Vanilla Raytraced

Vanilla Raytraced add PBR* resources to Minecraft.
It provides reflections, roughness, emissive light to your world with the same original look of Minecraft, but in better.

This resource pack only works on NVIDIA RTX cards and on Minecraft Bedrock Windows 10 Edition (RTX Beta Branch).

Vanilla Raytraced’s Github

Official website for Vanilla Raytraced

• Compatible addon:
Mirror Addons for Vanilla Raytraced

Clean Glass Addons for Vanilla Raytraced

• Questions and Answers
Q: From who are the normals map textures ?*
A: Most of the normal maps textures are from a Java Edition pack called “Vanilla-Normals-Renewed-1.12” by Poudingue.
Q: Will the texture pack be updated to newer version ?
A: Of course I will, by the way, if you want to support me you can donate on paypal.


*PBR = Physically Based Renderer


RTX ON                         RTX OFF

I hope that these comparisons will have convinced you 😀

Changelog View more

You want to see the full changelog for Vanilla Ratraced 0.4.
If you report a problem, open an issue issue.

New 1.16 Textures

    Crimson Hyphae
    Crimson Stem
    Stripped Crimson Hyphae
    Stripped Crimson Stem
    Crimson Planks (+Stair / Slab / Fence / Fence Gate / Door / Trapdoor / button / Pressure Plate / Sign)
    Warped Hyphae
    Warped Stem
    Stripped Warped Hyphae
    Stripped Warped Stem
    Warped Planks (+Stair / Slab / Fence / Fence Gate / Door / Trapdoor / button / Pressure Plate / Sign)
    Nether Wart Block
    Warped Wart Block
    Crimson Nylium
    Warped Nylium
    Cracked Nether Bricks
    Chiselled Nether Bricks
    Blackstone (+ Stair / Slab / Wall)
    Polished Blackstone (+ Stair / Slab / Wall / Button / Pressure Plate)
    Polished Blackstone Bricks (+ Stair / Slab / Wall)
    Cracked Polished Blackstone Bricks
    Chiselled Polished Blackstone
    Gilded Blackstone
    Polished Basalt
    Soul Sand
    Soul Soil
    Ancient Debris
    Block of Netherite
    Red Nether Bricks (+ Stairs / Walls / Slabs)
    Nether Gold Ore
    Crying Obsidian (I love this block during the night time)
    Magma Block
    Crimson Fungus
    Warped Fungus
    Warped Roots
    Quartz Bricks (Yeah they added this textures and didn't know about)
    Respawn Anchor (And also the 4 states possibles)
    Soul Campfire
    Soul Lantern
    Soul Torche
    Soul Fire

Textures from the previous version of Minecraft that were not added before

    Sea Pickle (Nobody cares but me lol)
    Crafting Table
    Anvil (+ Slightly Damaged Anvil / Very Damaged Anvil)
    Dragon Egg
    Bell (the stands work but not the bell itself, NVIDIA, pls fix)

Fixed textures

    Stone (to match Ores in general)
    Sea Lantern
    Diamond Block (It no longer emits light)
    The Eye of Ender now emits light when placed in a End Portal

UI Improvement (Big Thanks to Evan who coded everything for this UI)

    The 'Vanilla Raytraced' Button in the main menu is totaly revamped :
    The menu in 'Vanilla Raytraced' Has been updated to a new one, now official intalled addons will appear in the side-menu :
    Added French language :
    The logo of the pack is harmonized with those of the addons (color / vibrance)

You can see the full changelog for Vanilla Ratraced 0.4 here :

If you report a problem, open an issue here :

Changed Vanilla Raytraced presentation, with a slightly more accurate one.

1.16 Version of Vanilla Raytraced is comming soon.

Trailers are also comming soon, it's taking time because im DAIN-ing and upscaling my footage with AI (this process is extremely long).

Removed Herobrine


How to install:

Download the Vanilla Raytraced on github.

Open the .mcpack file.

Wait until the game start and tell you "Import Started".

Once done, the resource pack is in the setting, in the tab "Global resources".

Want to upgrade from an old version ?

Go to the settings in the main menu and go to 'storage', unfold 'Resources Packs' and delete the previous one. Then open/execute the newer version .mcpack.

Don't have the RTX Beta ?

Go to Microsoft Store and search for the app "Xbow Insider Hub' and download it.

Open Xbox Insider Hub and click on 'Insider content'.

Select Minecraft for Windows 10 and add the RTX Branch.

You should get an update on "Microsoft Store" or may re-install the game.

You have the RTX beta but you don't have any RTX GPU ?

Unfortunatly, there is no way to bypass it, you'll need to buy one...

but, you can play within the RTX beta branch with RTX disabled ! (omg)


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16 (beta) RTX Beta



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76 Responses

4.07 / 5 (14 votes)
  1. naahsiiopp says:

    This is an amazing pack, I’ve been using it with my 2070 and i have barely and performance issues. I hope it does even better with a 3080 i should be getting soon.

  2. 5T4RR says:

    latest update broke some textures and lava doesnt emit light anymore with this pack. looking forward to an update



  4. RookiePaw says:

    5 stars because I love how the images look, and when I have access to RTX on the PS5, I will be using this pack. Also using this rating to combat the naysayers complaining that they’re on mobile.

    • MazeWave says:

      Thanks, i wonder how you would install those textures pack on PS5 / Xbox Series X (im not a console player) because idk if you can download third party textures pack such as mine (like are blocked on the marketplace of minecraft ?)

  5. Steeeeve says:

    Ok, thanks for letting me know, have a great day working on your projects! 🙂

  6. Steeeeve says:

    You’re a great guy @MazeWave, keep working through man!

    • MazeWave says:

      Thanks you Steeeeve for your support ! For the 3D textures, if you talked about real 3D models, it will be so much laggy but if it was about Height maps / Bump maps / Displacement maps NVIDIA doesn’t support it yet… For the moment, it’s only useful to add contact shadow to block, one of the best example is Vanilla RTX by Ninicator, he uses those maps, but it’s also a different approach of how ‘Vanilla’ should look like.

  7. Steeeeve says:

    And also ignore the people sending nasty feedback because they’re absolute idiots, just focus on what matters more to you and never give up your dreams. 🙂

  8. Steeeeve says:

    Hey Maze, I love how you Improved some of the Features of RTX, it looks way bettter compared to the actual footage on the RTX Beta. And Maze, I think there’s a way to Improve the PBR, you need to make the textures more dynamic and 3D then that’s where the real PBR comes in. It’s just a suggestion though so it’s up to you if you want to do that. And don’t listen to xXMINECRAFTMASTER69Xx, he’s a dumbass and he’s a nasty dickhead to most people.

  9. dimitriusfilms162 says:

    I thought it wasn’t going to be a raytraced shader, but it was… I expected it to be the textures from RTX as a resourcepack, but NO. DAMN IT!!!! D:(

  10. Gxld says:

    So, it is a very well made shader for windows players, or mobile players that use the nvidia gaming tablet. It is very nice, and isnt as laggy as the rtx shader. but one thing is that the nether looks SUPER weird. The blocks kinda blend into a weird staticky looking wall. Also, the lighting when there is a block above and infrot/to the side of a block does not blend at all. other than that, it is AMAZING.

    • Gxld says:

      those mobile players who just saw the nvidia gaming tablet, sorry to break it to you, but they are no longer as the product has been discontinued

    • MazeWave says:

      Thanks you, about getting this on NVIDIA Shield Tablet (I have one but the battery is almost dead) You can’t have RTX Minecraft on it or on any mobiles / tab for now, the technology behind that requires a lot of power than even consoles can’t run it at high framerate. About the blending of block, idk x) Sorryyyyyyyyyyy

  11. Sarge1893 says:

    Why the hell can’t there be anything fancy for these crappy iPhones?

  12. MazeWave says:

    So, we achieved more than 2 000 Downloads here is the update for 1.16. You can already download it from my github :

  13. PrestigePlayz says:

    Hello, can this RTX work on mobile with a 3 GB RAM?

  14. LAgamer says:

    heres a much better way to get minecraft rtx like graphics on a windows 10 computer without an rtx graphic card:

    1: download minecraft java edition
    2:download and install optifine 1.14.4
    3:download BSL shaders
    4:download hardtop vanillaccurate texture pack for minecraft java
    5: apply both the shader and texture pack
    6: use

    going through this whole process is better then having to buy a new pc with rtx grahics card and getting minecraft rtx beta.

    • MazeWave says:

      I often use this shader on Java Edition because im playing both versions but your comment is still inappropriate. First it’s not a shader it’s a resources pack compatible with if you want to tell it ‘RTX Shader’. But for now, java’s shaders who provides realism like SEUS PTGI are very power consuming to any PC. Okay it’s compatible with most NVIDIA card but ou don’t have the best experrience possible than the ‘RTX sharder’ which is optimised for that.

    • IBLESKIM says:

      who said that you need a new pc you can just swap out you gpu and keep the rest

      • Kmac698303 says:

        Hello. I’ve been trying to get an RTX texture on my phone. I’ve been downloading some. But it’s still in the default texture. Does this texture work with android or do I need RTX to use it can you explain?

  15. MazeWave says:

    press F for xXMINECRAFTMASTER69Xx who got banned here x)

  16. Zeval Pahlevi says:

    what happen when i try use it with intel graphic card? (i ask because i don’t want try it, maybe my world broken)

  17. I just gotta say one thing: I blame Mojang for collaborating with Nvidia GeForce for cancelling the Super Duper Graphics Pack since it was literally compatible with mobile devices. RTX isn’t which makes sense. What makes no sense is why did they cancel the Super Duper Graphics Pack… 😭😭😭

    • MazeWave says:

      I know it’s kinda bad that’s Super Duper graphics has been cancelled because of NVIDIA collaboration, but this certainly because of terrible things named “marketing” and “business”. Mojnag may have been paid a lot for this…

  18. SantiCraftSC says:

    xXMINECRAFTMASTER69Xx lol a rat child of mobiles who wants everything to run on his pixi

  19. Looks cool! I’ve really gotten used to Nicinator’s vanillla RTX pack, but I’ll give this a try as well. Looks impressive!

  20. 2rc3mijehtgcryjehawe says:

    Can you make it 1.16

  21. MazeWave says:

    Yo already more than 700 downloads on the github that’s totally unexpected for me x)
    Thanks all <3 (expect who thinks this is a shader or a pack for mobile)

  22. blablajsjdbd says:

    im just here to check stupid mcpe players downloading and complaining about this.Also whats the diff of your raytracing to others

    • MazeWave says:

      One difference between my pack and the one from Nicinator’s Vanilla RTX is ore. On Vanilla RTX, ore reflect the environment, but for me, ore emits lights. But the main difference is that I use normal maps instead of height map.

  23. Why still post this to this website? Nicinator already has his own Vanilla RTX Texture Pack here… It really makes me wanna hate Mojang even more because of them collaborating with Nvidia GeForce and cancelling the Super Duper Graphics Pack… 😭😭

  24. This looks really nice! But, what makes this texture pack different from the normal ray tracing?

  25. MazeWave says:

    You pack is very cool tho, I like it <3. In fact I started mine in like February, but I was a newbie and just the fact to add capabilities:"raytraced" was too difficult to me xD

  26. Nicinator says:

    Have you realized that I already made (almost) exactly the same pack a few months ago?

  27. Okpotatoes says:

    Lol I tried this on my iPad and nothing happened but my world just lagged a lot

  28. XAndresXGG says:

    Does anyone know if it works for cell phones?
    There it says that it supports it but in the post it says that it is for win 10

  29. SKA says:

    That’s boring.
    And nice:
    Supports for xbox series x and PS5

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