Vanilla Tweaks: Commanded

Minecraft’s textures have a few oddballs, inconsistencies, and quirks. This pack aims to iron out those wrinkles for a more decorated playing experience. Suggestions are welcome and will be considered for future updates.

-Acacia blocks are now light blue

-Jungle blocks are now moss green

-Birch trees and saplings have orange leaves

-Crafting table is lighter

-Sticks have leaves

-Bows have an indicator

-Iron is steel-colored

-Diamond armor is fancier

-Gold helmet is now a crown

-Armor stands are baseless

-Sun has spikes (clouds not included)

-Armor bar now has shields

-Health bar now has a colored background (demonstrated with wither)

-Blocks fade to black while breaking (not shown)

Changelog View more

-Added info on breaking animation

-Changed thumbnail per MCPEDL regulations



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4 Responses

3.67 / 5 (3 votes)
  1. Guest-3717221368 says:

    hey I can’t download it pls fix

  2. Guest-7976301469 says:

    Cool pack, but at least credit the name of your pack to Xisumavoid

  3. The acacia change is not welcomed by me.It doesn’t fit and will be replaced by warped stems in the nether update.I suggest adding a leaf to the apple.And about the inconsistencies- plz fix the ender frame, ender eye/pearl and ender eye in the frame to be purple.

  4. Guest-8571556292 says:

    It won’t work for me. Says “invalid zip archive”

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