Vanilla Tweaks PE (v1.3)

This Addon allows you to modify or enhance your vanilla minecraft survival experience without changing too much. Like two shulker shells for every shulker, multiplayer sleep, and more.


This pack is not ported from the original Vanilla Tweaks by Xisumavoid

so sorry if I could not Implement the same exact features. If you want more features feel free to comment down below what you want to see in the next update.


-One Player Multiplayer Sleeping System (Hermitcraft Fans does this remind you somethin?)

-Shulkers always drop 2 shulker shells (looting does not affect the drop rate)

-Ender Dragon now drop its head when killed.

-Enderman now don’t place blocks or remove blocks. (Hmmm I don’t know how to illustrate this)

-Totem of Undying now doesn’t take up much screen space

-Lower Shield 

-Modified sides of Grass, Podzol, Mycelium, Snowed Grass

-Slimy sticky piston sides

-Rounded top texture of logs

-Removed the text that appears when a player sleep in multiplayer. (Sorta)


-Dragon now drops Elytra

-Removed Vignette when in low Y-level

-Circular Sun and Moon

-Cleaner Dyed Leather Armor

-Better View when wearing pumpkin



-Looting now affects shulker drops. (Messed up the Previous one)

New Features

-Villagers are now less annoying to move using emerald (Under Optional Features in Behavior Pack Settings)

-Removed pumpkin blur (Under Optional Feature in resources pack settings)

-Invisible Item Frames (Under Optional Feature in resource pack settings)

-Removed Charcoal on campfire logs when campfire is off.(Under optional feature in resource pack settings)

-Wither hearts are now black

-Removed some top parts of scaffolding

-Smaller Mobspell Effect Particle

-AFK Player Display (Every score represents 5 mins of afk time)

-Smaller Rain Water

-Despawning System (Under Despawn Feature in Behavior Pack settings, Multiplayer supported)

•All Hostile and Passive Mobs will be despawned 54-128 blocks away from the nearest player.

•Mobs will not be despawned unless:

▪︎Passive Mobs:

If it has gone 5 blocks near the player

Name Tagged

▪︎Hostile Mobs:

Name Tagged

Note: Wither, Ender Dragon, Evoker, Vindicator, Bees, Golems, Elder Guardian, Villagers, Wandering Trader are not despawnable.

How to activate achievements to your survival world with this addon (Android)

Install this app:

– Open the app

-Choose your world

-Press the arrow thats pointing to the right

-Swipe from the left of your screen to the right

-Click World NBT

-Scroll down

-Find this one and press the check

-Press the Save button

-Open your world in minecraft and Start playing with the addon.

Remember: Dont fiddle other things in the world nbt data it might corrupt your world if you do not know what you’re doing.


Do not distribute using other links just provide the link here in

Changelog View more

Bug Fixes

New Features              

New Features

Added a link if you only want the sleep system

Some bug fixes



Supported Minecraft versions


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103 Responses

4.63 / 5 (38 votes)
  1. Guest-5868185586 says:

    I would love if there was a mob head add on to this as I want to collect all the mob heads in the game but everything is really good

  2. Guest-7484757335 says:

    Is there a way that you could make it so that we could add the behavior packs and keep achievements through windows 10? If not ,that’s fine, the aesthetic packs are amazing and ill definitely be using them, but I run a realm and would love for us to use the multiplayer sleep. Thank you so much1

    • The behavior pack with achievement has been patched without me noticing it. The sleep system I think wouldnt work yet on realms due to a bug but in 1.16 it will get patched. Thanks for Gladly Liking the pack, update to this pack will arrive as soon as 1.16 releases for a more stable version.

  3. Guest-5379505686 says:

    I have found a bug. Looting 3 affects shulker drop rates and /gamerule sendcommandfeedback doesn’t work when this add-on is installed in the world. Also i suggest adding more texture to hoppers to make it easier to see as well as add different coloured stems for pumpkin and melons. Maybe add redstone wires that tell it’s signal strength as well.
    Love this pack one of my favourites

    • Tnx for the feedback…
      The sendcommandfeedback is set to false to prevent the spams of text in the chat when playing in survival. Also the hoppers, pumpkin, and melon stems is already in development expect and update to this pack as soon as 1.16 arrives 😉

  4. Guest-3497719185 says:

    Hey can I use your addon for something that I am going to use on my survival world because the addons that I am going to use is Vanilla Traps, Fast-o Miner, and Your Vanilla Tweaks addon.

  5. Guest-1511100137 says:

    The hasbeenloaded in creative doesnt work, once you open the world, the nbt will just enable the nbt, it would not work, ive tried this alot and it really doesnt work☹

  6. Guest-5095639099 says:

    Nice tweaks!.
    I’d like to add only the textures not the mob behavior, like better rain,circular sun and moon etc.
    Do I install only the resource pack?

  7. Guest-7506362130 says:

    You forgot the arrow on the hoppers.

  8. Guest-7034728356 says:

    How do i enable and disable the optional features in IOS?

  9. Guest-5380499751 says:

    So I’ve been trying to use a tree capacitor addon that takes down your whole tree when you mine a block and I’ve tried a few different ones but none of them seem to work when I have this behavior pack installed. Anything I can do to make it work?

    • I haven’t looked at the codes of other creator’s addon to make their’s work whilst using mine. It might have two conflicting animation controllers between those two addons which results to one not working. In short nothing I can do about it just thought that you could use the information.

  10. Guest-5521502557 says:

    fully working on my world, but is not working on my realm, especially the villager is not attracted to emerald. Can u do something please

  11. Guest-2315133176 says:

    I have one more request, is there any way that you could try to add craftable Enchanted/Notch Apples back? I’ve searched for a week now for one that allows for this feature back, though none have worked. Thank you!

  12. Guest-7992146141 says:

    Thank you so much for creating this wonderful texture pack/add on!! I hope you keep updating this texture pack. I have given you a lot of credits. lol

  13. Guest-3062490937 says:

    Could you add lower fire effects when in lava or on fire? That would be amazing!

  14. Guest-9182206763 says:

    Is it possible to remove the AFK from the list? I want to use that for a money scoreboard but can’t with this add-on on

  15. Guest-8481585106 says:

    My dragon didn’t drop any elytra or a head. Anything I can do about this?

  16. Guest-4514605588 says:

    Bro this is the best resource/behavior Pack ever!! Keep up the good work. ;D

  17. Guest-1222277749 says:

    This is amazing and is exactly what I have been looking for thank you for making this!

    The only thing I wish you did not have to have an android phone to be able to keep achievements, but that is a small wish everything you did is great!

  18. Anonymous says:

    Once 1.16 is fully released on bedrock, the despawn system will be removed because it will be implemented in the game. Known bugs will be removed for better gameplay experience, change texture of sticky piston because I imported the wrong one, some optional features will be added. If custom block shapes is fixed in 1.16 I might add mob heads. (Player heads is impossible in bedrock but if implemented in 1.16 I will surely include it.)

    If theres some issues please comment below so I can fix it in the next update.

  19. Guest-7541285627 says:

    How do you activate the optional features? Do you just move the .json files into another folder? I want to make the despawning only on hostile mobs I believe, thanks!

    • In-game, activate the behavior pack and once activated click on the behavior pack and you should see a cog icon click on it and put the slider on the corresponding feature.

  20. Guest-2796304001 says:

    You need to download ZArchiver to properly extract the .mcaddon file. Also, you forgot the hopper with arrows. Combine this with Bedrocktimize and you’ll just end up with an experience that is very smooth and very similar to some hermits that use Vanilla Tweaks and Optifine.

  21. Guest-6125601008 says:

    I’ll wait for all the parity features to be implemented. (obtainable mob heads)

  22. Guest-7039636975 says:

    One Player sleep system not working for me. I am on 1.14.0.

  23. Guest-3238036727 says:

    Good Mods, works well in 1.16 beta except Villager bait with emerald 😀

  24. Guest-4881701947 says:

    You could change the color of the rain, make it more… Transparent, I guess. Well, if it’s possible haha
    It’s a very good add-on, even with the limitations of bedrock. Lov your job

  25. Guest-9789519619 says:

    Could you add ore mob heads pls.

  26. Guest-7299622899 says:

    Did you get this from Xisuma on Hermitcraft?
    It’s AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Guest-5685573592 says:

    Hey do you plan on doing the thing where mobs drop their head ?

  28. Guest-8658686749 says:

    the easier villager following system is not working on me im playing 1.16

  29. Catomax26 says:

    Also can You put that the scaffoldings that are placed in the air have the top part (doesn’t have hole)

  30. Guest-5701047373 says:

    I love it hum

  31. Tal Melamed says:

    You took my texture of the side of the sticky piston even without a credit.

  32. If you experience issues on the despawning system kindly tell it here so I could fix it on the next update. ✌

  33. Guest-9058904973 says:

    Uhh ok, great addon! (Not lying)

  34. adoxgirl says:

    Strengthen zombie villagers!!!

  35. Guest-7346704213 says:

    Holaa me gustó mucho,me gustaría que mejoren sobre la pesca que sea más sencilla y no tan aburrida si 🙁

  36. Guest-7688555566 says:

    how did you make the shield lower

  37. Onecoronet 83491 says:

    Can you play this in multiplayer?

  38. DTechGamer says:

    Can you give me a download link to download the better pumpkin view feature separately on the add-on? Please.

  39. Guest-9749718429 says:

    I just added this addon to my game, and I opened my world and when I tried to use cheat /locate village or /locate mineshaft, etc. The coordinates don’t appear … can you help me? I deleted this addon from my world but it still doesn’t work. I really appreciate your help! Thank!

  40. Guest-5745779499 says:

    THANK YOU!!! This was exactly what I am look for keep it up!

  41. Guest-4011157144 says:

    Hermitcraft Data Packs pls
    More mob heads
    Elytra ( Dragon Killed)

  42. Guest-6273718063 says:

    Please make a resource pak for just the side!

  43. r4isen1920 says:

    Strange. How did you achieve the part creating the ‘animation_controllers’ for this add-on?

    I hate to judge anyone yet, but I can let you use the work inside my add-ons, just tell me and/or give credits atleast as I would appreciate it. It is not really a big deal for me but atleast do not make it obvious, and try to learn from it, and not copy it.

    • I read about the animation controllers documentation on the default behavior pack and I found something interesting about the the queries. Right before I saw yours cuz this got delayed cuz I didnt have a proper featured image. If you think its copied its fine. But to make it even in the next update of this pack I will link your addon if others just want the one player sleeping system like the guy below thiz comment👍

      • Anonymous says:

        Okay, I would appreciate if you link it regardless. 😁

        Oh, and by the way, don’t be shy. Just contact me on Twitter if you need any more help.

      • Guest-2719287785 says:

        Love this but does anyone know of a texture pack that shrinks size of totem?

    • Also I already learned a little from other addons that implements the animation controller feature. I was going to add the feature on one of my old addon “Minecraft Block morphs” but that time when it was new I didnt quite understand it so I did the long way around on that addon.

  44. Guest-6359887053 says:

    How can I just use a one player sleeping system without the shulkers, endermans and dragon?

    • Just download the behavior pack import go to behavior pack directory depending on your device remove loot_tables then go to entities folder remove dragon.json and enderman.json and thats it

  45. Guest-1060390384 says:

    Make it so other players and mobs can drop their head if you can

  46. Guest-3474013683 says:

    Hey could you clarify on how to use the addon with achievements enabled? I’ve already installed the app, but when I do the steps it tells me that the achievements are disabled.

  47. SukMasu says:

    It`s addon so cool

  48. Guest-1424506267 says:

    So This is basically the hermitcraft datapacks but in bedrock edition

  49. Guest-3460968064 says:

    Dragon Drops Elytra !!!

  50. Guest-1334010409 says:

    This so cool!

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