Valhalla Guards by Ronnie McDee

Version: 1.0.0

With the amazing help testing and all the great ideas from my discord, this mod would not be what it is. I’m happy this mod has evolved from the original buggy mess of my first 5 versions and become something amazing!Β 

Join my discord:

This mod adds 3 new mobs(Archers, Guards, and Mages) to the game that will naturally spawn in and protect villages.

Does Not Need ExperimentalΒ Gameplay


Mcpe master
Add-ons for minecraft
And in NO other add-ons app! It is unique to MCPEDl, disregarding this requirement can cause various problems.
It can NOT be published on other sites or create applications!
Always leave credits !!

Valhalla Guards Mod showcase:

This version is only available in my discord! If you go through linkvertise you are downloading an old version

Movement Modes

To change the movement mode interact with any of the Valhalla Guards Mobs while holding the listed item.

If a Valhalla Guard Mob is following you, you can use a paper, bell, clock, or campfire to “un-tame” them and set their movement mode.

◉Roam(Default): Paper

    ●The mob will roam around randomly. They should stay near a village, but do tend to wander off.

◉Garrison: Bell

    ●The mob will stay towards the center of the village. Will sometimes go towards the outskirts, but will always find their way back(if path is not blocked).

◉Patrol: Campfire

    ●The mob will stick to the outskirts of the village. Will patrol nicely on the outskirts and stay there, but can easily be outnumbered if alone.

◉Positioned: Clock

    ●The mob will not move, cannot be knocked back, and cannot be pushed.

◉Follow: Gold Nugget

    ●The mob will become tamed and will follow you.

◉Mount Horse(Archer and Guard only): Saddle

    ●The mob will path to a horse. The only way to demount is to kill them or the horse. They cannot mount a tamed horse. The horse will now do the path finding so the other movement modes will no longer work while mounted.


While holding a banner the Valhalla Guard Mob will follow you.

◉Any Banner

Targeting /Mob interactions

◉Should Attack:



◉Should Never Attack:


    ●Valhalla Guard Mobs


    ●Iron Golems



    ●Archers and Mages



Spawning and Transformations

Each Valhalla Guard Mob has a 10% chance to spawn instead of a villager.

Only nitwits and unemployed can transform into guards.

When transforming from a Valhalla Guard Mob to a Villager you will not be able to transform them again until they claim a job and become unemployed again.

To transform the mob interact with any of the Valhalla Guards Mobs while holding the listed item.

◉Transform to Archer: Bow

◉Transform to Guard: Stone Sword

◉Transform to Mage: Book

◉Transform to Villager: Bed

Equipment /Modes

Valhalla Guard Mobs each have different equipment available to them.

To change the equipment interact with any of the Valhalla Guards Mobs while holding the listed item.

Does not work with enchantments or effects unless otherwise stated.



         ◦Leather: Leather Helmet(20hp)

         ◦Chainmail: Chainmail Helmet(25hp)

         ◦Iron: Iron Helmet(30hp)

         ◦Diamond: Diamond Helmet(40hp)


         ◦Normal Arrow: Arrow

         ◦Poison Arrow: Any poison arrow



         ◦Leather: Leather Helmet(20hp)

         ◦Chainmail: Chainmail Helmet(25hp)

         ◦Iron: Iron Helmet(40hp)

         ◦Diamond: Diamond Helmet(50hp)


         ◦Stone: Stone Sword(3 damage)

         ◦Iron: Iron Sword(4 damage)

         ◦Diamond: Diamond Sword(5 damage)



         ◦Healer: Any regeneration potion

The healer cast a Regeneration 1 on friendly targets that lasts 40 seconds.

The healer can cast Weakness 1 on Zombie Villagers then cast the golden apple effect to cure them

         ◦Mage: Book

The mage casts 2 spells. A group of vines that crawl through the ground towards their target and a launch a bedrock block at their target.


◉Golden Apple:

    ●Absorption 2 for 300 seconds

    ●Regeneration 2 for 300 seconds

◉Golden Carrot:

    ●Absorption 1 for 150 seconds

    ●Regeneration 1 for 150 seconds

◉Pumpkin Pie:

    ●Heal: 2.5

◉Mushroom Stew:

    ●Heal: 2.5

◉Rabbit Stew:



Changelog View more

Fixed the you tube video so that it plays in the page.

Added a mod showcase video from youtube made by me

Updated the links so that you can download it as a MCADDON

Updated permissions because old versions of my mod are being posted with out my permission and people are having problems with an unsupported version.

Completely remade from scratch because of many bugs and disappointments.

This is buggy join my discord to help me test the upcoming version.

Updated F.A.Q's and made the display page's text more uniform

Complete overhaul of the guards.

No longer need to name guards for movement states.

Added Interactions.

Archer overhaul that introduces Name functions villager, roam, patrol, positioned, and garrison that changes their behaviors.

Archers now flee from enemies instead of running to melee them.


I use linkvertise to support me and my mods. However, all of my Mediafire links are available in my discord.


Supported Minecraft versions


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126 Responses

4.74 / 5 (23 votes)
  1. PenguinAddonz says:

    hi can u pls do updates here i cant join discord because i dont have an account

  2. Guest-5723119691 says:

    MCPEDL is the greatest

  3. Guest-5495140319 says:

    Just asking could you add a villager king with villager knights

  4. Guest-6913882711 says:

    Awesome guards

  5. Guest-4199755304 says:

    How do you tame the guards?

  6. Red Fan says:

    Also maybe guards on horses could hit and run mobs and instead of Mages giving regeneration 1 it could be 2 instead.

  7. Red Fan says:

    Could you maybe improve their Ai as well as make it so that the mage and archer will attack from further distances instead of just a few blocks. Maybe like 30 blocks? Also make it so that if the things they are attacking or any hostile entity get close to them they will go further away and attack instead of taking lots of damage. Also the speed when they are tamed should be lowered as well as maybe some interactions with each other and sounds to make them feel more alive. Anyways great Addon!

    • Thanks for the feedback!

      I have improved the AI a lot. I am actually buffing the Healers right now. I am increasing the range right now. They should run more often. The speed has been reduced then increased again now in a better spot, I think.

      This version I have updated in is only available in my discord because it is currently in beta testing.

      The beta includes:
      new mob: Lord, he is very new with limited functionality
      new textures for: Mages, healers, and evokers made by ALEXYSSSJ4

      and tons of bug fixes!

      Join up and help!


      • Guest-4389872811 says:

        Hey Ronnie by the way I can not seem to import this add-on into Minecraft it’s not allowing me to open the file to Minecraft what seems to be the problem? And this is the first who asked you how do I download the add-on by the way

  8. Guest-8206810613 says:

    Hello, im the guy that was trying to explain if you had stolen code and MD but it was a mistake i VARY sorry for the miscommunication have a amazing day and good luck with that mod (ps i love the armor thing you did to the villagers πŸ˜€βœŒ this isn’t a joke sorry for making a BIG problem i saw that the older version look like a copy but it was probably a misunderstanding from another web page BYE Bye also if you don’t like my Sorry “letter” ill make a difference one)

    • Wait! Thank you! Not many people would post anon then come back to apologize! Appology accepted!


      Also I was not very nice back, I’d like to apologize as well!

  9. Guest-6694173273 says:

    This isn’t working on my bedrock realm for some reason

  10. Guest-3949626188 says:

    can you pls just make a direct link to media fire

  11. MrAgentBlaze's Second Account says:

    cant you just post an mcaddon?

  12. Guest-9088517403 says:

    Very cool! The functions are amazing and the idea.

  13. Guest-6213017514 says:

    best way to make them join them in my discord just put a linkvertise to make them join my discord no problem :p

  14. ALEXYSSSJ4 says:

    Oh great if you put the healer up well (by the way, the healer also heals the iron golems? Is there a chance the player will hire him as their personal healer?)
    could you give some skill to the normal priest? (he’s supposed to be working with a potions holder so he should be able to do something)
    could you add one more profession? el cargero (which would be for the green villagers who would follow you and you could give them your things to take with them, they could ride horses and then you could make them follow you or they would stay at home taking care of your things)
    And lastly, don’t you think it is very easy to tame the other guards? I think you should tame them with an emerald block, to make it level and not with a gold nugget
    (I know I said too many ideas, I am excited about what the update brought, I have been trying for months to make an add-on like that but finally you did it) 5 five stars

  15. Guest-8403624543 says:

    I loved It so much πŸ™‚
    And i also found A bug in your addon:
    -Archer does Not carry a Bow

    Can you plis fix it

    • Guest-2747975288 says:

      I can’t recreate this. There seems to be a common caching problem on xbox. uninstall and reinstall the mod.


  16. Red Fan says:

    This absolutely a master piece of a Addon! The only thing I would suggest is making it so that when the archers and guards mount horses the horses immediately get the same type of armor as the rider and get 20 hearts of health. If possible of course. Anyways this is a amazing Addon and is hands down the best villager guard Addon for Minecraft PE.

    • Guest-4652478118 says:

      This might be tough but I like it πŸ™‚ just so you know I have a discord where I have a special requests page

      P.S. I can’t login I am the creator.

  17. Guest-1635665054 says:

    Is this compatible with Realms?

    • Guest-7907052574 says:

      It was… For some reason the eggs wont be in creative menu and you can’t spawn them. I believe this is because of the recent realms update I just need to figure it out. This is something on the top of my list. I want this more than you do, trust me. I built this for my realm.

      –Ronnie(Creator can’t login)

  18. Hey guys the newest version of this mod is live! The MCPACKS are the only links that will work. Documentation will be live in the next couple of days here, but you can see it earlier and upcoming mods in my discord!


    • Guest-9785082634 says:

      Can you make them attack a Creeper It’s almost every Friendly mob from addon is Not attacking a creeper :^( plis fix it

  19. Guest-1207047031 says:

    Hello, you can add a villager with a backpack to pick up the item and attack the crowds minus the creepers, because they explode in the village house and add a priest to heal the guards kkkk but the addon is very good

    • If you’re playing on a version that you downloaded from this site you’ve been downloading a buggy mess. I just posted a version with a healer and much more!

      The MCPACK links are live for my newest version and the page should update soon. It’s awaitng approval!

      If you need the documentation it’s in my discord:

      • Guest-3997488540 says:

        hello I downloaded it and it’s amazing I tested the first version where the swords floated kkk and I already thought it was cool congratulations

        • Guest-1836609783 says:

          Wow! Some one from the first versions! Thanks for coming back and giving it another try!


  20. Guest-7349282792 says:

    Hey, could you change the behavior pack? Because it’s the villagers who attack the mobs, if it weren’t for them, they’d be quiet. Why not put the behaviors of the iron golem?

    • Hey, I could change the behavior pack, but it’ll cost you a dollar. Just kidding πŸ™‚ Yeah see the problem was that they were told they villagers. They were told to defend villagers. One would sneeze the snot would ricochet off 3 walls and hit a guard, archer, iron golem, villager, a piece off grass etc. I didn’t put the behaviors of the iron golem because I didn’t want to. LOL but whatever the newest version is live for the mcpack links above. It’s 1000 times better than anything you downloaded off of this site before this comment.

      Join my discord you would have known this πŸ™‚


  21. Hey if you see me,

    This mod is in one of it’s last betas! The beta is in my discord!


  22. Guest-1521068738 says:

    Hey I really enjoy your addon and the different orders you can give to the guards but would you consider changing the fact that the nitwits are removed? I miss those usless idiots, for future addons try not to remove features it discourages picky ppl like me but 10/10 nonetheless

    (Also i beg of u to change the guard texture to somehing less illager looking)

    • Hey yeah thats not a huge change to put the nitwits back. I have to rework the villlager file in 1.16 anyway so I’ll keep it in mind and have 2 separate downloads because i really dislike them lol. If you don’t like the textures make me one πŸ™‚ I’m just not very good at making textures, not being toxic. The reason they look like illagers is because they are the same texture with flesh colored skin!

      That being said in my discord where i will respond faster and i have a beta where they wear armor and don’t look as much like illagers. Also a ton of other features I’m testing!


    • Hey,

      My mediafire links are available in my discord!


    • Guest-4196190481 says:

      Hey you,

      I hope you see! All of your suggestions made it to this new version πŸ™‚ I’d love to get another review!


  23. Guest-4084332579 says:

    Can you convert the download link to mediafire?

  24. New beta is live in my discord! Test Guards and Archers functionality @


  25. Hey all this is broken. I am currently working on fixing all the bugs.

    I appreciate your patience.

    To get updates faster join my discord.


    • Although these links go through linkvertise there should be no ads, video, or anything. If there is I did something wrong. LMK if you have to wait to get the downloads. Remeber this is broken/buggy so use at your own risk.

      When i have a working version I will update the page.

      Thanks for you patience.


      P.S. Will be posting a beta in my discord soon! Join and help me find bugs so the next version is bug free!

  26. Guest-3616779354 says:

    I’ve been having trouble with interacting with the villagers and even tho I have everything to change them they wont show any sign of accepting it. I’m on Xbox any suggestions?

    • Hey,

      Unfortunately I have 0 experience with downloading mods to xbox. However, when i host a game with this mod xbox players can use. I will figure out xbox when this mod works.


  27. My discord link expired here is one that won’t!


  28. Guest-4445966011 says:

    When i clicked the .mcpack behaviour pack , it takes me to the .zip file one. Can u fix it?

    • Hey,

      Thanks foir letting me know. I have fixed the link, however if you still have the zip downloaded press F2 on it to change the name and switch .zip to .mcpack and it should work fine.


  29. Guest-7175431832 says:

    Maybe u can add a creature that can challenge ravager the beast but not a golem XD

  30. Guest-8493750777 says:

    Lol you didn’t give the real creator credit jsk im not the creator but im pretty mad about someone taking work from another person time all you did is deleted the multiple mobs and keep the villagers files to copy and paste to your own game files to a copy the outfit of villager 2 and paste it to villager 1 to try to make it look the same outfit but different weapons your not gonna make better updates your just gonna try to find if villager 1 still has new or old files good luck trying to get up to date buddy because how hard you “work” you still lose im always gonna have fun with your little “mod” because you have about idk 11 bugs lol good luck buddy Β¬_Β¬

    • Sorry who is the real creator? I did not use anyone’s models, textures, or code except minecrafts. Please if you’re going to accuse me of something i didn’t do please provide evidence. Just because 2 mods are similar doesn’t mean they are stolen. Good job buddy you went through my code to find the bugs you should have fixed them if you’re so good. Link me the stolen post so i can see what i stole/copied. If you think i stole this from you and you’re the creator lets go through the code otherwise this is pointless rambling. I’d be copyrighted.

      Thanks if this was a real problem my discord is below talk to me there.


    • Not once did I say I work hard, but thanks for letting me know πŸ™‚

    • To be clear I did not use anyone’s code, models, or textures.
      The models used: Vanilla Pillager Model
      The Texture used: I altered the Pillager base colors
      The Code used: Code replicated from Minecraft Pillager, Minecraft Zombie Villager, Minecraft Iron Golem, Minecraft Villager, and Minecraft Creepers.

      If you think i stole your code and you’re the creator please reach out.

      It also appears that this commentor didn’t go through the code because i have now gone through the code of the only other guard mod i can find and it is different. Not to mention i did have approval to use the models and textures from that mod, however he recommended to make my own because his were out of date.So i did.


  31. Guest-3188439443 says:

    Idk if this info would help but i found out the old version guards that i already placed don’t attack when i change it to the newest version even though they do have the same behaviour as the new version guards that i recently placed idk if this makes sense or not hopefully it helps. Thank you for all your hard work.

    • Hmm I’d say just kill and respawn them. I know this could break some survival games but that’s the only fix I can think of. Also you can try to change the uuid’s in the manifest of the new version to the old version uuid’s.


  32. I just made a discord that I’ll check and update more often! Come hang out!


  33. Hot fix:

    Because of some functionality the guards would attack the player for attacking villagers, iron golems, or guards and sometimes for no reason. I have changed this to no longer have this functionality, however they will no longer attack anything that attacks them. To fix this I’ve adjusted their range. Hopefully, this will mean they will target them before they get attacked.


  34. Guest-6034402477 says:

    Hey even though there are still some bugs i really admire you for reaching out for every single bug or complaint you see. There aint much addon deva like that keep up the good work!

    • Hey,
      Thanks for the feedback! To be honest I hit a deadend a long time ago with original ideas so I reached out to my realm mates and they said fix your BS!!! lol so I’m fixing my bs.


  35. Guest-7917344453 says:

    This is something ive been looking for for a long time thank you. I have one problem i really hope you can fix the Guards attack me idk why i might’ve accidentally hit one, That’s all that needs to be fixed.

  36. Guest-2173271480 says:

    Hola, no hay enlace para descargar intente hacerlo pero dice que el enlace en mediafire no existe o tiene problema consultar con el creador, espero se solucione quiero probarlo en mi realm

  37. Guess What!!!!! The links are Version 5!!!! The page is not reflecting the changes! The updated page is awaiting approval!

    Guards and Archers now share functionality, models, and textures.
    Guards/Archers no longer have an inventory for you to access.
    Interact with a jobless Villager, while holding a shield, to change them into Guards or Villagers. This will be decided randomly.
    Interact with Guards, while holding a Crossbow, to change them into Archers.
    Interact with Archers, while holding an Iron Sword, to change them into Guards.
    Interact with Guards/Archers, while holding a bell, clock, or campfire, to change their movement states to Bell=Garrison(roams the inside of the city), Clock=Positioned(Will not move, be knocked back, and cannot be pushed by player model, and Campfire=Patrol(Will move around the outskirts of the village)
    Hold their current movement mode interact item to tempt them. If no movement mode was selected hold any and them and you will tempt them.

    Leave your feedback below!

    • Updates Coming:
      Fixing animations
      2 new types
      new textures
      and more

      Let me know if you think i should add something!

    • I found a couple of bugs. I am currently working on hot fixes. Should be fixed withing 2 hours.


      • Fix is live.
        What was Fixed?
        Guards, Archers, and Iron Golems no longer attack each other if they accidentally hurt each other.
        When turning Guard or Archer back into a villager they will now correctly transform into the correct biome villager.
        When changing a guard to archer and vise versa you now need the correct item.

        What is still buggy/broken
        Animations. Ill get to it.
        When changing guards/Archers back into villagers they act funny and you cant transform them back into Guards or Archers. To fix this just get them to get a profession then they will be at default behaviors.


    • Guest-5017586654 says:

      Creator, This is a Very big thank you for this addon!! I’ve been looking for an add-on like it and I’ve finally found the best one. Thanks for making this, it helps a lot!!! I’ll give is a million times rating for the best addon!!

  38. Guest-9447873661 says:

    Man i can’t wait to see this Addon Was fix from it’s bug Gotta review this

    • Me too!!!!! LOL Thanks for the support!
      I’m working on some fixes now but I had to completely rework the entity from scratch. Also, I have to make a trip out of town so expect it sometime next week! I’m hopeful that I found someone to help me with the animations, but that is not my priority. I want functionality first and i feel i’m so close to having the functionality how I want it. Then I’m going to really sit down and figure out the animations.


  39. ALEXYSSSJ4 says:

    Hello, hey this add-on seems very good to me, would you be interested in help with the texture of the guardian villagers? I have some very good ones
    And could you also add a way to heal the guards?
    and add a villager healer? I suppose you could do it by making a new mob ,with the ai from the witch and having her throw healing and regeneration potions at normal villagers and villager guadians, and taking potions to heal herself (because she doesn’t attack, she’s just a healer)

    • Hey,

      A couple things;
      1. Thank you I am glad you like it.
      2. The guard texture will be removed in a coming update because i plan to have both of their functionality on one entity instead of across the 2 entities.
      3. Healers are classified. Stay tuned for more πŸ™‚

      Thanks for the feedback,

  40. Guest-2228194471 says:

    Does it need experimental game play turn on? Thank you if someone’s going to answer

  41. Guest-5240499353 says:

    This is good but if you can add more enemies and fix the animation, everything will be great

  42. adoxgirl says:

    Hope to add zombie villagers

  43. Guest-6038187954 says:

    This is awesome! Only thing I would say is they still have those bushy eyebrows pillagers have instead of their usual monobrow. It would also be cool if in a future update they had their own unique outfit instead of having the pillagers outfits. Other than that keep up the good work!

    • Hey,
      Thanks for the feed back. Yes, i agree textures, models, animations, etc can and hopefully will be better. The problem is I am new to mine craft mods and not a designer so I am not so good at making these. I am much better at functionality. That being said I am working on custom models, textures, and animations.

      Thanks again,

    • Hey,

      Becasuse of this comment I have changed the textures to have unibrows!!!!!!


  44. Big update coming soon!!!


      I’ve been up all night working on this!
      1. Archers now flee monsters and illagers within 5-7 blocks then re-attack when none are withing 7-10 blocks.
      2. Archers are now have nameable functions. Use a name tag with the following names.
      Name functions:(all characters are lowercase or will not work)
      -Archer will roam randomly. May leave village.
      -Archer no longer can be knockbacked or pushed.
      -Archer will no longer move.
      -Archer will roam through the village.
      -Will stay closer to village than patrol.
      -Archer will roam on the outskirts of the village.
      -Will stay farther from village than garrison.

      Updates Coming:
      1. Name Functions for Guard
      2. Captian. Have other guards and archers follow this unit.
      3. Combine both into 1 entity, model, and texture.
      4. Dye-able armor.
      5. Equippable Banner. Hopefully a player made one other wise i will custom make one we will see.

  45. M.M.16 player says:

    Good but you should make vindicator attack like it normal attack with axe

    • The only thing i changed from the vindicator is the weapon he holds and his texture packs, so I don’t know why the sword hovers or why some animatio0ns don’t play. I can change it back to axe but to be honest I’m trying to get my custom models and animations working.

      • Guest-4479584505 says:

        Hey dude if you are interested I can help you with your addon! I mean I know how to add more missing behaviors to the archers and fixing the Guard’s Sword Animation if u agree please direct message me on Twitter Account Name: MCGaming (CEO of Loneliness) πŸ˜€

        • Ill reach out to you Tuesday. I have some new stuff coming out soon with the behaviors so i don’t think i need help there but the resource pack in general i need help with


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