Vanilla | PVP PACK

Vanilla | PVP PACK

You are a lover of vanilla and PVP textures because this is your package with vanilla and pvp styles together as changes in particles or minerals or weapons, totems, bows and more

this pack is a project that maybe you could love it also has a beautiful and lively sky that you might like in strong fights

Also the damage particles were changed to brighter and more colorful ones [note: the particles are only seen when you hurt yourself or when you hit a player not on animals]

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Y4H1RX 11



RPS Studio#1356




These are the things that it has, you can see that it does not have much change but you can tell me what to add or modify and more also you can tell me to add new particles or something like that you can tell me in the comments here or on my twitter and discord

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Guide how to install it

1 - Choose which one you want to download the version of supports the creator or direct link

2 - download the file [In linkvertise, wait 10 seconds and then you have to see the ads that are there, then you have to continue and you have to go to the download link] 

3 - open the file you downloaded then start minecraft and enjoy the package


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16 1.16.100



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  1. PrinceMJ says:

    Oh My God I’m In love With This Pack Good Job RPS Studio!, Your Packs Are Awesome Good Luck Guys 😀

  2. ZekeGaming07 says:

    Great Pack Btw!! May i know why it is 8.75 mb in total? Does it have extra features?

  3. Great Pack! Keep up the good work ^-^

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