Vampires Add-On [1.14]

Looking for a new Vampire and/or Werewolf Add-On? Maybe a new set of items? Or a greater challenge? Well today is your lucky day! I introduce to you my Vampire Add-On! 3 new entities and over 15 new items, each greater than the last!


To start your journey off, you are going to need a weapon. This new weapon is the Stake, this is how you craft it:

You will need 1 iron ingot and 1 stick. Place it in your crafting table like this and you will get a Stake. 

  1. Damage – It does 6 damage. The same as an Iron Sword, only it uses 1 less Iron Ingots
  2. Abilities? – There are no abilities as this is a man-made weapon. 

With this stake, you can kill Vampires!


Vampires can be spawned in with its own Spawn Egg found in the Creative Menu and can be found roaming around in the night. At the moment there is only 2 variations, however that could change in the future! The Vampire attacks all Villager types, including the Player so be careful! With the Stake you can kill the Vampire quickly to avoid taking too much damage. He can sometimes spawn as a baby, which is even more dangerous!

  1. Health – 25
  2. Damage – 7
  3. Abilities? – Slight speed increase, When struck by Lightning, can transform into Dracula
  4. Defects? Can burn to death by Fire and Daylight
  5. Drops – Sometimes Glass of Wine and sometimes Vampire Tooth

Both Glass of Wine and Vampire Tooth can be used for crafting!

Vampire Tooth Crafting Recipes

Vampire Dagger

This is how you can craft a Vampire Dagger. The Dagger has 1 ability, mostly meant for quick attacks rather than big attacks. Here are some things to note:

  1. Damage – It only does a tiny 4 damage but…
  2. Abilities! – you have a large speed increase! So now you can quickly move to attack your targets.

Bloody Tooth Blade

This is how you can craft a Bloody Tooth Blade. You require 6 Vampire Teeth to craft one of these. This is very important to have in order to craft the rest of the items ahead of this.

  1. Damage – 4
  2. Abilities – close to none
  3. Defects – gives you Poison
In order to cleanse the tooth from giving you a Poison Effect, you must drain the Poisonous blood into a Bucket!

Tooth Blade

This is how you drain the blood from the Tooth Blade, you’ll need to place the Bucket in a Crafting Table. This will give you a new item and throw away the Bucket (since it has Poison in it), keep this clean tooth in your Inventory! You’ll need it for later

  1. Damage – 4, it does the same amount of damage as it’s previous version.
  2. Abilities – close to none
  3. Defects – none

Sharpened Tooth Blade

You’ll need your initial weapon to sharpen the Vampire Tooth into a cutting edge weapon! Although this takes away your Stake for a weapon that does less damage, you’ll need this new weapon for the next set of Crafting Recipes.

  1. Damage – 5
  2. Abilities – close to none
  3. Defects – none

Extended Tooth Blade

The Extended Tooth Blade is the final crafting recipe for the Vampire Tooth section. You’ll need 2 Diamonds and 1 Sharpened Tooth Blade to craft this weapon.

  1. Damage – 6
  2. Abilities – close to none
  3. Defects – none

Glass of Wine Crafting Recipes

Frozen Wine

You will need 8 Glasses of Wine and 1 Ice in order to craft the Frozen Wine. When walked on, it will give you a sliding effect, like regular Ice Blocks. This block may not seem important, but you’ll be using it for the next crafting recipe which will be used in the making of a New Weapon!

Golden Hilt

The Golden Hilt is crafted like this. It doesn’t do any damage because it is an Item, not a weapon (yet). Don’t ask me how it’s possible to fit Frozen Wine into a tiny little hilt!!

Vampire Broad Sword

This is a small step up to building your ultimate weapon, The Vampire Broad Sword. According to my friend (and helper), you can place the materials anywhere in the crafting table and still craft the weapons and items!

  1. Damage – 7, this weapon does the same damage as a Diamond Sword however it uses way more materials to craft… This will be turned around in the finishing stages of your Sword though!
  2. Abilities – close to none
  3. Defects – none

Vampire Great Sword

This… Is the Vampire Great Sword. You will need 2 Diamond Blocks, 2 Iron Swords, a Blaze Rod, and 2 Vampire Broad Swords!! There is no other way to craft this, so you’ll have to get to grinding in order to craft this sword. 

  1. Damage – since this basically Doubles your Broad Sword, this Great Sword does 14 Damage!
  2. Abilities – close to none
  3. Defects – none


Dracula is a new Boss for your game! There are 2 main ways to spawn him:
  1. Spawn Egg: You can find his spawn egg in the Creative Menu, same as the other Mobs
  2. Lightning Strike a Vampire: If lightning were to strike a Vampire, he will transform into Dracula!

He attacks Villagers and the Player on sight! So make sure you are well equipped before facing off against this guy! The following list are notes about this Boss

  1. Health – 400, He has more health than the Wither and the Ender Dragon!
  2. Damage – He does a whopping 15 Damage! A normal player would only have 20-22 points of health, he is no joke
  3. Abilities – He is immune to Burn, and he can shoot Fire Balls! Also, when struck by Lightning he can transform into a… Werewolf!?
  4. Defects – close to none
  5. Drops – Heart of Dracula

Heart of Dracula Crafting Recipes

Bucket o’ Blood

You will need 3 Vampire Teeth, 1 Heart of Dracula, and a Bucket to craft the Bucket o’ Blood. The Bucket o’ Blood is necessary to craft a new variation of the Vampire Great Sword

Dracula’s Great Sword

Dracula’s Great Sword is the ultimate weapon used by Dracula himself. As shown in the image above, this sword is glazed in the blood of the Vampires 
  1. Damage – A gigantic 22 damage. However this weapon is majorly flawed…
  2. Abilities – This sword, when held, gives you Fire Resistance and Night Vision
  3. Defects – Since you yourself are not Dracula, you receive a Fatal Poison

If you crafted this before the Ultimate Sword, unfortunately you’ll have to craft a new Vampire Great Sword. Here’s how you can craft the next sword:

Bucket o’ Purified Blood

The Bucket o’ Purified Blood requires 4 Hearts of Dracula, 3 Gold and 1 Diamond Block. This new Item will be used to craft the final, and ultimate Great Sword

Vampire Killer’s Blade

Congratulations, you have crafted the Vampire Killer’s Sword. This sword has a couple of abilities and also has an Enchantment Effect. 
  1. Damage – 22 damage, the same as Dracula’s Great Sword but better!
  2. Abilities – Health Boost, Regeneration and Strength. Overall better for the player!
  3. Defects – none!

Transformed Dracula

When lightning strikes Dracula, he will transform into this Werewolf!! You say you almost beat Dracula when all of a sudden he transformed?? Sounds like a greater challenge to me! He is supposed to look like a Werewolf, however his face texture is a little complicated to get correct… You can also spawn him in via Spawn Egg along side the other 2 previous mob eggs. 
  1. Health – A huge  600 Health,
  2. Damage – 20 Damage
  3. Abilities – Large Speed increase meaning he is more difficult to avoid and he is immune to Burn 
  4. Defects – none
  5. Drops – Wolfskin


The Elytra is now Craftable! You can craft it with 6 Wolf Skin, 2 Vampire Tooth Blades and a Diamond Chestplate. The Elytra has a custom skin in the inventory and when equiped

*It doesn’t give any boosts. The particle effects shown on screen are from Dracula’s Great Sword

Werewolf Update!


The werewolf is much bigger and stronger than the ordinary player, and much faster! They burn in the daylight just like most of the previous mobs. They spawn naturally in the night time or in really dark areas
  1. Health – 70
  2. Damage – 8
  3. Abilities – Speed increase, when struck by lighting he can transform into Dracula Transformed!!
  4. Defects – Burns in daylight
  5. Drops – Werewolf Eye and Wolf Meat

Wolf Meat Crafting Recipes

Glazered Wolf Meat

This new food is quite expensive, as well as this new update. You are required to kill Dracula a couple of times to craft this new food, Glazered Wolf Meat. The meat gives you a handful of great abilities, and it’s quite tasty!

Werewolf Eye Crafting Recipes

Glassed Eye

The eye itself isn’t so nutritious… However surrounding the eye with glass will allow you to craft a new block which can be used for the crafting of a new weapon!

Blood Diamonds Crafting Recipes

Blood Diamonds

You’ll be needing plenty of Diamonds and Buckets o’ Blood for these Blood Diamonds. Not for this recipe, but for the next set of items!

Blood Diamond Block

Just like a regular Jewel type material, the Blood Diamond can be crafted into a Block. You’ll be needing 8 of these blocks for the next recipe

You can also craft the Blood Diamonds back in-case you don’t want the Block anymore! (You don’t need 3 blocks to craft 9 diamonds)

Plated Wolf Skin

Plated Wolf Skin is a hardened, stronger version of the Wolf Skin. It is VERY expensive, but it is required for the crafting of the New Weapon

Blood Diamond Hilt

You will require 2 Plated Wolf Skin, 4 Blood Diamonds and the Glassed Eye to craft the Blood Diamond Hilt. Expensive, but worry not, for this is 2nd to the final step for the crafting of the sword

Blood Diamond Sword

This is the final version for the Dracula Great Sword, which is now called the Blood Diamond Sword. 
  1. Damage – 38 damage, since this is an expensive sword. You can easily kill any boss with this sword
  2. Abilities – Regeneration, Speed, Night Vision
  3. Defects – since you are not a vampire, you have been cursed with Fatal Poison when wielding the sword

Alucard’s Shield

Alucard now drops his own shield upon death! You can still craft it as usual, the shield only has a custom Texture update!

How to play as a Vampire yourself?

Download Zombie Mode add-on by DiamondKing for full experience πŸ˜€

Want to get most of the new items instantly? Activate commands and use /function givevampire to get almost all the items automatically. You can find the Spawn Eggs in the Creative Menu as said before

Here are some notes I, the Creator of this Add-On, had made

  1. New Variations of Vampires
  2. More Werewolves
  3. Castlevania type weapons, accessories or characters to become Allies with

If you’d like to see these come in future updates, please let me know in the comments!

No, you do not need to download the Skins for this mod/ add-on to work. The skins are available in case you want to play with them :3 (also because they’re not mine)

Changelog View more
  1. Bug Fix Update: Bucket O' Purified Blood was uncraftable, now is Craftable
  2. Alucard now drops Alucard's Shield (Shield re-texture)
  3. Added Normal Werewolf
  4. Werewolf drops Wolf Meat and Wolf Eye
  5. Wolf Eye can be used for crafting materials
  6. Wolf Meat can be used for crafting food
  7. Added new blocks, Glassed Eye and Blood Diamond Block
  8. Diamonds can be turned into Blood Diamonds
  9. Blood Diamonds can be used for crafting materials
  10. Wolf Skin can be used for crafting materials
  11. Added new sword, Blood Diamond Sword
  • Bug Fix Update: Dracula Transformed now drops proper loot (Wolf Skin), Bucket o' Blood is now fixed (Wasn't craftable, now is)
  • Elytra can now be crafted with Wolf Skin
  • Elytra has a new texture
  • Updated Descriptions
  • Added Alucard
  • Added Richter
  • Updated Skins
  • Updated Descriptions
  • Bug Fix Update: Dracula now drops 1 Heart of Dracula when killed, Frozen Wine now drops 8 Glass of Wine instead of 1 when broken
  • Werewolf now drops Wolfskin
  • Alucard and Vampires now spawn randomly


How to Install:

  1. Follow the Links
  2. Click Download
  3. Open the files with 7Zipper and convert the zip files into folders
  4. Grab each folder and place them in their corresponding packs in com.mojang folder (ie: BP to Behavior Packs, RP to Resource Packs)
  5. Turn on Experimental Gameplay
  6. Join and Play!


Supported Minecraft versions


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    Or pls make a separate mcaddon

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    Can u plz make it on bedrock? and can you turn to a vampire?

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    Are you a fan of hellsing ultimate

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    Some crafting recipes don’t work, like frozen wine and Dracula’s great sword

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    Hey, LambDPro, I see that you are a talented mod creator. but me personally. think there is too much to download for this mod. Perhaps make another mod where you can be bitten by a vampire or werewolf and become one. I just think there are also to many recipes, too much to download. It’s titled ” Vampires Add On” I think it should have vampires and maybe two other mobs of your choice. I would think that adding Vampires, Werewolves, and Monster Hunters that kill Vampires and Werewolves would be very cool. I would really like to see that. If you can try to make it so when you download it, it imports it to Minecraft instead of having to drag the files into Minecraft. I don’t know how to do that. This is a great mod, I just think it’s a little overboard. Thanks. Keep up the good work πŸ˜€

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    • LambDPro says:

      Yes I noticed there is a slight bug with the crafting in Frozen Wine and maybe other Items. I’ll be checking what is wrong with these soon. In the mean time, you can use /give @p pa:[item] to get the item you want. Sorry for the inconveniences

  14. Anonymous says:

    Please make a .mcaddon link

  15. LambDPro says:

    This add-on works on Mobile and Xbox, my partner and I have tested on both devices. If you are having trouble with the add-on please make sure you followed the steps correctly and you enabled Experimental Gameplay.

  16. lilywhitewolf says:

    I love πŸ™‚ p.s. you shoed go for a werewolf were you make were this and maybe tame them just a suggestion

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    Olle mobs don’t drop anything fix that please I want it to work

    • LambDPro says:

      The Add-On has been tested by my partner and myself on Android devices and works just fine. I have heard that this add-on may not work properly for Xbox or Windows10, if you are playing on those devices then unfortunately there is nothing I can do as I do not have access to them. Sorry

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    Werewolfes are enemies of vampires, make them obstile

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    How to use the 7zipper to import the mod into the game im so confused and thats why i gave this 3 stars cuz i dont know how to import it into the game

    • LambDPro says:

      Download 7Zipper (or any other file explorer app)

      If you have 7Zipper just click on the

      Then go to games>Mojang>Behavior/Resource packs and import them there (the zip files will turn into folders)

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  24. Guest-5118509646 says:

    Doesnt work on the Xbox. Textures are not pulling in mainly. Frozen Wine block was populating until your recent update and that went away. Custom Elytra is pulling in and shows in Creative mode menu. I think it may have something with the naming schematic you are using, however I havent been able to test.

    • LambDPro says:

      Hm weird. Sorry for the inconveniences, my Xbox crashes when I try to activate ANY resource packs (let alone behavior packs) so I can’t test it on my Xbox. If that is the case and it gets buggy on Xbox that it is very unfortunate. Hopefully soon I will be able to see what is wrong, until then all I know is that it works perfectly on Mobile.

      • Guest-2092087975 says:

        If it helps, it doesn’t crash the windows 10 bedrock 1.14, but the textures don’t load. You can craft the items, but the stake looks like a grey carpet square, and vampires have no faces.

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    Can you authorize me to reprint this Addons to the Chinese Minecraft

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    Do we need to download the skins?

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    should make a way to become infected and be a vampire ngl, like the Java mod

  28. LambDPro says:

    Bug Fix Update coming out in a few days, sorry guys.

  29. Guest-4810915002 says:

    why does the file have to be ZIP????

  30. LambDPro says:

    In case anyone was wondering, yes. Some mobs do spawn naturally now as of Vampire Update 1.0.1

  31. Guest-9618727261 says:

    On the minecraft addon maker,how did you add in a custom entitie.I am making a add On and would like to know how,and you made a great addonso do u know?

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    just so everyone knows, his addon won’t work on realms as it needs experimental gameplay on

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    can you add the ability to turn into a vampire, e.g.
    /function vampire
    it could make vampires not aggressive and you could have a tool called teeth which you use on a villager and they turn into a vampire.

    you could maybe add a vampire hunter

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    Can a vampire naturally spawn in survival mode?

    • LambDPro says:

      They do not, because I do not have the tools to code Natural Spawning in the game. However, you can get creative and build yourself interesting challenges or mini games with the custom mobs πŸ™‚

  39. Did you use an app to make this? Either way, fantastic job on the textures. If you’re using the app I think you are, then I know it isn’t possible to add naturally spawning entities, but if you aren’t, is there some way to make them spawn on their own?

    • LambDPro says:

      Yes at the moment I’m using the Android app Minecraft Add-on Maker. All I have at the moment is mobile, but I’m planning on using a laptop for coding when it comes πŸ™‚ by the way thanks on the textures, I made the items. You can find the link to the Skins in the links section of my add-on πŸ˜€

      • Guest-6122765171 says:

        Sounds good. By the way, how did you upload from the app to mcpedl? I’ve had the app for a long time, and I can’t seem to figure it out. [Yes this is Wizard, it wouldn’t let me sign in]

        • LambDPro says:

          It is quite difficult to figure out but I had to use the app “7Zippper” (very common to use for Emulators) and well this app allowed me to grab the .mcaddon file from the games files. After this, I simply uploaded to MediaFire and that’s about it. Run a lot of tests and make sure you grab the correct file (for example, I named this file “Vampires” since my tests were named “Vampire”

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