Vanilla Go Kart Addon

This brand new addon brought to you by the creator of addons such as The Toy Soldiers and Darth Vader. This addon is an addon that adds paintable go-karts and has a cool model!

The Vanilla Go Kart addon is an addon that adds a paintable gokart. The gokart replaces the sheep. Because of that, they spawn naturally in the normal world.

They are paintable and can be colored in 16 different colors! (Also sneak peek of an upcoming map!)

The model of the gokart, from the back and side view!

The view when you get in the gokart!

What are you waiting for? Download and have fun! -Rexiar


Have fun!


Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.13 1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16

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43 Responses

2.96 / 5 (23 votes)
  1. Guest-5068132111 says:

    It is an good addon, but i’d like it if it was a bit faster

  2. Guest-3349482118 says:

    AdFly link id corrupt. Please fix or make a new one without link shorteners.

  3. Guest-4818640824 says:

    Will there be a standalone version ever?

  4. Guest-2027842384 says:

    i cant get on the gokart i dont know why pls help!

  5. Guest-1629360413 says:

    I’m afraid to ask this. But, in a good way, it will be later a version that does’nt replace entities?
    It would be great. Anyway, good job.

  6. Guest-4049175843 says:

    The adfly link is set to require turning on notifications, which is a bit intrusive in my opinion, knowing that they could link to infected sites half the time. I can’t even get to the download without risking my laptop.

    Could you please update the link so people can download it safely?

    • Guest-4702740976 says:

      all url shorteners are virused. my virus protector goes off as soon as i enter any of them saying it stopped an attack from fake tech support domains 25.

  7. Guest-7113551246 says:


  8. Guest-2888718222 says:


  9. Guest-6409526490 says:

    Can you please fix the sitting position?I Love This Addon.also make it a bit bigger (bit longer and wide) also keys!(saddle-Texture key)also change the dye textures to spray paints just like vanilla Vehicles have!Love This Addon!

  10. Guest-4705029520 says:

    Hey you people!Stop Bullying!Doesnt Mean That replacing entities is no fun!just think that the Addon has uses like riding,colouring and things!please respect people!The Addon still looks cool!

  11. Guest-6077064114 says:

    Hey mr creator I love the addon It replaces entity but the models are good Dont listen to those stupid pothethic kids saying this addon is stupid becouse they didnt know what addons realy are Im playing Minecraft PE seens 2014 i try some addons even they replace mobs they are still very fun Keep making addons and dont listen to stupid haters

  12. Guest-2226812467 says:


  13. Guest-7779030025 says:

    Whoever Reply in this is gae

  14. Guest-9722659772 says:


  15. Guest-4882508244 says:


  16. Guest-5791408757 says:

    Boo Replacing entities is stupid

  17. Guest-7303501889 says:

    Replacing entities are oldschool and stupid

  18. Guest-6791607022 says:

    Pretty Great Addon. Love The Idea

  19. MRwoop says:

    Hi! I have to say this here as it appears you don’t really have any social medias. I enjoy this addon a lot and really want to make a map using it, but I want your permission to use it first. Once I’m done, I will credit you for the mod and link it. Thanks!

  20. Anonymous says:

    Overall, I must say this works great! The model is well made, the item sprite looks really nice, it’s easy to tell what it is. Well done! I absolutely love this mod and can’t wait to use it in the future.

  21. Idea Machine says:

    One star

  22. Guest-7336259511 says:

    Going to be stealing this, thanks for the free map!

  23. Idea Machine says:


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