Valliars – The Mystic Pets Addon

The Valliars are brand new mobs which replace all of the current baby mobs. They are extremely rare and can only be found on few occasions. However, if you do find one make sure to quickly tame it because there are lots of beneficial ways you can use them. The features are cool and unique and that makes it one of the best mob companion addons.

Creator: Falkenvergh, Twitter Account


Valliars are new mobs which replace the current baby mobs and also adds new ones for monsters which don’t have babies. The spawn chance is set at 5% which makes it extremely rare.

You will know that you’ve found a Valliar in case it looks like a baby and is running away from you similarly to an ocelot. A hot tip here is to sneak!

Use an enchanted apple to attempt to tame it (50% tame chance).

  • iOS / Android: Hold an enchanted apple, long press on the mob and press Tame
  • Windows 10: Hold an enchanted apple and right-click on the mob to tame it

Once it is tamed it can be turned into three different sizes by using any of the following items.

  • Cookies – Baby Form
  • Cocoa Beans – Adult Form
  • Prismarine Crystals – Fairy Form

Armors and Weapons

Equip the Valliar with some armor by giving it armor parts for any of the following armors.

It’s only the core armor which will be added and not any additional enchantments.

  • Leather Armor
  • Iron Armor
  • Gold Armor

Valliars are not that useful unless it’s equipped with a weapon. Here is a list of different weapons which they can use.

  • Bow
  • Wooden Sword
  • Iron Sword
  • Golden Sword

However, just giving a Valliar a weapon isn’t enough. It needs some training before it can properly wield the weapon with proper skills.

Training System


After you’ve given a Valliar a weapon it’s time to teach it some knowledge about the weapon to make it a skillful soldier in battle.

Here are the different items you’ll need to give a Valliar in order to train it and to improve its skills.

  • Zombie – Iron Ingot
  • Skeleton – Arrow
  • Husk – Gold Ingot
  • Stray – Snowball

The weapon damage will improve over time and you will know it has reached its full potential once it wields a diamond sword. You can use Blaze Powder to accelerate the training speed. However, it will require quite a bit before reaching the best level.


Agility is an important part of being a useful warriors. And that’s where speed comes into to play. Here is a list of things you can use to start the process for increased speed.

  • Zombie – Gunpowder
  • Skeleton – Rabbit Foot
  • Husk – Magma Cream
  • Stray – Sugar

You will know that it has reached its max potential when it wears diamond boots. You can give it some Glowstone to accelerate the leveling process.


Another characteristic which is important is health. You can give it one of the following items to set in motion the process for increased health.

  • Zombie – Fermented Spider Eye
  • Skeleton – Poisonous Potato
  • Husk – Glistering Melon
  • Stray – Golden Apple

Even though it will increase over time you can give it Ghast Tear to accelerate the growth process. You will know it has reached its full potential when it wears a diamond chestplate.

Sitting on Shoulders

You can give a Valliar a rabbit hide to make it sit on your shoulders. To remove it you can give it some wheat seeds. This is currently an experimental feature and might not work entirely.


  1. Download Behavior .McPack
  2. Activate the packs for a world in-game

You can get a .ZIP file for this pack here.

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46 Responses

4.73 / 5 (11 votes)
  1. Phantom king says:

    Can you please add a drowned valliar that uses water things and it can be equipped with a trident please that would be cool!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Cool can you make a drowned valliar please

  3. Arshil says:

    This addon works amazingly I love it

  4. Anonymous says:


  5. Sorath256 says:

    I got two skeleton valliars spawn two nights in a row in the same place. What are the chances…?

  6. Anonymous says:

    U just put on the armor and sit it down then go far away and come back to it and the armor should appear

  7. Kai says:

    Um is this addon good

  8. AustinW2020 says:

    This needs updated for the newest Minecraft bedrock edition and for the beta

  9. AustinW2020 says:

    Hey to the creator of this can you please update this please and add more Valliars to it like farm animal versions and more of the monster versions to Would be nice thou can you do something to the wolf to make it better thou like make the wolf up-gradable or something

  10. lleyton weaver says:

    Also when I give my mystic pet armor it doesn’t appear…… I think this is a glitch

  11. lleyton weaver says:

    Great addon really amazing five stars all the way… Only question is why no ones made a YouTube review on it still.

  12. Anonymous says:


  13. LuckyGuy2017 says:

    I like this addon! Although it has a bug.

    1) The mobs ride you. If you fall into the void by accident. Your pet will die.
    Until fixed I’m giving only 3 stars.

  14. TROLLED says:


  15. Gamelord06 says:

    Great addon! But, I have a question, and it is, how long does it take for the speed/weapon/health thing?

  16. Elias says:

    How does it work and can you have a pet spider

  17. UnknowNø_Reaperø says:

    Its great addon! But i need to go for a distance to load the armor of the valliar and and same for upgrading the armor

  18. Kasie says:

    Hey this addon sounded really cool and when I downloaded it I went into creative, found a baby one (it definitely did act like an ocelot) and tried to take it with a cookie but it didn’t work 🙁

  19. Vamp says:

    Great addon but whats a rabbit hide?

  20. Mindso says:

    I mean the fairy sized ones

  21. Mindso says:

    Very cool 👍but there’s one issue. When the valliars hold a bow it sticks into the ground and makes it look kinda weird when it sways back and forth. But it is still one of the best addons I’ve seen. Thanks!!!😀

  22. noleadjustbugs says:

    Are they like fairies??

  23. Andika says:

    I love this so much And Good Addon bro !!!!

  24. Kawaii_Unicorn123 says:

    I have a suggestion of what useful Addon you can make:
    Particles-Off when you use potions
    Why it will be useful:
    You can use it in trolling!!

  25. Austin says:

    Now this is a add-on I’ll get into. I may even make a map around this add-on if that’s ok.

  26. cooldude45 says:

    sounds really cool but i don’t have Android.

    • TBNRTurtleGod says:

      You don’t need android to download it. Just click the behaviour pack then add it to a world to use

  27. Bruh says:

    How do you spawn the valliars

    • Falkenvergh says:

      In survival they will spawn eventually

      In creative spam spawn zombies or skeletons and hope to see a baby one and that’s it

  28. jarrowgaming says:

    Nice addon but can you pls make an bad bat addon its the same as the evil chicken add-on but with there models bigger and texture more reddish and there attack/behavior is simple,
    if they see u in an radius from 16×16 blocks they start chasing they do damage and do of 4 hearts damage there health 15 hearts ,
    it would be an cool challenge

    • Falkenvergh says:

      well that’s a great add-on concept you had there!… But seriously batsssssss are pain in the neck when it comes to add-ons they had unexpected behavior

  29. Frostgaming says:

    Wow cool addon Falkenvergh!

  30. Linlu says:

    I would really appreciate it if you fixed the following 2 bugs:
    1. When I use the rabbit hide, it takes a while before the mob gets on
    2.When I use the seed, it does not work
    3.When I attack and a mob the is on my head, it takes the damage instead of what im hitting

    • Falkenvergh says:

      well sorry but I’ve tried to fix those issues before I release this add on but unfortunately the game is to be blame out of this bugs. Do So I cannot fix those unless the code of the game itself can be changed

  31. The Lich King says:

    Ummmmm…. when I changed the baby husk to fairy form, the sword he held was normal size so it looks ridiculous

  32. Cutelix7Rowling says:

    Woah! Hats off to Falkenvergh! This would take a long time to make!

    • Falkenvergh says:

      Very much Thank you… But because this thing is done in a neat format of coding I just copied the code 3x after creating the first valliar. So not really a great feat as you think it is… But really Thank you😁

  33. Anonymous says:

    Is it possible to spawn them in with an adult mob spawn egg

  34. Aikuro_gaming says:

    It is missing a few things, but aside from that, AMAZING!! 5 stars all the way
    There is an issue if you give it a bow and upgrade it to its max damage, it turns into a sword which shoots arrows. Great add-on aside from that!

  35. rahim says:


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