Vanilla Ores

This addon introduces 5 new ores which drop vanilla items and helps to spice up mining. The new ores are diamond / gold / iron chunks, blaze ore, and ender ore.

New Ores

  • Diamond Chunk
  • Iron Chunk
  • Gold Chunk
  • Blaze Ore
  • Ender Ore

The chunks drop 2-3 nuggets which can be crafted into ingots, the blaze ore drops 2-3 blaze powder, and the ender ore drops 1 ender pearl. These items can help speed up the mining process and make it easier to collect the items necessary to defeat the ender dragon.

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+ Updated to work in 1.16, still requires experimental mode


Enable Experimental Mode


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12 Responses

4 / 5 (3 votes)
  1. New Hydroquake Vortex says:

    This addon is great! A couple of things to improve though: Ender Ore and Diamond Chunk ore are really hard to find, I found a stack of diamonds before finding any of these. Also I think Blaze Ore spwans a little too frequently. Besides that, this is pretty good!

  2. Guest-7790991596 says:

    The diamond nugget doesn’t exist

  3. Guest-8895869300 says:

    Os minérios estão aparecendo na versão mais recente?

  4. Guest-1122247136 says:

    it was super good but I hate minecraft delete this NOWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      then why are you commenting if you dont like minecraft anymore? this is for other people and not only you before, u want to take the addon down? its not part of minecraft, its and ” ADD – ON ” it means adding more features

  5. Guest-2093629206 says:

    It’s not necessary

  6. Asphyviaa says:

    3x more xp*

  7. Guest-8551792803 says:

    Hate to be that guy, but technically its not vanilla

  8. Guest-8500890327 says:

    Does this need Experimental Gameplay by any chance??

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