Vanilla Mob Variants

Taking inspiration from Optifine’s random alternate mob textures, this resource pack brings aprox. 800 variations per mob, for over 45 mobs in the game! This is done using a combination of alternate textures, entity tinting, and model scaling to make mobs with even the same texture look slightly unique. This pack will continue to be updated with more mobs and textures as long as people show interest in it!

To reduce the amount of times the mcpedl team needs to review the changes, this mcpedl page will only be updated for major updates. For more minor updates, news, feature voting, and feedback, check out our discord:

 Current Features (as of V2.0):

For 54 of the original mobs ,each mob has:

  • New texture variants (see feature table for numbers)
  • Approx. 40 different subtle tint variations
  • Approx. 5 different height variations
  • Baby-specific variants for some mobs

A full gallery of the available variants will be coming to the discord soon – but until then, you’ll have to go out and look for all the variants yourself! 

Pack Settings:

By clicking on the pack’s gear icon in the pack selection page, you can select the kinds of texture variants that are active in the pack!

If you would like to learn more about how to customize the pack with your own textures, visit the community discord!

Trailers and Images:


Slime variants by NikoAlb and TaxingHawk:

Creeper variants by Stick Boy:

V2.0 trailer by NikoAlb:

Old V1.0 trailer:

Why a Resource Pack?

Unlike addons that use a behaviour pack, resource packs can be applied in the global resources settings and then used everywhere – server, realms, and survival worlds without disabling achievements. Just set and forget!

The only downside to this is that the mobs will randomise their texture each time they are rendered – but this could be fixed using an optional behaviour pack (if enough people want it).

Community Contributions:

Thanks to everyone who has submitted suggestions and textures in the discord! Here are the members who have had their textures included in the pack (as of V2.0):

  • D507mc
  • Stick Boy
  • TaxingHawk
  • NikoAlb
  • win epic fin
  • ProbablySoul
  • Nest

A full list of each member’s textures can be found in the credits file!

Licence and Sharing:

If you would like to share any part of this pack, you must:
  • Include a link to my github page to disclose the original source – giving credit is the least you can do.
  • Include the original licence file from this pack with any files that you use/share
  • Include a file that:
    • Lists the files/code snippets used from this pack
    • Lists any changes made to those files/code snippets
    • States that the included licence applies to the listed files

Changelog View more

Version 2.0:

  • Added support for 44 more mobs
  • Added over 400 texture variants in total
  • Added size variants
  • Changed baby variants to be "more vanilla"
  • Added the first "named variants" to test the feature


After clicking the download link, scroll down and open the "assets" menu to find the .mcpack file

This pack should work on ALL versions of bedrock (mobile, win10, and console) as long as you have a file explorer.

Open the .mcpack file with your preferred file explorer to install it onto Minecraft.

If your file browser does not let you open the file using Minecraft, rename the file extension to .zip and extract the contents into your resource packs folder.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16 1.16 (beta)



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71 Responses

4.91 / 5 (35 votes)
  1. Ziplashsivery says:

    A suggestion from me is why not add texture for earth to this texture pack there are so many different kinds of variants mob that are just recolored or re texture mob

  2. Justakid says:

    Edit: Wait, it actually said failed to import so can anyone help please.

  3. Justakid says:

    Sorry to say but Minecraft says this was an invalid pack. Can anyone help me to deal with this and also side note, part of my ipad is cracked so that’s probably a reason why it didn’t work. Nice pack by the way, hope I can use this pack soon.

  4. SupaPoopa says:

    Great textures! But there’s a thing with the wolves. When they aggro, they revert back to their original texture and then back to their current once they’re done. Hope you can find a solution !

  5. JimVersusJeb says:

    Is there a link to your discord?

  6. JustZord says:

    OMG its very very cool i can put this code on my personal faithful pack omg

  7. Bedrock Live says:

    Hi, is it possible to make a random for little chickens?

  8. Fused Bolt says:

    DUDEEE!!!!!! Seriously this is Damn Awesome! I never imagined that this could be possible through textures only. YOU HAVE MY RESPECT!

  9. xanion says:

    A huge V2.0 beta update is now released! A lot has been added, including:
    – approx. 800 variants PER MOB
    – variants for 45 of the 66 default mobs
    – size variations
    – resource pack settings to control which variants you see

    The last vote’s winner was dogs, so persistent dog breeds will be added in the next update!
    For update news and feedback, check out the pack’s discord:

  10. Wait, if these kind of things is possible, is it possible to make block variations?🧐

  11. Korote says:

    I wanted you to add skin colors, gender and clothing styles for the villagers, that would be fantastic 😉

  12. Add villagers skin and eye color randomization and fix pillagers and piglin chlotes change tint too, and the optional resource pack (it’s bad if i want all the planned features?)

  13. I haven’t thought that it was possible on bedrock, could I use the code for my texture pack later? I have big plans for it. 😉

    • xanion says:

      Hey LickePandos. As it says in the useage section, you can use the files in this pack ONLY IF you follow the licence conditions. One of those conditions is that you have to use the same licence – so other people will also be allowed to use parts of your pack if they follow the conditions.
      I am also continuing to update to code, so instead of using the code in your pack, you could just include texture files to overwrite this pack’s textures when the packs are used together.

  14. If it is possible, why not try to do ghast, like a gray or black one.

  15. null_eqn says:

    I think we need more Slam

  16. WinEpicFin says:

    What you have done here is very impressive, a little bit of feedback, I’m not sure if it could be considered a bug, but some sheep can end up looking like a different colour, for example a grey sheep could look like ether a light grey sheep or a black sheep, also I personally think a great addition would be to have varied spiders so you could change there eye colours and also have brown spiders, and also varied creeper colours could be cool too, keep up the good work 😀

  17. I think your next three should be
    Endermen with more purple tints
    Zombies that can be a bit more beige
    Creepers that blend into different environments

  18. Adt0xid says:

    love it, but to make it more vanilla baby animal has to have normal vanilla faces

    rabbits,sheeps and donkeys should be next

  19. xanion says:

    To keep track of the voting/feedback and to announce smaller pack updates, I’ve made a discord server:

    Reposting your suggestions and votes over there would be a great help. Thanks!

  20. SleeplessMrA says:

    I have a great idea.The snow golem should have a variation where it’s the admin from Story Mode 2 in his snow golem form.

  21. ShadowXX says:

    You should really make a behavior pack, because this texture pack is amazing!

  22. SleeplessMrA says:

    Any idea on how to keep emissive eyes on spiders?The materials array is intact but when spiders are invisible, only the default variant with red eyes has emissive eyes.P.S I changed the eye color of spiders,and made them have 0 opaqueness in tga format.

  23. Necrozi says:

    Make different breeds of dogs. pls (^人^)

  24. JustZord says:

    This is very good but i need block variation

  25. xanion says:

    The first update is done! I think I’ll wait for a few updates before updating the mcpedl page since it takes a while to get through the review, but the linked download page now has V1.1!
    – Slimes (VT)
    – Zombies (T)
    – Skeletons (T)
    – Piglin Brutes (T)
    – Zombiefied Piglins (T)
    From the votes, the next update will have villagers!

  26. SleeplessMrA says:

    Great pack.If anyone needs programmer art variants for personal use , they are below.Rip the textures you like from these add-ons and replace the ones in the Vanilla Mob Variants folder .
    Chicken variants from “Painted Chickens addon”
    Pig And Cow Variants from “Domestic Mobs Add-on (1.8 Only)” (link on mcpedl is dead,you can find a mirror on the internet).
    Can’t share the complete pack because it’s personal use only.

  27. Zlzbub says:

    This pack has so much potential for future updates! I’d like to see villager variations!

  28. Ash Greninja84 says:

    Could you add derpy mobs I’ve been trying to get a derpy mob texture pack for a while?

  29. FireboyPE2921 says:

    This Resource Pack Is Better Than Default Mobs You’re The Best!

  30. Hey, can you add villager color?

  31. amxicar says:

    Great great great, you should add different villagers.

  32. Moomoo_yay says:

    Yes very good also I say Minecraft earth textures

  33. xanion says:

    Well, looks like its time to start the first update! Right now the votes are:
    – Normal baby eyes: 1
    – MC earth Textures: 1
    – Endermite: 1
    – Enderman: 1
    – Slimes: 4
    – Zombies: 2
    – Skeletons: 1
    – Creepers: 1
    – Optional behaviour pack: 1
    – Spiders: 1
    – chickens: 1
    – pigs: 1
    – Name-based skins: 2
    – Wolves (+colar-based): 1

  34. This is very awesome!!! I’ve been trying to find this for a long time. Anyways, can I please use it for a modpack/addon-pack? I’ll give you credit and I will not use it for any money.

  35. Anthony Angel says:

    Is it possible to make an update to change the skins of the wolves according to the color of their collars? So making new races

  36. I vote more variant textures for Slimes, Chickens, and Pigs (probably a bit of mud on their underside, perhaps?)
    I also have an idea for nametag-driven textures, where you rename a mob and it changes it’s textures (e.g. like _jeb Sheep or Toast Rabbit) like the Transmobifier resource pack for Java. Idk if you can do that in Bedrock rn but it would be a good idea for the future. Keep up the great work!

  37. Stick Boy says:

    SPIDERS!!! Both normal and poison type, normal spiders can have more natural colors like brown and grey and other shades like that whilst cave spiders can have more extreme/unnatural colors like green or purple or blue, not to mention both could have some new patterns, would love to see black widows in the game!

  38. Stick Boy says:

    Yes do the optional pack, I wanna have a dark pet pig all the time

  39. Roxtro says:

    I vote for Zombies, Skeltons and Creepers variants pls Like Minecraft Java Edition Variants Texture Pack.
    I’ll be happy. Thanks!
    Nice Texture Pack

    • Stick Boy says:

      Like this person said, but could you make a separate pack that adds a ton of variations to zombies like that java mod that’s used for apocalyptic modpacks? If so that would be amazing and this pack is amazing! 100/10

      • xanion says:

        I’m not the best pixel artist, so coming up with a TON of textures might be a bit too much for me, but if you know a texture artist thats happy to have their pack ported to bedrock, then I could work with that.

  40. Ftere says:

    I vote for Slime 3 times.
    If you think it’s not good at all, i vote for endermite and enderman too

  41. Rol_ says:

    Wow, this is a really great resource pack!

  42. CocoTero says:

    Nice, but i want baby mobs with normal eyes and can you add the mob variants from Minecraft Earth like the Wooly Cow?

  43. FrostGamerYT says:

    This is amazing… Wow…

  44. DeadGroove says:

    yo its really cool to see stuff like this. keep up the good work

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