Vanilla Deluxe: Java UI

Important: Read carefully before downoad and use!

What is Vanilla Deluxe?

Before Modified Vanilla and Vanilla enhanced. Is an experimental TP that would improve UI and other assets.

Actually, is an original testing TP made since fall 2016, oriented to port menus and container/inventory GUI textures from Java Edition to Bedrock Edition more easily and efficient!

So, it is not any PC GUI or any Java UI texture. It is a tool that allows you to port Java GUI Containers textures easily while bringing some improvement in some basic interface. And was originally made first since autumn 2016 (Started with HUD and Java Inventory) and continued to autumn 2019 with current features.

All features:

  • Java UI screens: Start, Death, Pause, HUD, Sign, In bed, and more!
  • Compatible for all devices: Android, iOS, Windows 10, and maybe Xbox One.
  • Java container/inventory GUI. Oriented to port some inventory gui textures from Java to Bedrock easly.
  • HD GUI compatible for 512x, 1024x, 2048x, 4096x and 8192x.​
  • Styled Java Edition Creative and recipe book UI for full creative and recipe book layout.
  • Customized Global Variables.
  • Legacy Gamepad tooltip redrawn, original by AgentMindStorm.
  • Quick Craft features (touch screen only), original by abc555.

What’s new in v1.10?

New UI Screens

I have added the new modified UI screens in v9.0 (and from v8.1) version:

  • Smithing Table
  • Jigsaw screen.
  • Achievements.

Improved Boss/Event Bar in HUD!

That’s right, now you can see the different textures of the bar depending on the situation.

Now compatible with Music Player UI (By AgentMindStorm)!

Now you can use this resource pack and listen to a list of music you want at the same time, just put the resource pack “Music Player UI Lite” or “Music +” at the top of VDX: Java UI.

New Profile and Persona Screen!

And that’s not all, now you can enjoy the new UI design that you have not seen before! The modified UI for store screen  is getting closer for the next version of the project!

New plugin: Original UI Textures!

Plugin from which you can use default UI textures (means that you can also use Marketplace GUI textures).

Just make sure that the texture you are going to use is in that order, otherwise it will not work.

New edition: Lite!

Recommended for low-end devices. Or for those who just want to use the inventory and the basic UIs. 😉

Coming soon!

Mixed UI (For 1.16)

It’s the same with basic Java UI, but with the combination with the original Minecraft design UI + Legacy Console UI! Yes, with this add-on you can use default GUI textures in case if you want to use Java UI with marketplace texture packs.

Nostalgic Version

This will remember Java Edition veterans of what the previous UI design was like. ;D

Known issues:

  • Not all screens are fully compatible with the use of gamepad.
  • The “add server” button only works once and you will have to re-enter the Play screen.
  • Some screens take a long time to load, something like Settings screen, Play Screen, and Recipe Book (For once), and it is because it contains so many toggles in UI code, but I have reduced them to the limit as long as it works on all devices.


This project will be open source and under the GNU GPL v3.0. So you will have the freedom to modify (if you know about JSON UI code), but there will still be conditions. It is recommended that you ask me for permission or notify me before you can use it in third-party projects. Just put it to good use and you will have no problems. ;D

If you have more questions about this, let me know by MD on my twitter @CrisXolt.

Special Thanks:

Hawf-Human, abc555, and AgentMindStorm for other original ideas!

Final note:

Seriously, those default .json UI files is made originally by Mojang and Microsoft, actually are modified by me for entertainment purposes.

Just enjoy and good luck ;D.

Changelog View more

v1.10.0 [11/07/2020]

  • Some UI codes has beed rewritten and optimized.
  • Added new plugins for Java UI:
    • Original Textures, useful for marketplace textures.
  • Added new compatibility for Java UI:
    • AgentMindStorm's Music+/Music Player UI Lite Resource Pack! ;D
  • Added new screens (and fixed UI):
    • Storage Management (Fixed)
    • Profile and Persona Screen (New Skin Editor)
    • Credits (Fixed)
    • Achievements (New)
    • Jigsaw Screen (New)
    • Smithing Table (New)
  • Removed some "textures/uidx" images:
    • classic_loading_bar.png or java_loading_bar.png (Replaced by label animation with text from glyph 2582 to 2588)
    • portal_background.png
  • Added new "textures/uidx" images:
    • highlight_slot_red.png and highlight_slot_red_output.png (to make a bit more accurate Java UI)
    • world_loading_bar_full.png (a vertical animation flipbook texture, just a concept loading bar)
  • Modified some UI screens:
    • Profile setings screen
    • Create world (Modifyng gamerule screen based from 1.16 Java edition)
    • For reasons of undoing visual bugs on some screens, I have decided to remove the list of textures that automatically detect resolution size:
    • widgets.png"
    • "title/minecraft.png"
  • HUD Screen has been improved (to make a bit more accurate Java UI):
    • The popup text of Jukebox now has a RGB effect!
    • The event/boss bars now use the "bars.png" texture and different colors are used depending on:
    • For Ender Dragon it will use maguenta, Wither will use purple, and Raid will use red with separator textures.
    • The blue bar will be also used by default in case they are not normal events/bosses of the game,
  • Banner (Loom)/Stone (Stonecutter) type selection textures will now display correctly even if you move the selected grid away from the mouse.
  • Improved Play_Screen:
    • Now you can double click on the grid to play your world or any server on the list, and even friends and lan worlds.
    • Now you can click on the grid of friends and lan worlds and confirm by clicking "Join Server", but you will not be able to edit it (obviously).
    • The ping_rate textures will now be used correctly with the "icons.png" texture.

v9.1.0 [02/11/2019]

-Hotfixes for multiplayer screen.

v9.0.0 [31/10/2019]
-Rewritten some UI codes.
    ▪️ Start screen
    ▪️ Play screen
    ▪️ Pause screen
-Added more compatibility for gamepad.
-Added modified Chat settings UI.
-Play screen now has 3 tabs:
    ▪️ Select World, Play Multiplayer, and Realms.
    ▪️ And, Added new method about how will you select or edit your worlds, but is limited for 75,
      and others will be 5, 10, and 15. But except for some items.
      But, don't worry, it will add an additional bottom left button to change between play mode
      or edit mode for some reasons (except for realms tab) ;)
-Added new modified screens:
    ▪️ Credits
    ▪️ Realms settings
    ▪️ Chat settings
-Added cross image with hover text for trade v2.
-Added Gamepad tooltip texture redrawn for PS4 Controller/Sony DualShock 4!
 Original redrawn/revamp by AgentMindStorm/@agentms_!
-Bottom buttons in start and pause screen now uses widgets.png texture!
-Added scoreboard support for player list in pause screen.
-Llama chest grid images now shows properly!
-Some screens will not be affected by screen safe area changes.
-Modified normal font based from Java Edition 1.14.
-Added QuickCraft feature, original by abc555, only will be available in touch device.

v8.1.0 [05/08/2019] (Extra)
-Added new modified screens:
    ▪️ Structure Block
-Removed the concept Recipe book for Furnace (Also Blast Furnace and Smoker), due item renderer issues.
-Changes and bugfixes for HUD Screen:
    ▪️ Modified line padding for chat messages to match like Java Edition.
    ▪️ Modified chat UI will now appear even if you use touch device!
    ▪️ Now the popup text of Jukebox appears!
-Some Java UI screens now appears even if you use pocket UI profile, except for inventory screens.
-Changes for GUI textures templates:
    ▪️ A lot of UI codes was removed and optimized for widgets.png (Main buttons).
-Added More Java UI to main pack with following modified screens:
    ▪️ Settings
    ▪️ Play
    ▪️ Add External Server
    ▪️ Create/Edit World
    ▪️ And more...

v8.0.0 [15/02/2019]

  • Updated for 1.10.0 oficial! Also it will work for 1.11.0.X Beta!
  • Added new modified screens:
    • Book
    • Loom
    • Blast furnace 
    • Smoker
    • Grindstone
    • Stonecutter
    • Cartography table
    • Trade v2
  • XP number in HUD screen wiil now show even if you use with Java Aspects Resource Pack by AgentMindStorm (@agentms_).
  • New design for "progress_screen", based in 1.14 Java UI (but concept).
  • New directory for Java GUI textures! Now the GUI textures will be read in "assets/minecraft/textures".
  • Updated GUI templates, now no longer needs HD GUI template add-on, because HD GUI Textures now adjusts automatically! Well, with the exception of the following files (To avoid bugs). The resolution modifications of these files can now be adjusted manually in global_variables.json! : 
    • options_Background
    • portal_background
    • blocks_Background
    • bars
    • blast_Furnace
    • brewing_Stand
    • furnace
    • icons
    • smoker
    • villager2
  • Added new add-on: More java UI Beta!
    • It include the following modified screens: Settings ▪️ play ▪️ add external server ▪️ create/edit world and more!
  • Updated pause screen.
    • Added new design for player list, now looks like Java edition.
  • Recipe book UI imporved for crafting/inventory screen!
    • And, added an concept recipe book for furnace!!!


Important: Set the user interface (UI) to Classic in order to see the modified user interface.

  1. First wait >15 seconds and then click on "Continue". Note: I'm sorry, but I do this to make sure I get support and continue to update my projects. D; But, if you really don't like AD, I suggest you visit my twitter @CrisXolt, there will be direct links in the pinned tweet.
  2. After this, the Mediafire page will appear, click the download green button to get the file.
  3. Open .mcpack to launch Minecraft and import resource pack automatically.
  4. Settings > Global Resources > Apply the resource pack.
  5. Enjoy the VDX: Java UI! ;D


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16 RTX Beta



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198 Responses

4.28 / 5 (87 votes)
  1. YFshadaow says:

    Awesome work! There are only two things that I feel that can still be improved. One is the black screen shown when typing in the chat bar, the other is that it seems there is no way to browse through chat history in game. Will very much appreciate if these are fixed!

  2. FlaminNoob says:

    Can you make a quickcrafting texturepack? I like the way you do quick crafting through double-tapping 🙂 please make a texture pack or subpack that gives you the option to quickcraft only 🙂

  3. Klains says:

    How can I drop items from my hotbar plzz help me everything is working fine for me except don’t know how to drop item from hotbar

  4. FranxXT666exe says:

    And what happen with Old Good Day???

  5. CoolAwesomeMiners says:

    Shield graphical bug in multiplayer. It flashes gray and white, but in the item frame or when held, has the normal textures.

  6. Orestisgames07 says:

    The UI update was awesome! It works perfectly! Good job! I also have a question where is the nostalgic version?

  7. Guest-5738640846 says:

    Can u help me how to change the position of the coordinates cause it has a conflict with my phone i cannot see the z position. Please help me

  8. ReyHazl says:

    Where is to put the plugin file

  9. Guest-2411491271 says:

    I’m having a problem where when i use this texture pack my hotbar just disappears.

  10. Guest-3710295850 says:

    Quiero felicitarte por tu exelente trabajo.
    Me gustaria aserte una peticion: podrias agregar el sistema de “” LOGROS DE JAVA”” el menu de visualisacion y los logros, te lo agradeceriamos mucho.

  11. RobinGoodLighting says:

    What program do you use to create a UI resource pack? It is very difficult to do it manually. I really need some kind of program… (google translate, my english is bad)

  12. Guest-4103225343 says:

    Will this work for console and if not when will it work for console

  13. Guest-7867253161 says:

    Add the Mojang Studios loading screen when opening the game as in java edition

  14. Guest-7658330695 says:

    Hay un bug que hace que no cargue por completo la interfaz del cofre grande.

    There is a bug that does not fully load the interface of the large chest.

  15. Guest-2810579447 says:

    Hi, can I use this in my project? (I know you said that is it open source, but I want to be sure. I will credit you.)

  16. Guest-4736556184 says:

    Where is/are the file(s) for the hotbar? Thanks.

  17. Minecrafterz says:

    How am I supposed to edit a world if I select world it will enter into that world immediately? You can’t just select them and edit. Amd still many bugs appears whenever I activate the pack.

  18. FTBGaming says:

    Please add a custom UI for the Marketplace menu, and for the popup and progress screens, also for the download screen.

    Also make the touch controls, circular touchpad, and the pause/emotes/and the chat buttons invisible. Please make the hotbar item counts show in creative like Java Edition.

    The achivements button causes an error while pressing it.

  19. Guest-8253544417 says:

    can you make it compatible with dark UI

  20. Guest-3061995810 says:

    I liked it but the lite but the vanilla deluxe locks the game and it doesn’t respond

  21. Guest-5981260838 says:

    Is this compatible with Marketplace Hider?

  22. EclispeNetworkTeam says:

    How on earth did you do the separate boss bars?

  23. Guest-7822506714 says:

    I really like this addon! 😀


  25. Guest-8835490596 says:

    Cool… But can you add a sword slash like java

  26. FTBGaming says:

    What a good custom UI pack. But I found a bug: When I clicked on the achivements button, all the UIs and the controls just became invisible! I can’t see all the entities but I can still see their shadows. I couldn’t see everything but all the blocks and I can’t see all the UIs. All the blocks don’t display their animations when this happens. Please fix this bug, I don’t know what caused this game bug but it’s all quite weird!

  27. Guest-3468142156 says:

    Doesn’t work for me, after I apply it in the Global resource pack it doesn’t change anything.

  28. Guest-8434626391 says:

    Hi! Liked your ui. Downloaded the original not lite but my device is 2gb ram LOL!!!

  29. AZ12YT says:

    In the Crafting Table The Quick Crafting Is Not Working But In The Inventory Craft it works Only in the crafting table the quick craft does not work is that a bug??

  30. Guest-8864244966 says:

    Hey. I was wondering if You could help Light the creator of astral client add the the java inventory and java chat ui???. plss

  31. Guest-3741417010 says:

    so can i already carry 1024 textures for the interface?

    When I make a texture for interface or porting a texture from java, do I upload it to MCPEDL with the respective credits?
    Obviously without the ui files

  32. Guest-6849238377 says:

    how to pass the linkvertise its so annoying

  33. Guest-7664118085 says:

    did you fix the create world option?? because its not working

  34. Guest-4939565971 says:

    yes already updated thanks😇😇

  35. Lord_Khufu says:

    I’ve already use your pre final but never get to comment any issue because twitter just asking for my phone numbers even I already provided them my email address, anyhow there’s an issue that keep bugging me, the world loading screen background is always show the purple and black texture when the animation is starting to run, also after quit a world the title screen is glitching is out and after applying a pack everything goes to that purple glitch again, i think this is a problem with 1.16 or could be possibly my ipad, but maybe it’s fixed now idk, gonna download and see

  36. Guest-2183377223 says:

    Pliss Java Gui For 1.16 Nether Update🙏🏻

  37. Guest-1218590211 says:

    cant create a new world on version 1.16…please fix

  38. Guest-4455980068 says:

    Please fix for 1.16, create world button does not work.

  39. Guest-1886404453 says:

    Can you tell me which file that add the gray overlay in this texture pack, the gray one at the start screen where you could see the panorama background and where you played. Please i really need that

  40. Guest-2300892218 says:

    Just click on the same place you were clicking before and it will open your inventory , the pack made the button invisible..

  41. Guest-9407023173 says:

    please let me know how to open inventory because i want this addon

  42. CoolAwesomeMiners says:

    As much as I like seeing what the new Java UI looks like, I cannot get it downloaded because of a scammed website. Maybe next time, try making the link redirect to either a MediaFire website for make this link instantly download it. (Also, my suggestions on the next update is that to fix GUI glitches or bugs, that’s all!) 🙂

  43. Guest-5158513662 says:

    how to open inventory on android?

  44. Guest-1523748177 says:

    how to craft??

  45. Guest-5776311248 says:

    excuse me please, reply I’m really sad cause I can’t play roblox anymore ;( I had to install minecraft, the buttons doesn’t work at all I see is the backround please help me I only use android also please fix!

  46. Anonymous says:

    Give this pack another life please ;-;

  47. Guest-2251825323 says:

    creator i would like to put this in a video can I ?

  48. Guest-6376545658 says:

    Can you make a zip file of this please, I downloaded it and use it for awhile but i just changed something yesterday, i doesn’t know what it is but it’s just glitch my panorama, like there’s a big purple and black thing at the middle of it, maybe i’m gonna found a solution to fix it if i get access to the original file of this pack, i tried to delete the one of mine already have and ported the original in but it’s just said error for some reason ?

    • Guest-9576023074 says:

      Since .mcpack are just packed files like .zip, you can just change the .mcpack extension to .zip and you can view and edit the files in the .zip. Also, the reason that you see that is probably something to do with another resource pack, so if taking off your resource packs doesn’t fix it I recommend reinstalling minecraft.
      Hope I helped.

  49. Guest-1863573615 says:

    This is very good and very simliar to Java. I am impressed and i really like it. There is some problems in the settings menu with text getting sticking out of the box but everything else is fine. Thank you very much. I never liked the PE layout and menu.

    • Guest-8174488096 says:

      I cried very hard after i import this texture pack because it brings back minecraft settings memories from 2009 🙁

      good texture padk!

  50. Guest-8847170199 says:

    Any chance you could dm me the .zip for this? the way you made it has it so I can’t use a custom hotbar pack… If you see this please dm me at Chandler#3150

  51. Klains says:

    Storage management option is not working and also some cheats like educational mode how can I enable educational mode?

  52. Guest-8685463573 says:

    Pls can update it screen animation i mean.. when i clicked it the button is not as good as java but i give u a 5 star

  53. Guest-2963811353 says:

    It works for 1.16 beta just cannot create a world. Like it though 5 star!

  54. Guest-5542815989 says:

    This Is cool i like it plus if you have a friend and dont wanna play with them this is an excuse and you can say sorry im on java edition and you can turn off multiplayer to make it seem real

  55. Please read this can you change the playerlist back to the pause menu rather than in the menu button

  56. Guest-9832240118 says:

    Hope this add-on won’t be destoryed by mojang’s update 😉

  57. Guest-9781615480 says:

    Some buttons freezes the game especially the Create New World button I have this issue since the beginning of the MCPE [Parity Update/MCPE 1.15] and niw the fall of Minecraft 1.16 in C++ edition or also known as the bedrock edition of Minecraft this pack still has the same problems in Minecraft Bedrock 1.15-1.16.
    I hope this pack is going to be updated sooner or earlier because I’ve been waiting for so many months now to use this Amazing Resource Pack tho.

  58. Guest-9717980700 says:

    Need to be updated for the 1.16 beta !!!

  59. Guest-6711123904 says:

    Ummm hey look when i click on new world it will do nothing when i click on worlds and other buttons and mc doesn’t react to it it didn’t freeze but doesn’t do anything that i have to restart mc. Plz fix.

  60. Guest-7284450427 says:

    The hotbar disappears

  61. Guest-5222912314 says:

    This is exactly the pack that i looking for, brilliant

  62. Guest-2865721117 says:

    can you please for beloved god update this texture pack for the current version of the game???? i think this haven’t got any update maybe for years
    anyways this pack is great… well except when you want to create a new world

  63. Create New World button doesn’t do anything in 1.16.

  64. MinecraftFan55254 says:

    When You Don’t Feel Java There’s Also
    Java Aspects

  65. Guest-6893955064 says:

    Hey, when you die its not like how it is in Java (Text is different) and also when you press pause Game Menu doesn’t have a capital M in menu like how it is in Java.

  66. Guest-2062104268 says:

    Next thing we need is a way to add inventory slots and get rid of block drop downs so the inventory looks 100%.

  67. Guest-5615014622 says:

    You think you should update this for the 1.16 beta?

  68. Guest-8704874045 says:

    Can you make it so the text isn’t in the way of the screen? That be very helpful.

  69. Guest-1828233219 says:

    How do you exit the inventory screen? I got stuck first time I used it…

  70. Guest-9145944181 says:

    Great resource pack but I’m just facing one problem, I can’t generate a new world with this texture pack on. Whenever i click on ‘New World’, the game just freezes for that moment. Just make some more adjustments with that I think

    By the way, so much applause to the devs of this resource packs

  71. Guest-6283723800 says:

    Uhmm…. Can you update this because I’m using something… Thx

  72. Guest-9500321052 says:

    Permissions button isn’t working so I can’t change my gamemode without writing a command

  73. Guest-2925735527 says:

    Hey, I sent you a message on Twitter (I am mahaxux) and I wanted to tell you that you should add that the touch buttons do not come would give a fresh air of PC

  74. Luis :v says:

    The “Permissions” button does not work, could you fix it? It is a great texture pack and it would be great if it were useful

  75. JayJayPlayzJJP says:

    This looks so cool!

  76. Guest-9541975863 says:

    That’s cool!

  77. Guest-3896072838 says:


  78. Killmaxi says:


    Whats mean of Don’t use UI code??

  79. jr says:

    hi i love this pack is awesome 😉 ..i want to know if your pack suport block or item with .mcmeta files ??

  80. Dragon says:

    Does it show the durability of the tool you are hovering over?

  81. someone says:


  82. Bluedragon says:

    I love the resource pack but when you are loading into a world can you make it exactly like java

  83. Juliusvdl says:

    Dude this texture pack is amazing! Its all working properly and I am very happy with it.

  84. tcmine64 says:

    “Permissions” button has no action. I would like that to be fixed, other than that, it’s a great texture pack

  85. Gamekidbunny7 says:

    Look sweety you did a good job on the Vanilla DX [JavaUI] texture pack
    How ever the Java UI texture pack dose have some bugs.

  86. ? says:

    Crashing on OnePlus 6T when opening world menu.

  87. Bayraa0227 says:

    Please re-add Bedrock/C++ logo
    In VanillaDX v7, there were option that shows “C++ EDITION”. But in v9, this code:
    “$edition_logo_visible”: false
    erased. Writing this code in _global_variables.json didn’t change logo.
    So make Bedrock/C++ Edition logo show-able again
    (4 stars for v7, v8 but 3 stars for v9)

  88. Anonymous says:

    for me, it made me really GREATEST ever because you secretly to manage to added the enchanting sound every time i use the enchanting table. but there’s few flaw you forgot to make is the enchantment tooltips(the gray appearance with an random enchantment one) should matches java and the tools’ durability brighten colors too(i wonder if edit it’s durability colors[sprite] would be difficult i think)

  89. R says:

    Every time I click on the download it sends me to Malwarebytes

  90. Casual_Builder says:

    The mixed UI is awesome, but for some reason i can’t see the hotbar, if anyone has a fix please send it my way, thank you.

  91. AsteroidGull133 says:

    A really awesome texture pack/GUI, still one problem that’s bugging me is that I can’t enchant my tools using the anvil. Well when I try to, I can’t select the the enchanted item and put it to my inventory, i tap on it but not able to put it in my inventory. Has anyone come across this yet….

  92. AvocadoGA66 says:

    Bug: When on realms, pressing the invite button and then add realms members button softlocks you on the realms settings screen.

  93. Anonymous says:

    I love this texture pack! The only thing i’d change is the position of the main menu buttons so they’re more down

  94. Anonymous says:

    It won’t import! Anyone else having the same problem!

    • MOAT75 MC YOUTUBE says:

      to fix that all yiu have to do is
      1. download file
      2. find minecraft-games-.commojang-recorce packs
      3. drag file to minecraft-games-.commojang-recorce packs
      4. open minecraft and activate it

  95. Founder says:

    By far the worst one ever I can’t even take it off

  96. Genrey2003 says:

    Where can I get the ”More Java UI”? I tried downloading this but it only gave me 1 file.
    Could you atleast put that in the downloads? Thank you

  97. Anonymous says:

    Muy bueno me gusta el tono de modo Pc…

  98. SmartMCKid2012 says:

    If its 1.11 JavaUI I could get it Latest Version : 1.12.0
    Last Version : 1.11.0


    Can You Make It For or

  100. Zalaxci says:

    It looks cool but I can’t really port in pc textures. I tried putting the gui folder from a pc texture pack in the textures folder in this pack and everything stays like default. I tried both in my phone and my pc :/

  101. NomicEXE says:

    Hey, I was wondering if it’s possible for you guys to move the chat bar down next to the inventory like how it is on Java? For some people who wants to make their game look and feel like Java Edition, it’d be great. Thank you! 😁

  102. Dismade says:

    This pack is so well made, it’s insane. Only thing I’d like to see is a custom game options UI like I’ve seen other packs do. Other than that, amazing work! Will be using this now!

  103. Grieferus says:

    I really like this resource pack. But I have a question: how to change Sign In/Feedback and Skin Pickup buttons to Java-like?

  104. Gamershy says:

    Unforntunately last I used this pack I ran into an issue where when using Classic UI (the UI that’d actually be useful for win10 players wanting to emulate Java) title displays above the action bar didn’t seem to render at all for some reason. Aside from that ,very well made.

    • Gamershy says:

      Also, just a tip.. while this is your creation and your code, you do not own any licenses and actually can’t legally punish anybody for modifying the code in the pack. You’re recreating Mojang’s already copyrighted design for the UIs, so any attempt to pursuit legal action would result in *you* getting a fine for plagarism, even if it’s technically in the same game.

      • CrisXolt says:

        I think you have confused things, I am never going to do an exaggerated way like pursuit to someone. In addition, you’re right, I do not own UI since I have recreated, the only thing I did is to create a unique modified code and I do not want some of them to take over just that. Just think before you say something. ;/

  105. NightWolf0 says:

    Great, just the device I am using doesn’t really support it.

  106. Shirocraft says:

    Thats what i was waiting for, i will use this for my new PvP resource pack also it will be Credited To @CRIZARTEX Because you are my Inspiration

  107. Toño Rojas says:

    It looks good, however, I also use the Bedrock Enhancements texture pack, which raises the hotbar so the controller buttons are below it, but it doesn’t work with this pack.

  108. Great work! It is obvious that you put lots of effort into this project. The end result is very thorough and accurate.
    Thanks for the commitment!

  109. Loa says:

    Can you please make it were i dont need to import it and it automatically imports it to mc pe?

  110. Isaac Gabriel Vargas Panahon says:

    Is this work in PC?

  111. lolgamer says:

    when i add this texture pack my hotbar is gone unless i turn my profile gui into pocket

  112. Golden Freddy_1987 says:

    Ah dude pls fix
    Hotbar or inventory bar not working,or invisible
    But i love the resource,pls fix

  113. Elcapo says:

    Y modificar los ajustes si puedes :,) . O talvez la interfaz del menu de skins

  114. VendableTax3642 says:

    Good work man! It’s my favorite addon😀

  115. DiamondArmor says:

    Can you make this for MCPE 1.2.8?

  116. Jamie says:

    Is there a way the creator could make a .mcpack only for the invertory, craftingtable, furnice and all doet menu cuz i love that customazation.
    I canr do it myself so could somebody help?

  117. Aqua creeper says:

    What version do i need to use this i had 1.2.1 and it has a error when i play survival when i use the crafting table and opening the inventory

  118. AgentMindStorm says:

    Perfect! My only recommendation is that you port over the controller button prompts from console edition. I think they look much nicer.

  119. Luis says:

    Es genial Bro solo que las Lastra lo arruinen

  120. ItsPotatoShock says:

    How about console crafting on this addon/resource pack?? It will be totally cool bro.

  121. Vex says:

    Great job. I will definitely use 😛

  122. ChrisGanze_YT says:

    Can you please get to 2.4.5?!?!

  123. NobakynNogame says:

    Ummm… Why are the links still in version 3.0.0 instead of 3.1?

  124. Mark says:

    This is very nice! I will definetely use this on my PC connected to the TV! Could you remove the credits on the title screen? Could you also replace the clicking sounds with the ones from the old console edition?

  125. EnderGaming says:


  126. Glitch King YT says:

    Great UI pack but it would be even more awesome if it came with the presets too xD

  127. reinhard says:

    Please Make one for MineCraft Pe 1.1.0-1.1.7 please…….

  128. 이영광 says:

    It’s so cool!

  129. ChrisGanze_YT says:

    Can you please get to 1.0?!?!

  130. CoolStarDood says:

    The Google drive link goes to medifire instead, can you fix? my pc blocks mediafire

  131. OfficialFS says:

    This is like the best! keep it up! i’ll tweet u later for suggestions

  132. Kaiden R says:

    This is an amazing idea, well done.

  133. GUEST says:

    Help, I applied this add on, but does not work please help! 🙂

  134. w3lol2000 says:

    you wrote htis instead of this by the zip installation

  135. TK-6606 says:

    Really, really good. I love it so much! One of my favourite texture packs.

  136. AdvDreemurrFr says:

    yay finally ! but can you remove the text in the main menu ? It fills the screen…

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