/minigames? You can use this airdrop addon! You can use this addon ...
Meds Addon Addon

Meds Addon

Meds are a lightweight and fast solution if you are in a battle and need to heal often. They do not need too many resources ...
Singleplayer Prison

Singleplayer Prison

Prison is a Minecraft gameplay where players mine and gain tokens. It has been very popular since it was created. However, playing Prison online in ...