Vanilla Traps (v. 2.1)

This add-on is inspired by the mod Trapcraft for Minecraft Java.

Vanilla Traps is an add-on that adds new items and blocks for the elaboration of more advanced traps within the world of Minecraft. These traps can be used to catch mobs and players.

This Add-on adds the following items:

Fake grass

(3 tall grass, 3 sticks)

  1. The fake grass has the characteristic that, upon detecting a mob, player or item above it, the block will break
  2. If there is nothing underneath the block, what is above may be damaged by falling
  3. By crafting the block you will have 3 of these

Igniter block

(5 cobblestone, 3 netherrack, 1 redstone)

  1. This block has the characteristic that, when a mob, entity or object falls on top of the block, a fire will appear that will not go out until there is nothing above

Soul igniter

(5 cobblestone, 3 soul soil, 1 redstone)

  1. This block is similar to the igniter. When a mob, player, or item is on top of the block, this block will create the new soul fire, which deals twice as much damage as normal fire. 

Fan block

(4 planks, 4 cobblestone, 1 redstone)

  1. This block has the characteristic that, when a mob or player stands on the block, they will begin to levitate until they move away from the block.
  2. A characteristic of this block is that, depending on the height you are in, the levitation effect will be affected (This only covers up to 5 blocks tall).


(4 iron ingots, 4 sticks, 1 redstone)

  1. The Holo-Spikes are an item that will allow you to place the normal spikes. To place these holo-spikes what you have to do is use the item (as if you were consuming it), this will make spikes appear 
  2. When these spikes are placed you will have other different colored spikes in the inventory, all you have to do is give the Place option (in win10 is left click) and will place the spikes

Features of the Spikes:

  • Make 4 damage
  • withstands 10 blows with the normal hand
  • Can’t be moved

Here’s a small video about the block’s

Other features

To get the items you can use the command /give @p tramp:[object]

This Add-on has traduced in the next languages:

  • English (usa)
  • Español (España)
  • Español(México)
  • Português (Portugal)
  • Português (Brasil)

New features:

  • Now, the add-on have compatibility with the 1.14
  • The version for 1.14 does not include soul igniter

V. 2.0

New traps

Electric trap

  • If you you step on this block will release an electric shock that will give you instant damage
  • If a creeper step on this block, you will drop a lightning bolt making it a charged creeper
  • Recipe:
  • This block, once stepped on, will lose energy and you will have to recharge it with redstone


  • If a entity step on this block, you will get slowness from 5 seconds
  • Recipe:

Poison spikes

  • these spikes do the same damage as normal pikes, only they poison what they touch for 5 seconds
  • are placed using the holo-spikes
  • Recipe:

Fan with levels

  • Now, the fan has different levels which you can per the spotlights on one of the faces of the fan. Can reach level 3 power
  • To enhance the you need reds

Another things:

  • Now, the fake grass drop sticks (1-3 sticks)
  • The top of the fan has a new texture
  • The igniter and soul igniter has been re-textured

Video of vanilla traps (English)

Video de vanilla traps (Español)

Future changes:

  • Add bear traps
  • Add trap detector

Changelog View more

Added 2 videos about the add-on

Correct the download link name of the

Fixed the next bugs:

  • The fan stage 2 and stage 3 appear again
  • The froster trap now give slowness from 5 seconds
  • The soul igniter now pulls out blue fire

Now, the addons has been adapted to the last beatas of the 1.16 of Minecraft

  • now the download text has been changed
  • The add-on works before of the beta

3 new traps has been added

Now the fan it has different levels

Some blocks has been re-textured

Updated from the version 2.0

Updated the description to the addon

Uploaded the files to the MCPEDL app

Added better description and download texts

Add the versions compatible with the addon

now a version for 1.14 has been added.

In the version for 1.14 there is no soul igniter

  • Now, the description of the add-on is more detailed
  • The summary of the Add-on has been changedThe short description of the Add-on has been changed

Added better images in the post.

Fixed some minor bugs

Added a better description.

Now the add-on has called by: Vanilla tramps

The Add-ons has been recalled by the name Uriel's tramps

Now the Add-on gives the credits to the original user of the trampcraft mod

Make more detailed description

Added download to the mcpedl app

Added a demostration video about the new blocks of the addon


  • The download does not send to shortcuts
  • Add-on does not use MediaFire for download
  • You need the beta 1.16 to works good the add-on
  • You can download the version to the 1.14 (don't include the soul igniter)
  • If you make a Review of my Add-on leave the link to this page
  • The 1.16 download works from the 1.15


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16

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87 Responses

4.13 / 5 (30 votes)
  1. Guest-9958903838 says:

    The soul igniter is not igniting the soul fire

  2. Guest-4325149544 says:

    Add lateral igniter, block destroyer lateral fans, block placer.
    (I am ftere)

  3. Dip says:

    This addon is impressive!, tried using this on a village raid, it seems to fend them off and gives more villagers time to escape, good job on making this Addon!

  4. Guest-1519685402 says:

    Can u do a zip link?
    I can’t run the addon with this mcaddon links.

  5. Guest-1519685402 says:

    Can u do a zip link?
    I can’t run the addon with this mcaddon links

  6. Guest-8232392345 says:

    Hey pls update it to 1.16.63 because I want to use it plsss

  7. Guest-7485270077 says:

    This is amazing for me and friends to make trap things thx

  8. Guest-5252825629 says:

    Para la beta nether update no está andando bien el addon. Inclusive active juego experimental y nada.

  9. Guest-2022795414 says:

    Hey can I use your addon for something that I am going to use on my survival world because the addons that I am going to use is Vanilla Tweaks, Realight, Fast-o Miner, and Your Vanilla Traps addon.

    • XYZGAMING123 says:

      Because I am going to combine this 4 addon this includes your addon.

    • yes, but my Add-on would have to be first for them to work. you can also put in a repeat command block / function tramps to make them work, only you won’t be able to use spikes

      • XYZGAMING123 says:

        Ok, thank you for your approval
        And btw I am going to combine all of the codes of the 4 addons that I am going to use.

  10. Guest-2230834938 says:

    When will the bear traps and trap detector will be added in this add-on?

  11. Guest-5432115138 says:

    Hey pls I really the add-on but it’s not working in 1.16.58 pls fix it

  12. Guest-5677464227 says:

    Does this work on beta?

  13. Hello, for those who have had a problem with the version for onwards, an update is coming out to fix those errors, just be patients

  14. Guest-5201333385 says:

    For sure this addon will be forgotten if it is not updated to work in the future versions.

  15. Guest-9199162888 says:

    Hey, can you make a version of this addon that uses entities instead of blocks(you could utilize commands to detect something so you don’t have to edit vanilla mob files(except the player because oftentimes that is necessary)). To make them solid you can use the “minecraft:stackable” component.

  16. Guest-4328168211 says:

    I hate this add-on! Worst add-on ever it’s not working in 1.16.57 even I on experimental gameplay

  17. Guest-2184548065 says:

    Please, you can make the fans detect when the player is on the block and not higher, and levitate for a few seconds (I speak Spanish, sorry for the orthography)

    • Es algo que estoy haciendo, estoy primero experimentando como implementarlo con una mecánica para otro Add-on y si sale bien para la siguiente actualización saldrá mejor esta mecánica

  18. Guest-1048334567 says:

    Didnt want to be that guy but the spikes traps are the only ones that work

  19. Guest-3532894868 says:

    Can We Have A .Zip Download Too?

  20. Guest-9821522668 says:

    Love The Addon! =D
    Also Can You Add Ghost Blocks That Take The Form Of The Block They Are Placed Ontop Of?

  21. Guest-9292668248 says:

    Please add a bounce trap that only make you levitate when you touch it.

  22. Guest-3181426803 says:

    Doesn’t work. You should check it again, none of the blocks exist.

  23. Guest-8483151202 says:

    Can you make the spike a block please? I hate entities.

  24. Guest-3945367657 says:

    i am in beta but it doesn’t work even if i turn on experimental game play.i only get holospikes and the other spikes which don’t function correctly

  25. Guest-6162546907 says:

    I think it fails to work in the current 1.16

  26. DangHuan says:

    You can add dynamic textures on the fan block.

  27. Guest-7903410830 says:

    CAN you make it on iOS pocket edition plz.

  28. Guest-3607154780 says:

    Amazing Add-on!!!

  29. Guest-9397009888 says:

    why don’t add a bait for animals

  30. Guest-4467726329 says:

    I am in the 1.14 and i have the soul igner

  31. Guest-3000885273 says:

    Doesn’t work correctly in pocket edition.

  32. Guest-9564320407 says:

    Esta bien el complemento y me gustaría saber para que sirven los ventiladores y este complemento se siguira actualizando a y por ultimo podria ser la textura de el pasto falso como mas parecido a el bloque de tierra normal bueno si lees estoy gracias

    • 1: los ventiladores más que una trampa pueden usarse como elevador, pero con la próxima actualización que le haré al Add-on serán más letales
      2: el Add-on de seguirá actualizando, como leíste en el primer comentario se van ha poder hacer que las trampas sean más mortales
      3: Estoy tratando de hacer que la textura del pasto cambie dependiendo del bioma donde se encuentre.
      Espero y te guste este mod

  33. Guest-3166341335 says:

    Bad cannot be used on pocket but good concept

  34. Guest-6878897603 says:

    Could you add fan blocks that work sideways

  35. chinaklp says:

    Can I translate it into Chinese and move it to the Chinese website?

  36. chinaklp says:

    Can I translate it into Chinese and move it to the Chinese website

  37. When I try out the Addon on 1.14 full release, all of the blocks and spikes don’t work, but the recipes work!

  38. Guest-5558199774 says:

    It dosent work

  39. Guest-5629686494 says:

    It dosent work

  40. Unknownman21229 says:

    How do you craft the spikes?

  41. Guest-2987397970 says:

    Thx this is a great mod

  42. Guest-5675190635 says:

    Oie este como estas as comido bien?

  43. Guest-4008191224 says:

    Make it for 1.14 plz

  44. MatimadafakaMDFK says:

    Oye una pregunta, por qué solo se puede en la 1.16 beta? Preferiría que estuviera en la 1.14 dónde la mayoría de los addons funcionan.

  45. Guest-2307549024 says:

    Can you authorize me to reprint this Addons to the Chinese Minecraft.What I need is business authorization.

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