Vampire Craft – Werewolf Update 3.2

This addons add vampires and other similar monsters, the addons add an experience of being a vampire and that with time and more updates only tends to improve

 This addons is inspired by a pc mod with the same idea


To become an LV1 vampire you need to approach a ritual table and interact with it. You still have to be a human to do that.
After transforming you can bite the game’s mobs (just the cow and villager, more will be added in the next updates), they drop blood.
To transform you need to be an LV1 vampire, be holding a villager’s heart and interact with the ritual table

To obtain the LV3, you must defeat the dark salesman, and interact with your gold tooth on the ritual table.

It can be found in the black forest at night.


To obtain LV4, you must defeat the vampire king or queen, and interact with yours with your soul at the ritual table.

They can be found in the nether stronghold. After taking your life completely, use the soul collector on your soul before it regenerates and goes back to fighting.


It is possible to transform into a werewolf using the item curse of the moon (the purple moon) in any block and overnight you will turn into a werewolf
the werewolf has 20% to drop



Vampire of any level can moderate, just fall in love with the target and press the interaction button.

If you are holding an empty bottle or an unfilled blood bottle when you do the interaction, it will automatically fill with blood


You can be a vampire of any level, with an iron sword in your hand, just approach the villager not yet transformed, and interact.



After being bitten by a vampire, she attacks normal cows, dealing 3 damage


After being bitten they turn into a vampire


It appears during the night and when dead it releases the vampire tooth, has 60 health and 6 damage.


He is a boss and does not attack until he is attacked.
He can be found at night in the dark forest
He has 365 life, and two attacks:
  • Attack 1: he hits normally for 5 damag
  • Attack 2: he keeps his distance and shoots fireballs

After being defeated he drops the gold tooth


He has 62 life and 7 damage, during the day he is human and at night he is a werewolf
the silver sword normally does 7 damage but the werewolf does 14 damage



He has an ax and uses it to attack vampires, in total he has 9 damage and 90 life. He appears in Vilas and in the black forest



Animals do not appear in the new biome, but many monsters appear at night.



They serve for the player to return to normal human
To make the vampire’s use a pure water and a vampire tooth
To make the werewolf use pure water and a the moon curse


It can be made with normal water and a nether star


addition of the decorative item alijava, which can be purchased with the priest


addition of the decorative item cassock, which can be purchased with the priest

Soul collector

It can be used to catch the soul of the vampire king and queen (not yet added)

Golden tooth

it can be used to upgrade to vampire Level 3.


It can be used to trade with hunters 


It can be purchased using the “take the heart” we villager



It can be made using a crafting table and 8 vampire teeth.



 It’s edible

Has 3 nutrition


It’s edible

Has 4 nutrition


It’s edible

 It has 7 nutrition


It’s edible

 Has 10 nutrition


 It’s edible

Has 15 nutrition

 Gives the effect of instant health per 5 seconds


It fully restores the hunger bar
And gives temporary effects that last 10 minutes
It can be done with awkward potion and a vampire tooth


It can be made with a strange potion and a gold tooth. It gives an effect of residence III, regeneration III, Absorption III and night vision.


It can be made with a strange potion and the soul of a vampire king or queen. Gives a residence effect IIII, regeneration III, Absorption IIII, night vision, strength III











  • I made a texture that is included with the addon to reduce the amount of effect particles, this texture helps to have a cleaner screen
  • Added new information menu about added addons
  • You have to kill yourself or drink milk to update the vampire effects.

Changelog View more
  • 2 new item
  • Added a werewolf
  • 2 new hats
  • Bug fixes
  • 2 new item
  • Added a werewolf
  • 2 new hats
  • Bug fixes
  • You can fill the bottle with blood just by holding it in your hand
  • Bug fix for items without texture
  • Link correction
  • Correction of bugs that did not let the item appear
  • Update download link

  • 3 possible color variations for the werewolf
  • New dark wooden crafting table
  • fixed bug not turning into human during the day
  • Effects for the werewolf
  • bug fixes
  • Now it is possible to transform into a werewolf
  • Correction of black leaf texture
  • vampire LV1 loot correction
  • New textures for egg spawn
  • New boss added
  • Bug fix (Black leaf block texture bug)

  • Two new items
  • Two new potions
  • Two new vampire levels
  • Correction of texture bugs
  • This version fixes bugs, and fixing the download link
  • Added the vampire hunters
  • added some item without function
  • bug fix
  • Code improvements
  • Now the player catches fire during the day
  • addon information menu
  • Bug fixes (Tree leaves transparency)
  • Preview of the new update [BETA] [TEST]
  • Bug fixes
  • New biome
  • New items
  • New features
  • New vampire level

New entity

New interactable block

A new potion

Bug fixes

Add vampire until lv1

Add Blood bottles

Add Blood

Add Vampire tooth

Add vampire until lv1

Add Blood bottles

Add Blood

Add Vampire tooth

Add vampire until lv1

Add Blood bottles

Add Blood

Add Vampire tooth


the addon has not been tested in beta


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16.100 1.16.101 1.16.200 1.16.201 1.16.210 (beta)

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97 Responses

4.29 / 5 (48 votes)
  1. NothingAce says:

    can you fix the crafting recipes

  2. Eiscreme says:

    Die meisten Crafting rezepte funktionieren nicht zum beispiel aus bem Holz kann man keine planks machen

  3. Yexiin says:

    Can you make the werewolf tails stick up more and also when i hit werewolves they can’t hit me back and i wish we can turn into a bat and a big wolf when where vamps or wolves over all i love this addon can’t wait for updates

  4. Stevecrafter149 says:

    Add Bat Swarm abilities for Vampires.

    Make a option button that let’s you to transform into a werewolf and transform back. So we don’t have to wait for night time.

  5. Julio120Rolls says:

    no me deja craftear la mesa ritual

  6. Alex3334t says:

    Lo estaba esperando es mi favorito quiero ya probarlo lo descargare luego le dos mi opinion

  7. LoboFuerte14 says:

    Do you can put a yeti?

  8. Tixel22 says:

    Pretty Good addon but can u remake the textures of the blood because they’re a bit too bright. I know it’s a stupid idea but if you want to i can make some item texures for you :). Just write back if you want to.

  9. Tysm for adding a way to return to humanity. I don’t wanna reject my humanity for too long.

  10. EmmanCH says:

    I love your addon!!!!!!! But can you make the werewolf more realistic???

  11. Harol05 says:

    hey since I’m seeing that you are adding more mythological creatures apart from vampires you could add in a future version alho to become a mermaid is that I am planning to put it in a series and since there are vampires and werewolves for the boys I wish they had also obtions for the girls

  12. Danichu999 says:

    Hey brother
    Nice add-on, but I have something I want to suggest
    -Can you add a human potion to return to being a normal Minecraft player?
    -add bosses like a vampire king or queen
    -Do you think you could make the add-on work with other behavior packs besides it?

    Sorry for muy english hehe
    I have a good experience playing with this add-on
    Since THANKS!!!

  13. Lwop says:

    The werewolf stuff still isn’t in the game

  14. Love your addon says:

    What you should is make a ability button right next to the emote button in Minecraft so if you are a vampire/werewolf you can click the ability button and get some vampire/werewolf abilities like turning into a bat (you can ask dakonblackrose for that since he made something so you can turn into a bat.)

      • Stevecrafter149 says:

        I have a idea for you, it’s also a request that I am asking for you, if you would be so kind. If you are going to give the option of having a ability when we turn into a vampire I think I know wich one you should give. (Bat Swarm) if you don’t know how this ability works for Vampires then go to YouTube and watch the trailer movie of (Dracula Untold) then you will see why it looks cool. If you can find a way to make that ability it will be way cooler your addon, And one last thing, If you are going to give a ability to werewolves as well then give them the ability to summon wolves to help them fight against enemies. And also the ability to use the form of a normal wolf (this could be use as a way to hide from enemies, they could think it’s a normal wolf and not a werewolf). And maybe make a button that lets you transform by will and transform from back, you will no longer have to wait at night to transform into a werewolf and to transform back. Nice work man, love your addon.


    the werewolf wont work i cant find the book


    can u make it media fire plz oh and also ad werewolf hunters


    can u make it media fire plz

  18. pepe987654321 says:

    Very nice modpack.

    Bugs: Zombified Villagers kill infestet villagers. Do you want this or ist it a Bug?
    Problems: As a Vampire you can’t trade with villagers beacouse you infest them. Dou you want this as feature or is it a Problem?

  19. SONICPULSE88 says:

    Can you add a version where there’s only the biome you add? It looks great

  20. the version 3.0 link is not working download it
    O link da versão 3.0 não está funcionando baixe por esse

  21. anonimo says:

    use linkvertise don’t use ad fly

  22. Question: If I stay human will the Human mobs be friendly to me? As well as being bitten by a lvl 1 Vampire mob make me a vampire? I don’t wanna be a vampire but I wanna hunt them.

  23. Forbidden_luck96 says:

    Can you use linkvertise and not adfly pls.

  24. Alex3334t says:

    This is my favorite addon

    Sorry my inglish is bad

    Ablo español este addon me encanta es mu favorito sigue asi

  25. anonimo says:

    stop to use ad fly!!!!

  26. anonimo says:

    stop to use ad fly!!!!!!!

  27. Alex_23 says:

    Bellissima mod, potresti però ribilanciare un po i poteri da vampiro e fare in modo che l’icona degli effetti non sia visibile o creare degli oggetti che ti ritrovi nell’inventario appena diventi un vampiro per attivarli per dei minuti? Perché mi sembrano troppo forti e incontrollabili nel movimento. Le 5 stelle le metto comunque.
    Use Google translate

  28. JayrIsCool1234 says:

    This is awesome but you need to fix the mobs they’re all invisible unless the ritual table fix it please 😄😄😄

  29. SverdHerre says:

    The new update doesn’t seem to work, all the items are there except for the new stuff. Is it me being stupid or a bug?

  30. MrHatty says:

    The mod is pretty cool and a good idea but theres a lot of bugs and its kinda dissapointing in game :/

    • I like this addon, but there’s one problem…… Adfly is not my favorite website, because there’s so many displayed ads and it’s not safe, please make a 1 link like linkvertise.

      • MrDoggy says:

        Just don’t click or tap the ads on adfly, linkvertise sometimes needs you to download an app which would be a waste of time. Adfly makes you wait five secs and if you don’t want notifications just turn them off in settings then click allow to go straight to mediafire and download the addon, since the creator works hard on this addon he/she uses adfly to make money to keep upgrading the addon.

  31. how do you turn into a vampire?

  32. The Mysterious One says:

    I swear when I refresh the page and see an update for this mod I click so fast that I’m definitely going to break my finger one day

  33. Kubilaygamer says:

    Pls make update ı love this moddd

  34. Harol05 says:

    Hey, the priest’s cassock is it for Manucraft from the Community?

  35. ObtainedLion413 says:

    Can you fix it the file doesn’t work

  36. anonimo says:

    now download work


    The addon/mod wont work im also on xbox and I NEVER MESSED UP downloading a addon/mod it stopped extrackting at 9%

  38. SpotTheWolf1 says:

    Would you be willing to separate the resource pack from the behavior pack? I have been having issues extracting them

  39. anonimo says:

    now the link work continue to update the add on

  40. Lwop says:

    What does the dark salesmen look like cuz I can never find him and I’m in the dark forest

  41. Can there be a way for people who wanna stay as humans fight the vampires and a way to turn back to a human?

  42. NitroFX says:

    Maybe the next update will let us use these abilities on other players🤔

  43. Maybe the next update will let us harness the power of the sun through brreathing.

  44. ObtainedLion413 says:

    Can you make this file a mcaddon not a zip im limited to a phone please

  45. AdventureKing123 says:

    Can you please make a mcaddon file


    Change the link to not linkvertise i cant download the mod probably cuz u use userdrive

  47. anonimo says:

    link don’t work

  48. anonimo says:

    ad fly don’t work can you use linkvertise?

  49. TyroneZZZZ says:

    very good addon, adds that the player loses life during the day on fire

  50. Alex3334t says:

    This addon has a lot of potential, it is good, I love it, it deserves a lot of support, but you should add what is burned in the day

    • Alex3334t says:

      I love your addon now I am burning in the day. Everything is incredible. Some things are missing, such as more levels and that but I’m not rushing you. I’m using a translator because I speak Spanish, sorry for the failures.

  51. BurtonSnowDude says:

    can you add vampire hunters and any human player can be one?

  52. Greenboy829 says:

    I really Love this Addon ^_^can you add Werewolf? and vampire can turn ito Bat

  53. POKEGAMING YT says:

    Hi @pedro_DenovoZ, I wanted to say that I like the way your addon takes and I wanted to propose something to you, I have been creating a complement for Minecraft PE based on Java’s EvilCraft, Vampirism and Howling Moon for a few months, but I still need a form of transformation in werewolf and vampire, and there is where we could help each other; • MY ADDON IS VERY COMPLETE • YOU CAN COMPLETE IT • WE CAN CREATE THE BEST ADDON OF ALL IF WE WORK TOGETHER

    hola @pedro_DenovoZ, queria decir que me gusta el camino que lleva tu addon y queria proponerte algo, yo llevo unos cuantos meses creando un complemento para Minecraft PE basado en el EvilCraft, Vampirism y Howling Moon de java, pero aun necesito una forma de transformación en hombre lobo y vampiro, y hay es donde nos podríamos ayudar;




  54. anonimo says:

    add when a player are a vampire burn at the sun light if you can add a grave and the vampire can sleep in for skip the day

  55. anonimo says:

    this addon for now isn’t comparable to the java addon but i hope that with new updates can become a beatiful beatiful addon!

  56. SpotTheWolf1 says:

    I won’t be able to give a rating until a mcaddon version is released, since I am not able to install anything other than mcaddons to my device

    • ObtainedLion413 says:

      I just found this out yesterday if you look at the file and at the end of it it says .zip just erase the .zip u can use it also use file explorer its the only way it will work

      And also to erase the .zip just rename it

  57. ZETX GAMEPLAYS says:

    Me encanta tu complemento y por eso lo subiré a mi canal dándote todos los créditos como te lo mereces y un favor en alguna actualización puedes poner añ los cazadores y que cuando seas vampiro te haga daño el sol y solo puedas comer sangre y no comida

  58. The download link by LinkVertise is no longer working, use the adfly link

  59. SHREK DEFORME says:

    The mod Is so cool only a thing you should put that you can become a bat and fly or change the skin when you became vampire but is already cool now

  60. Harol05 says:

    hey in a future version it will be possible that the addon works even if it is not above the other addons?

  61. Harol05 says:

    I would like to know if there is an exact date for an update to come out?

  62. Chinchilla Overlord says:


  63. Chinchilla Overlord says:

    It does. Update!

  64. Pokemon rules says:

    It doesn’t have a event command

  65. DrPhilipTheMiner says:

    What about some coffins? So you can sleep from the day.

  66. Chinchilla Overlord says:

    Cool! Always wanted an addon like this for P.E.

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