Vanilla+ Weapons Add-on [1.12+]

This addon adds a total of 25 new weapons to your game, 5 for each material!

There are the swift-striking dagger and katana, which give you a burst of speed when wielding them. Then there are the sais, which, although they have a low resource cost, still pack a punch! Finally, there are the scythes and battleaxes, which are heavy, but are EXTREMELY powerful!

First off, the Daggers. Their attack damage is half that of a traditional sword of its type. While holding one of these, you will have Speed 2! (and not as a potion effect)

Second, the Sais. Their attack damage is the same as the Daggers’, however these make up in durability with what they lack in speed.

Third, the Katanas. Their attack damage is one point less then the corresponding sword of its type. So a Iron Katana would do 5 attack damage in comparison to an Iron Sword’s 6. These Katanas also give you speed, but not as much as the Daggers.

Fourth, the Scythes. These heavy blades slow you down slightly, however they do more damage than a standard sword.

Finally, the mighty Battleaxes! These hefty weapons slow you down SIGNIFICANTLY, but have a ton of durability and do massive amounts of damage! A Diamond Battleaxe can one-shot most standard mobs!

Crafting Recipes

Here are the crafting recipes. (note, you can craft any of the tools using the five material types: Wood, Stone, Iron, Gold, and Diamond)

The Dagger crafting recipe

The Sai crafting recipe

The Katana crafting recipe

The Scythe crafting recipe

The Battleaxe crafting recipe (for Wood and Stone Battleaxes, use Logs and Cobblestone-Walls respectively in place of the Material Block)

Feel free to contact me, or comment your ideas and suggestions for changes or additions!

Future Plans:

  • Tweak attack damages
  • Tweak weapin durability
  • Add the ability to enchant the weapons
  • Add secret upgrades to each weapon type   }=D
  • More weapons?

Changelog View more
  • Resized all of the images for the crafting recipes.
  • Created better Featured Image.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.13 (beta)

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Installation Guides

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272 Responses

4.26 / 5 (143 votes)
  1. CrispyCashews says:

    Can you add hammers for mining and destroying blocks

  2. Twist says:

    when will this add-on be updated?

      • He’s right, and he should know, as this project has become a collaboration!

        I thank all of you for being such a great community! I never expected to make it this far, and all the feedback and support I have received have pushed me to put my all into this project.

        At this point, I am just finishing up the stats for the different weapons, as well as adding some custom ores, and it will be done.

        There will be TWO DIFFERENT VERSIONS of the mod:
        •Standard Mode: No crazy additional features–just the normal materials, and a lot of new weapons.
        •Extended Mode: Weapons have more abilities and effects–MORE weapon materials, and a lot of new weapons. This release will also include weapon upgrades once Minecraft allows for more custom crafting recipes.

        Additional content packs may be available in the future as well. The future of this mod looks bright!

        See you all soon!

  3. Risky says:

    I cant craft the weapon, please help
    it doesnt show on the recipe book too

  4. Twist says:

    Update please

  5. Zargron Karix says:

    Can you add machete, amuk kukri and fang blade in next update of your addon?

    Note: kukri and fang is same but the different is kukri blade downside and fang blade is upside

    Amuk kukri
    Damage: 50
    Speed: fast
    Weight: not heavy

    Fang blade
    Speed: slow
    Weight: heavy

  6. To ANYONE who is interested in the latest news about Vanilla+ Weapons, I have created a new Discord server for you to use!

    You can ask me questions, request content, post your own ideas and additions, and chat with others who have similar mindsets! You can contribute to this community, and have fun doing it.

    If you are interested in joining here is the link to the page!

    I hope to see all of you soon!

    • Isaiah says:

      Do you need experimental mode on??? Because when I turn it on the items are craftable, but when off its like they do not exist.

  7. Cwinters21 says:

    The best modd I’ve found by far! 🙂

  8. Undeadzeroplayz says:

    Bro how about make epic to legendary weapons which some is not craftable or need rare materials in the chest loots like dungeons, shipwrecks, temples, fortresses, villages and etc.

  9. Jeff says:

    Will you add a diamond bow and also if you still need help I can do texture for the weapon’s

    • For anyone who wants to learn more about my mod, help create textures, or submit ideas–please post them in my Discord at

      As for the custom bow, I will continue to say, custom projectiles (and launchers such as bows or guns) are NOT POSSIBLE to make by any conventional means. PLEASE stop asking for them. It is not my decision whether or not it is possible, it is the Minecraft Developmer Team’s decision.

      Thank you for your time.

  10. John says:

    I can craft the weapons, but they do no damage and don’t give buffs. Help?

    • If the mod isn’t working properly, check the following information:
      1. Are you running Minecraft 1.12.1? It works best in the newest non-beta update.
      2. Are both the resource and behavior packs installed properly? This is very important, as some files may have corrupted when you originally downloaded the mod; try deleting both parts from your Minecraft, then reinstalling the mod.
      3. Do you have experimental gameplay turned on? This is THE MOST IMPORTANT step, as the addon will allow you to get the items, but they will not have the right properties.
      4. Do you have any other mods/addons installed in the world? If you are using any other mods/addons, they may contain files that conflict with this mod (aka a ‘player.json’ file–custom food or weapons, not from my mod–etc), so please refrain from using this mod with other mods. Texture packs are okay though.

      Hope this helps!

  11. Ender says:

    Can you add some end-game items like a sword dropped by the enderdragon that sets the target on fire, or a nether star and wither sword which do a high amount of damage

  12. I deeply apologize for the massive delay in content. I am working hard on getting this released, but it isn’t easy when you are a One Man Team… If anyone has Modding Experience, and wants to help, please contact me.

    As for why there was a delay, a couple of weeks ago, my phone broke… and it took all the files for the new update with it… Rest In Pieces old phone.

    I continue to thank you for all the ideas you give me. I love seeing your thoughts and feelings about this mod. However, I constantly see things being requested that currently aren’t possible to make.

    Here are the things that are currently IMPOSSIBLE in the current Modding API–
    •Enchanting custom items
    •Oversized items (textures larger than 16×16, that are actually larger instead of more detailed)
    •Custom 3D items
    •Custom throwable items
    •Scripting (as it is still limited to only Windows10)
    •Weapons that inflict potion effects
    •Weapons that give the USER potion effects (if you make it so an item gives you an effect when holding it, you can no longer receive that effect UNLESS you are holding the item. Ex. If a weapon gives you Haste, the game will no longer let you get Haste from Command Blocks or Beacons)

    [I am sorry for any inconveniences.]

    Do not worry about the status of the mod! I was able to restore some of my progress on the mod by extracting the beta version of my mod from my Bedrock Reloaded YT world. I hope have a new update for this mod out sometime this weekend.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I am having an issue. With every weapon addon i have used. The items do too little damage. Is this a common issue that is easily solved or did i install it wrong?

  14. Anonymous says:

    creo que el mod esta de maravilla pero te falta daño estuve probando y con una espada de diamante mataba a una araña de 3 ataques y con hacha tardaba 20 ataques y eso que gasta mas materiales solo agregale daño a las armas y esta perfecto

  15. Ratpoopp says:

    cant enchant even though it says i can
    great addon though

    • If you look carefully, you will see that “add the ability to enchant the weapons” is under “Future Plans”. Due to how few features are currently supported by the Modding API, enchanting custom items is not possible.

      I will be adding enchants as soon as it becomes possible to do so.

  16. Bro, I can help with weapons’ textures and stuffs, but in exchange that…. umm…. teach meh how to code for weapons :((
    I can do good textures but still having troubles coding.
    Please reply and please send me a link to Discord or anyway I can talk with you easily :((
    I tried to study your codes but still no understanding 🙁
    Thank you for noticing 😀

  17. Jeff says:

    Creator will you do me a favor my friends birthday is coming up and he really likes Minecraft and wishes there were more weapons so he wants a ninja star and shield a spear and A throwing knife

  18. Krabby7 says:

    I have a favor. Please nerf the weapon give you speed. I think they should give you a short speed boost when you kill something.

  19. Krabby7 says:

    Overall great mod to have I love that it doesn’t replace anything and is pretty balanced for the most part. I do have a suggestion tho, if you can please make them so you can enchant them that would be great.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Dude I don’t have it

  21. Cthulhu Warrior says:

    Here are some more suggestions some of these I would want once you can make, for example bows and 3D weapons like tridents: spear- like the trident kinda except has no enchantments, deals less damage, and is easier to craft. Once 3D weapons can be implemented I would love to see this. Crafted by 2 sticks and 1 flint. Skeleton bow- once bow type items can be implemented. Only normal skeletons wield it. Acts very similar to the bow except made of bone. Lance- another 3D weapon. Stronger use if on a horse and impales armor. Crafted with 1 stick, 1 block of iron, and 1 iron ingot. Wither sword- a sword only wielded by wither skeletons. Is pitch black. Deals 6 damage and inflicts wither. Quartz katana- only wielded by zombie pigmen and can be crafted. Deals 4 damage. Crafted the way you craft katanas but with quartz. Death’s Scythe- crafted with 3 obsidian and 2 bones. Looks epic. When attacking a mob inflicts blindness and wither. Lucifer’s trident- a giant red trident. When thrown summons a bunch of lightning strikes, summons a few vexes that won’t attack you, and inflicts wither. Zeus’s lightning bolt- a giant 3d lightning bolt in hand. Shoots a load of lightning bolts when thrown. Ravager horn- drops from ravagers. Deals 7 damage with an increased knock back chance. Enderman’s arm- drops only from endermen. Deals 4 damage. 3D. Excalibur- extremely rarely in the extreme mountains biome at day when it’s a thunder storm. Found in the stone and when breaking this stone you get Excalibur. Deals 6 damage and gives you speed. Sword fish- only can get from fishing, Fisher trades, or commands. Deals 3 damage. When using Battleaxes, battle hammers, or great swords it can inflict nausea to the target. Colored swords- this means you can dye certain swords.

  22. Adam says:

    Works on Xbox one like a charm.

  23. Code ready says:

    Heres another link u can use for the download without ads I’m sure a lot of us had that issue

  24. k says:

    Should make the katana stronger or as strong as iron sword since the katanas are really strong irl

  25. Anonymous says:

    It doesn’t work!

  26. Anonymous says:

    where do you put the mc add on pack to for xbox

  27. Painfulhail134 says:

    Is there a multiplayer bug? Because i can see the durability but my friends who join my game cannot.

  28. Estiven says:

    No me dan las cosas esas

  29. Thaiyon says:

    Wooden battleaxe needs dark oak or acacia could you make all sold work

  30. Thaiyon says:

    The wooden battleaxe needs acacia or dark oak to craft pls fix I want to use oak wood

  31. Thaiyon says:

    There’s a bug you have to use dark oak or acacia to make wooden battleaxe pls fix so I can use oak wood

  32. Munir Shwaihat says:

    How do u craft stone and wooden battle axes they are the only weapons that i can’t craft.
    Also I think that nunchucks would be a cool weapon idea

  33. Anonymous says:

    Can you get it on xbox i did the moding thing and it did not work

  34. Agent47otaku says:

    how can I make a the axe from stone or wood?

    and if you ask why, I’m playing a skyblock map and all I have is cobblestone and wood

  35. TheDarkTubby1234 says:

    Perfect for my map…
    SLENDYTUBBIES: Laa Laa’s Revenge

  36. Cthulhu Warrior says:

    Here are some more again: The spawn egg spear- crafted with 1 blaze powder, 1 bone, and an egg. When killing a mob with it they will drop their spawn egg. Trident pieces- used to craft a trident. Trident head piece and trident handle. Wither sword- wither skeletons no longer hold stone swords but wither swords. Wither swords can only be obtainable by slaying a wither skeleton and will deal the wither effect. Quartz katana- one of the weapons that can actually be craftable. Zombie pigmen will now hold the quartz katanas instead of gold swords. Fork- found in villages. Deal 1 damage and villagers, witchs, and illagers can be seen using them to eat. Spoon-same as fork except used to eat soup better. Spork- only craftable with 1 fork and 1 spoon. Deals 2 damage. Gold fork- breaks faster but looks cool. Gold spoon- breaks faster but looks cool. Golden spork- the best utensil there is. Hatchet- a more weaker and smaller axe. Crafted by 2 material it’s made of, 2 sticks, and an iron nugget.

    • I plan on adding new crafting recipes for Vanilla tools, including the Trident. However, the other items you requested in the first half are not currently possible. Once the Modding API is updated and advanced scripting is possible, then I might try to add these.

      As for the second half of your comment, I hope you are joking about Forks, Spoons, and Sporks.
      Also, the Hatchet seems rather pointless until the new Combat update comes out.

      • Luna says:

        Do I make the items or find them in creative because I can’t find the. At all do I have to find an egg or something cause I can’t find it

      • Cthulhu Warrior says:

        Okay. The forks, spoons, and sporks I think would just be funny to me the only reason I really wanted them was because of Skyrim’s secret weakest weapon the fork which deals 1 damage.

      • Brogramer3421234 says:

        Can someone please tell me how this mod works cuz my that I installed isnt working

      • Jeff says:

        Creator will you do me a favor my friends birthday is coming up and he really likes Minecraft and wishes there were more weapons so he wants a ninja star and shield a spear and A throwing knife

  37. Hephaestos says:

    Very nice and useful addon. please make them enchantable!

  38. Anonymous says:

    Except that super long text that is obviously a terraria player, i have a simple weapon suggestion. Zweihander, a diamond block in both the top middle and middle, one diamond in each side middle, and either a stick at the bottom middle or a plank/wood log. Of course it will apply with other materials. For stone, it would be a stone brick in position of the diamond block, and cobblestone in the position of the diamonds. For wood, a striped wood log in place of the diamond block and planks/wood log in place of the diamonds. Its quite simple and idk if you would modify the damage of the weapons but if you could i suggest the zweihander to be at least 1 point higher damage than a diamond sword or at max 5 points

  39. Lawrence says:

    This mod is just absolutely amazing! Everything works great and the swords look awesome!

  40. Cthulhu Warrior says:

    Add staffs mystical magic wands. Here are some wands ideas you could add: ghastly fireball wand- shoots 1 giant fireball when sneaking and holding the staff, crafted by 1 ghast tear on each side, 1 fire charge, and 2 blaze rods. Blazing staff- crafted by 1 fire charge, 2 blaze rods, and 2 blaze powder, shoots a stream of small fireballs when crouching. Evocation staff- an extremely rare drop from evokers. Will keep summoning evocation fangs when sneaking. Shulker staff- drops on an extremely rare chance from a shulker. When sneaking summons 2 shulker bullets at a foe you’re looking at when sneaking. Iron golem power staff- found rarely in the blacksmiths chest. When sneaking and next to a hostile mob flings them in the air. Vex minion staff- has a extreme rare drop chance from an evoker. When sneaking summons 4 vex minions that don’t harm you. Lightning caster staff- found rarely in jungle temple chest. When sneaking summons lightning bolts in the direction you’re facing. Time staff- drops rarely from phantoms. When sneaking the time shifts. Weather staff- drops rarely from elder guardians. When sneaking shifts the weather. Explosion staff- drops extremely rarely from creepers. When sneaking shoots a block of tnt. Crop cleaner staff- when walking on plants grows them and waters the farm land this doesn’t require sneaking. This can be sold from the farmer for 23 emeralds. Guardian laser staff- drops commonly from guardians. Shoots the guardians laser at the closest enemy to the player. Lava walker staff- found in nether fortress chests. When walking near lava or on it places a layer of obsidian in a path. Water walker staff- found in ocean ruins chests. When walking near or on water creates a path of ice. Feather staff- drops extremely rarely from chickens, bats, parrots, phantoms, wither, ghast, blazes, or the enderdragon. Makes the player have feather falling when holding the staff. Wither staff-drops from the wither like the nether star. When sneaking summons 5 normal wither skulls then 1 blue one. Llama spit staff- drops rarely from llamas. When sneaking shoots one blob of spit. Dragon staff- drops 100% from the enderdragon. Shoots 1 dragon fireball when sneaking. Wither explosion staff- drops if wither gets slain by a creeper. When sneaking does the wither explosion that damages everything unless mob griefing is off. Necromancer staff- summons any form of undead to fight for you when sneaking. Crafted by 2 bones and 1 skull. Matter staff- makes the mob you’re looking at control it like the force. Uncraftable and found in end city chests. Healing staff- sold by cleric. Heals you faster than you’re actual natural regeneration. Hunger staff- sold by cleric. Heals you’re hunger.

    • Holy crap, Cthulu Warrior is at it again!

      I am blown away by all the incredible support and ideas you have been providing me, and I appreciate the time you have put into this. You have given me many ideas, many I am working on adding in some form.

      I am working on a MEGA UPDATE that is taking a lot longer to make than originally anticipated. (I went from having 25 texture files to over 150… If you understand what that means)

      Many of your ideas are being worked on, however, I don’t think adding these Staffs would be a good idea. They sound cool, but they sound utterly painful to code. I might attempt to add a couple of them in a future update, but they will need to be rebalanced, as they are WAY too OP in their current state.

      Now, for the good news! I took into consideration your idea for more weapon material types, and it is being added right now. You will now be able to make Obsidian and Emerald weapons! (A use for Redstone and Quartz will be added in the future) I have also discovered a couple of new tricks and data tags, which will be used and abused to create even more cool tools and effects. I have also removed several residual files from testing, so the addon now runs smoother, with less bugs! (even though the file size is much larger)

      I hope that you will enjoy the changes and additions I am making. I expect to hear from you again soon!

      • Cthulhu Warrior says:

        Wow thanks!!!😄 I can see why it’s so OP so it would be fine if you added just a few since the staffs addon can’t collide with this addon very well and a very much love the staffs addon too but I absolutely love the Medieval style of these weapons (one of the only addons I like but also don’t like is the crimson staff addon since it’s cool and all but it’s way too OP I mean you can easily craft it and it does a massive explosion like in the anime it’s referencing)

  41. Tyler1012 says:

    This looks cool

  42. Anonymous says:

    How to use mcaddon file

    • Nerd boi says:

      Just press on it when it done downloading and it will open minecraft for you and it should say import started… wait few second and you have it

  43. Finn says:

    Could you please make a zip file for this mod?

  44. Just Ag says:

    Best weapon add-on for mcpe waiting for the next update

  45. Devil says:

    I have experimental gameplay on and all mods installed but everything does the same damage as a punch

  46. ? says:

    Can’t get it to work the only thing that installs is the main file no resource pack no manifest one file that’s it. It will not work pls help

  47. Data says:

    Thank you. I am really exited for the next update!

  48. THEMAX says:

    Great work , high quality weapons and nice variety . So for weapons suggestion , i would enjoy to see :
    A naginata
    A tetsubo
    A ghurka kukri
    A zweihander
    A nagamaki
    A halberd

    There are also other possible weapons you could add .

    • Thank you so much for your suggestions! As much as I would LOVE to add some of the weapons you listed, until Minecraft allows for custom 3D Modeled items, many of these will not be possible.
      Don’t worry though, as I am working on adding some new weapons similar to some of the ones you listed! They may not be exactly what you were imagining, but I hope you enjoy them nonetheless!

  49. Anonymous says:

    Sir your mod looks great and I have been looking forward to playing it but I can’t because it just won’t come up no matter how many times I delete the mod and re downloading it,I have been looking for a weapon Addon for months

    (Im on iPad)

  50. Zz Fagon zZ says:

    Can I combine your Add-on with some other great Add-ons using code?, it would be great if we could play many Add-ons with the same world.

    Your add-on is awesome, I really like it

    Wish you have a good day !

  51. thicc_doggo says:

    I need help the mod itself works but once I craft the item it is just invisible and it has the name of the code used to put it in and I disabled all my resource packs and if this mod came with one I did not receive it

  52. Cthulhu Warrior says:

    I think to make this also a bit better would be different material versions. For existing weapons that you added and the sword. by this I mean adding like lapis, emerald, obsidian, and quartz weapons. I will mention the Redstone one right now. Okay Redstone ones are a lot faster than any normal weapon besides the Battleaxes, warhammers, and greatswords. When holding Redstone versions, you will gain night vision. Obsidian weapons will deal a lot more damage however these are the heaviest weapons. Emerald weapons can be pretty useful when at a village cause they give you hero of the village. Lapis weapons will make enemies drop more experience, and quartz will….will…. I don’t know the only use for the thing is for crafting blocks. OH and one more type of weapons phantom membrane weapons that will give you slow falling.

  53. Splatboy says:

    Dis mod not working. What i need to do to have working Vanilla+ weapons add-on???

    • Cthulhu Warrior says:

      To make this addon work correctly follow the steps:
      1- download the packs(if having trouble sorry)
      2- apply packs to an existing world or make a new one and put them on there(doesn’t work with realms)
      3-apply the experimental gameplay option
      4- go on you’re world
      5- craft them(SHOWS ON TOP, sorry but even though 1.12 can add new items they won’t show up in the creative inventory you can ither craft them or /give command) I hope this helped you!!!

  54. Entity says:

    i can’t craft them

  55. Pepinho says:

    for some reason every weapon is a ‘Milk Bottle’ for me

  56. Data says:

    What Are The Secret Enchants? Can Someone Help Me out On that? I Have the Weapons in a world but no matter how hard i try I cant figure it out.

  57. Momo says:

    This addon is perfect!!! But here is a suggestion for the dagger to be a better weapon: make them throwable
    If you can 🙂

  58. Thank you all for the support and feedback on my mod! I am currently working on updating the mod… But I had a couple of technical difficulties with its code. The next update will fix several bugs, as well as possibly add a few new weapons. I also plan on creating an alternative version for use in modpacks!

    Shoutouts to the amazing support and ideas from @Cthulu Warrior, @The amazing triangle, and @MiniDemo! You guys rock, and I plan on adding as many of your ideas as I can!

    I am glad to see that people are still interested in seeing this get updated!
    Thank you all for the support!

    • Gurkengelee says:

      Hey Hax,

      amazing work you are doing here! I plan to make compatibility patches for mods like yours that enhance the vanilla experience for my own explorer mode. Would you be fine with me adding your weapons to my loot tables so people can find your new weapons when playing both mods together?

      I’d also remove the recipes for iron and diamond weapons though.

      • That sounds okay with me, however, you should probably wait until I release the next update for this mod. It should release by the end of this week!
        I have been working hard on updating this mod, using ideas from Arjay07, as well as the comments here and on the MC Addons app to create plenty of new content for this mod.

        If you have any questions, requests, ideas, etc., feel free to contact me through my Discord Server at

  59. rob says:

    could you please add a wither effect like enchant on the scythe on the next update? that would be cool, being like death

  60. Mason says:

    The wooden battle axe didn’t work I tried bark and log

  61. Reflexindo says:

    It doesn’t work for me I need help plz

  62. dgamereyt says:

    it does not work I u can plz help me use them like say how to and I need to do like /function or something and what put put on /function

  63. Anonymous says:

    wont work if so plz help me

  64. Anonymous says:

    Yh I have installed the mod and equipped it to my mcpe and a world and it doesn’t work

  65. TowheadedThree1 says:

    Can you add a media fire or .zip file, I can’t get the current download to work on my Xbox

  66. Noscoper Sans says:

    New update soon? Please?
    I love this addon, but as i can see there is no updates for week:(
    Please, don’t say that you said “nah, f” “k it i don’t want work with this mod” :<

    • Don’t worry, I am working on updating the mod… Had a couple of technical difficulties with its code. The next update will fix several bugs, as well as possibly add a few new weapons. I also plan on creating an alternative version for use in modpacks.

      I am glad to see that people are still interested in seeing this get updated!
      Thank you for the support!

  67. yahirplaysMC123 says:

    The mod works, but im having a problem, the weapons dont appear, what i mean by this is the weapons are existing (as in im able to use them and deal damage, they give effects, i can craft them etc.) but they dont have a texture, i downloaded the resource and behavior pack, have expiremental mode, and im on 1.12, but the textures dont seem to show up, ive tried a few things tha didnt do much. im on xbox one btw, dont know if its the device or the pack

  68. Anonymous says:

    Can you make it Where You can echance the weapons.

  69. Emberflaze says:

    Great addon, but please buff the sai. It is really bad in conbat because of its damage, and durability won’t help when fighting.

    • idk says:

      I play on bedrock edition, and it’s not working how I wanted it to be, I tried crafting the sai but it didn’t show

  70. Joe-Boi says:

    Very good! Just hope you can add them to the creative menu soon, otherwise it’s one of my favorite mods!

  71. Noooooooooooooo says:

    It wont download

  72. Infinitious says:

    This mod does not work i tried it on the windows 10 edition with experimental gameplay its on top of the behaviour list and even on the resource list What’s wrong with this?

  73. Tai says:

    Bro… make weapons be enchanted please .. that would make it much better.

    • Tomtryck says:

      Enchant it yourself. Some of us dont like the op effects it gives.

    • Anonymous says:

      i agree dude. make weapons enchantable, at least through an anvil and also add the speed boosts to wooden weapons as well if possible. other than that great addon, keep it up!

  74. Adelino Mythsterio says:

    Loved it
    Can you make this addon for update?

  75. Anonymous says:

    It Will be good if it can be enchant

  76. A says:

    This didn’t work on windows 10

  77. Caleb Houston says:

    Please make it Mediafire

  78. Darth Maul 1337 says:

    I love this mod! great work but it does not work with ” The backpak Addon for windows” as well as “Vien Miner” by AGamingPLayz
    IF you could fix this that would be awesome!!!

  79. HyperPotion says:

    Do you plan on adding more weapons to this addon? If so that would make it more awesome. Also I can’t make the battle axe for some reason

  80. Anonymous says:

    Hey, could you make it to where when using the battle axe, every given amount of time, you can attack all mobs around you (like swing it in a circle), but it would also give you mining fatique (as if it takes a lot of strength)? Great addon, by the way!

  81. Austin L Allen says:

    I cant seem to get the Addon to work on Realms. Everything else works perfectly on Local but I would love to add it to my realm. Please let me know if there’s a way to do it! Thanks. Probs best Addon I’ve come across so far!

  82. Austin L Allen says:

    This Addon does not seem to be able to run on Realms. Please if you could update, that would be great

  83. Jiran says:

    When you upload the new version?

  84. Kuri says:

    Now if only these experimental things could be enchanted

  85. Dwai says:

    Dosent work for bedrock RIP xbox users.

  86. YUKiNO says:

    Does this replace anything?

  87. Nobe2012 says:

    For me, all of the weapons only do 1 half-heart (1 heart with crit) I have experimental gameplay on, and i am using 1.12. the effects don’t work. But the weapons do look cool!

  88. Fidulus says:

    the addon works great but *ONLY* when its at the top of the behavior list. Is there any way to change this?
    I would love to use the “tree feller” and or “backpack” with this but thats impossible because only the one at the top of the list works. Maybe its a line of code that can change this?

    • The reason for multiple mods not being able to work with each other is because they all rely on a file called ‘player.json’. Since both my mod and the ones you mentioned both have them, it causes a code conflict, breaking one – or both – mods.
      I have successfully fixed this problem before, however, it is a lengthy process. Took me a couple of hours to complete.
      Once a newer version of the Modding API comes out, it should be possible to apply multiple mods and not have them conflict.

  89. Cthulhu Warrior says:

    Okay these suggestions are gonna be long you have been warned: Medieval torch( yes but it’s a weapon): to craft it put 1 iron ingots and 1 torch in a crafting table this weapon will deal 3 damage and set enemies ablaze.
    Pitchfork: put 3 hoes in a crafting table with a stick underneath. Deals 4 damage.
    Long stick(yes it’s a very long stick): comes in 3 varieties-bone, blaze, and normal. Put a stick on top of a stick in a crafting table.
    Club: has a load of varieties(stone, cobblestone, andesite, diorite, granite, iron, diamond, and gold.) Is crafted with the stone(2) variety and a stick on the bottom. Deals damage depending on what material it’s made of.
    War hammer: created with to of the the blocks and the normal material with two sticks underneath(example: two iron blocks on each side with one ingot in the middle) deals same as battle axe.
    Lance: used for jousting on horses and normal fights. Don’t really know how to craft one.
    Horseman’s pick: crafted by useing 1 iron dagger, iron pickaxe, and 1 stick underneath. Deals 5 attack damage.
    This last one I don’t know the weapons name….: it’s a weapon with 3 daggers attached to it and one sword on top it’s also long like a spear. You would probable know the crafting since it’s 2 daggers, 1 sword, and one stick. It deals like 4 damage.

  90. Don says:

    How to make a wooden Battleaxe, doesn’t work or I’m just dumb lol.

  91. Listen says:

    You must be in 1.12 or higher for this to work.

  92. Karol says:

    Use experimental option. It will work

  93. AwsomeOcelot says:

    This is an amazing addon, I find that it works really well in my survival.

  94. Anon says:

    It’s not working at all. It won’t let me craft the weapons.

  95. Anon says:

    It’s not working at all. It won’t let me craft the weapons at all.

    • Make sure you are in 1.12.0, have both the Resources and Behaviors installed into the world, and have ‘Experimental Gameplay’ turned on.
      This mod should work on any device, I have tested it and it works on IOS, Android, and Windows 10.

      Hope this helps with the issue you were having. Have fun!

  96. :D says:

    Could you perhaps add rapiers? They could maybe have mild speed and jump boost effects? I’d love to see them added! Also 10/10 addon, it’s great to see addons that expand upon the core game of minecraft itself while still managing to make it feel like a legitimate minecraft experience

  97. Anonymous says:

    I would love a sword if had one blade pointing up and one blade pointing down that would be cool, like examples of thanos sword and sentinels primes sword please add that

  98. anonymous says:

    nice addon, maybe add a spear, speed boost like the katana but damage like the sai

  99. MiniDemo says:

    this is an AMAZING mod! I have a few ideas, try adding any throwables, like throwing knives or even axes. And even staff would be cool

  100. Anonymous says:

    Are these only usable in creative?

  101. Thom Routt says:

    I installed the add on but the weapons aren’t showing up in creative or when I craft them in survival. I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong just wanted to see if there was something I was missing or if I just don’t know where to look.

    • Make sure you are in 1.12.0, have both the Resources and Behaviors installed into the world, and have ‘Experimental Gameplay’ turned on.
      This mod should work on any device, I have tested it and it works on IOS, Android, and Windows 10.

      Hope this helps with the issue you were having. Have fun!

      • Cayden Moy says:

        Hey I downloaded this mod a few days ago for my Xbox and I am fully able to craft them but they all do really little damage and all have the same movement and attack speed. Did you update it like yesterday or something or am I doing something wrong?

  102. Unknown1 says:

    And a mace too.

  103. Unknown1 says:

    Can you add battle hammer? That will be quite cool 😀

  104. Anonymous says:

    Tweak dagger damage and take slowness off scythe and dumb the effect down on the battleaxe so you can move

  105. Anonymous says:

    Looks awesome but doesn’t work for me on w10 I can’t craft anything

    • Make sure you are in 1.12.0, have both the Resources and Behaviors installed into the world, and have ‘Experimental Gameplay’ turned on.
      This mod should work on any device, I have tested it and it works on IOS, Android, and Windows 10.

      Hope this helps with the issue you were having. Have fun!

  106. Endy says:

    How do I turn on the weapons

  107. da T boi says:

    doesn’t work for me, whenever I try to craft one of the weapons it shows up blank

  108. Jivk says:

    Good day! You could add durability to tools, because without it tools cannot break and they become unbalanced.

  109. Morgen says:

    Plz add a LIGHTSABER!!!
    Love it! Btw! 🙂

  110. Endy says:

    How do I turn it on I did everything I downloaded it and went in to a world

    • Make sure you are in 1.12.0, have both the Resources and Behaviors installed into the world, and have ‘Experimental Gameplay’ turned on.
      This mod should work on any device, I have tested it and it works on IOS, Android, and Windows 10.

      Hope this helps with the issue you were having. Have fun!

  111. Frost says:

    They don’t do damage

  112. Please Fix says:

    For some reason, I can’t find them in Minecraft. Like, any of the weapons.

    • Because the Modding API is still being worked on, custom items do not appear in the Creative Inventory. You can use commands to get them, or craft them using the given recipes.

  113. S.K says:

    For some reason, I can’t find them in Minecraft. Like, any of the weapons.

  114. Cursed says:

    For some reason when I try to craft them it doesn’t work, do you have to be in survival for this? As some Addons require that with custom crafting?

    • I have crafted them in both Creative and Survival, so I don’t know what would be causing the issue for you.

      Double check that you are in 1.12.0, have both the Resources and Behaviors installed into the world, and have ‘Experimental Gameplay’ turned on.
      This mod should work on any device, I have tested it and it works on IOS, Android, and Windows 10.

      Hope this helps with the issue you were having. Have fun!

  115. thegamerboi814 says:

    I’d love to see a spear sort of weapon. This is a fantastic Mod!

  116. Anonymous says:

    i download it but it didnt do anything ;(

  117. Hopeful says:

    Ah, it appears to be incompatible with the tree-capitator add-on. It works beautifully otherwise, thank you, and well done.

    • That would be because both of the mods use a ‘player.json’ file for some of the behaviors. If I can get Keyyard’s approval, I can upload a version that has treecapitator installed as well.

  118. Hopeful says:

    They don’t seem to actually do any more damage than a fist, and certainly don’t give their intended effects. I’m mess around with it some more and leave another comment if this is a fluke issue – the crafting recipes, item names, textures, and durability all appear to work just fine.

    • Hmm… That is very strange. I have tested this on many different devices and it worked fine for me. Are you running 1.13, or 1.12? Because it might be an issue with 1.13.

      Double check that you are in 1.12.0, have both the Resources and Behaviors installed into the world, and have ‘Experimental Gameplay’ turned on.

      Hope this helps with the issue you were having. Have fun!

  119. Help me says:

    I dont get how to craft the wood and stone like um can you post a picture of it but everything else is great

    • For wood and stone tools, they use the same shape crafting recipe as any of the other tool types. The only difference is for the Battleaxes. The Battleaxes are crafted as follows for wood and stone.


      # are planks of any type
      = is a log of any type
      / are sticks


      # are cobblestone
      = is a cobblestone wall
      / are sticks

      Hope this helps. Have fun!

  120. Springbonnie says:

    I can’t craft it,is this a addon or a mod?
    I’m using my android device

    • This is a mod that runs using the new built-in Modding API. For it to work properly, use the following instructions.

      Make sure you are in 1.12.0, have both the Resources and Behaviors installed into the world, and have ‘Experimental Gameplay’ turned on.
      This mod should work on any device, I have tested it and it works on IOS, Android, and Windows 10.

      Hope this helps with the issue you were having. Have fun!

  121. The amazing triangle says:

    This is definitely one of the more high quality addon’s that you will be able to find on this site and it really is worth downloading.

    As for the creator himself here’s a few weapon ideas and other things,
    They are basically like the katana but do one point of extra damage. (2 sticks in middle and 3 materials)
    0 | 0
    It does less damage than the battle axe but is easier to craft and has more durability. It could also work as a pickaxe. ( 3 sticks in center and 4 materials on each corner )


    Does same amount of damage as scythe but is slower and more durable(no sticks just 2 materials and one material block at the top)
    Same damage as sword but faster and less durable(1 stick and 3 materials)


    Same damage as scythe but faster and more durable (2 sticks and one material block)
    | = sticks
    O = material
    @ = material block

    Particle effect for some weapons ( diamond scythe could have a dark aura or the golden katana can give off embers)

    Functions/commands to give you All weapons

    Make them be able to spawn in Dungeons

    Change zoom effect when speed is gained or lost (if possible)

    • WOW! You have really put a lot of thought into this, thank you for the amazing feedback! As for your weapon ideas, I try to keep everything balanced, so nothing is blatantly better than something else.

      I love all of your ideas, and I will probably add all of them, however, the Spear will need to be tweaked.
      The Katanas do one less point of attack damage than the corresponding sword, but gives you a speed boost. So to keep the Spears from just being the better option, they would act like you said, but as a trade-off, have less durability than the Katanas.
      As for the Scimitars, I strayed away from adding them, so it wouldn’t seem like I was copying everyone.
      Next update I will probably add the function to get all of the weapons. However, I will probably need to make it 5 separate functions, one for each material. Otherwise, the player’s inventory will immediately overflow.
      Finally, to address the zoom effect problem, the only way to fix that is to go into your Minecraft Video settings, and turning off ‘FOV Altered by Gameplay’

      Again, thank you for your time and feedback. I hope you will continue to enjoy my first mod! Expect to see a new update by the end of this month!

  122. Kevin says:

    Can you tell me if there is a certain command I have to do to start the Addon??

  123. Atax says:

    This is AMAZING!!!!!! Please make more like this

  124. Lol says:

    Why doesn’t it let me craft the tools

    • This is a mod that runs using the new built-in Modding API. For it to work properly, use the following instructions.

      Make sure you are in 1.12.0, have both the Resources and Behaviors installed into the world, and have ‘Experimental Gameplay’ turned on.
      This mod should work on any device, I have tested it and it works on IOS, Android, and Windows 10.

      Hope this helps with the issue you were having. Have fun!

  125. Anonymous says:

    My friends on Xbox see the weapons being held like items while I see them being held like a sword, I’m on windows 10, why is this?

    • I encountered this same bug myself. This visual bug seems to be caused by the player – the one that isn’t hosting the world – not actually having the mod saved to their game. If both players have the mod downloaded, then the issue should fix itself.

  126. Data says:

    Best addon That I have used yet! it works perfectly in survival and creative!
    One thing that I would like to request is if you can add some form of staff or spear other than that this addon is amazing!

  127. Anonymous says:

    one of the best weapon addons so far! expecting to see more in the future 😄

  128. Cthulhu Warrior says:

    Oh and almost forgot can you add a mace: a weapon crafted with a block that it’s made of and two sticks. Oh and make the dagger and kai have haste 2.

  129. Kyle says:

    One question how come when I add another more swords addon with this addon, the swords does the same damage as punching.

    • Cthulhu Warrior says:

      Do you have another sword or weapon addon? If so then that’s the problem I want that bug to be fixed.

  130. Cthulhu Warrior says:

    Great addon!!! How do you craft the stone and wooden battleaxes and could you add a greatsword: crafted with two swords on top of each other in a crafting table or a sword and the item there made of they will deal twice the damage of a normal sword. And a spear: crafted with two sticks and one of the items they will be made of. Oh and could you add one more thing really good versions of the weapons like Deaths Sythe that deals more damage than all sythes?

  131. Nexus1024 says:

    Would it be possible to zip the file with PC and then transfer it that way? I’m assuming it would work the zame as any .jar file
    Pardon my ignorance I’m new to cross-platform modding

  132. Typical says:

    Im so confused, i play o windows 10 edition 1.12 and it doesnt work help

  133. Kieran says:

    Great mod, however the damage on daggers and sais need tweaking since sais do a bit more damage. Also could your replace the slowness effect on the battleaxe with the slowness effect on the scythe and remove the slowness effect from the scythe since it is very hard to see and play with the battleaxe because it makes you so slow. Other than that its an amazing mod and gives you combat variety which i like.

  134. Kieran says:

    Amazing mod, however i think the damage for the daggers and sais need to be tweaked since the sais do more damage than the daggers also i think you should replace the slowness effect on the battleaxe with the slowness effect on the scythe and then remove the scythes slowness effect completely because it gets hard to see with the battleaxe and is annoying to travel with so i think it would be nice to make that change. Other than that its an amazing mod and gives you more options for combat which id like to see in other mods

  135. Data says:

    I am not sure how to craft some of these weapons because I have tried several things but with only the diamond versions of the weapons I am confused.

  136. Emerson says:

    What about make the daggers throwables ? Should be a great one

  137. Cale says:

    I can’t get it to show up when I craft on IOS. I clicked download, open in files, and it jumped straight to minecraft. I created a new world with the resource and behavior packs enabled on top and nothing’s crafting? I don’t know what I did wrong lol

  138. EnderNinjaPlays YT says:

    Cool add-on! I just wanna request two things for you, can you add a long sword and maybe a way to throw the Scythe? It’s just like a trident acts but the animation of throwing will make it spin

  139. rapisap says:

    I put the beahavuor pack (srry I don’t know how to spell it) and the resource pack on and it didn’t work I looked in the creative inventory and the items weren’t there I also tried to do the crafting recipes and that didn’t work why is that?

  140. A Minecraft Player says:

    Can you add shuriken and kunai?
    The recipe is:
    The 2 material can be placed anywhere, but they have to be connected in a column. For example, these are avaible:
    But these are unavaible:
    Hope these are helpful!

  141. Someone says:

    Wait I can’t get the swords in creative???

  142. JustAGuyWantingAzipfile says:

    Can you possibly make this into a zipfile too I can’t get it to install on my console thanks

  143. JustAGuyWantingAzipfile says:

    Can you possibly make this into a zip file too I can’t get it to install on my console thanks

  144. Angel says:

    So cool

  145. Noscoper Sans says:

    I love it! It’s amazing!🌟
    And plz if you can, add craft in crafting table(or to idk)
    And enchantments.
    I just like to play with fire aspect, and with this mod it would be amazing! Like you running with dagger and hitting everyone fast, and with little damage🙃
    I will wait for updates🙂
    Thank you for your amazing work!

    • Having custom items shown in the Recipe Book is not currently possible with the Base modding API, but I do plan on adding them to it once it is possible.
      As for enchantments, you can enchant items using an app called “ToolboxForMCPE”, however, this app is only available for Android. Once a newer version of the Modding API comes out, I will add official support dor enchantments.

  146. Noscoper Sans says:

    I love it! It’s amazing!
    And plz if you can, add craft in crafting table(or to idk)
    And enchantments.
    I just like to play with fire aspect, and with this mod it would be amazing! Like you running with dagger and hitting everyone fast, and with little damage🙃
    I will wait for updates🙂
    Thank you for your amazing work!

  147. Grey says:

    Can you make it so its shown in the book of crafting recipes in game? you cant even spawn them in without knowing the recipes and crafting them in a table in creative

  148. Blaze Gaming says:

    Nice,and with the combat updatw this year(maybe)this can be a great concept!

  149. Jaedan says:

    Do the weapons replace the original weapons in the game it does it just adds them and replaces nothing?

  150. LeonardoDrahon says:

    Add an Double sword

    • When you say “double sword” are you referring to a blade staff (one blade pointing up, one pointing down), two blades side by side, or one blade in main-hand and one in off-hand?
      I would love to add your request, but I want to make sure I understand what you want.

  151. Anonymous says:

    Add an double sword,is the only thing that others addons of sword dont added

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