VanillaEX Addon

This is an add-on which focuses on improving the functionalities and behaviors for survival gameplay. All things which have been implemented are features which could just as well have been a part of the vanilla game. This means that all changes have been designed in a way to ensure that the game stays balanced and nothing is overpowered. As a whole, it’s a really good add-on which makes some welcome changes to the game!

Creators: JoePaleto (Twitter), _GlitchMC (Twitter)
Updated: 3 September, 2018 (read changelog)

How does it work?

You can find a detailed list of each change further down on this page. However, one of the main and probably most liked change is that you can now place a chest on a boat.

Another neat (and absolutely adorable) change is the new baby parrots! They spawn when two parrots breed which is also a new feature.

New Entity Behaviors

  • Boats – Can now have up to one chest on them. Use a Chest item on a boat to transform it into a Chested Boat. Sneak and long-press on the Chested Boat to open it.
  • Elder Guardians – Doesn’t attack Squids. Immune to knockback.
  • Endermen – Scared by rabbits.
  • Evokers – Ability to summon Silverfish as a parts of its attacks.
  • Guardians – Doesn’t attack Squids or Fish
  • Llamas – Controlled similarly to a Horse.
  • Parrots – Breed using any kind of seeds. Baby parrots!
  • Polar Bears – Attacks Strays.
  • Rabbits – Doesn’t run away from players or monsters. They are also slightly bigger similarly to how they used to be on Java Edition
  • Squids – Milkable!
  • Strays – Scared by Polar Bears.
  • Wither Skeletons – Transforms into Blazes when falling/entering into lava
  • Wear a Zombie Head on your head to prevent zombies from attacking you
  • Wear a Creeper Head on your head to prevent creeper from attacking you
  • Wear a Skeleton Skull on your head to prevent skeletons from attacking you
  • Wear a Wither Skeleton Skull on your head to prevent wither skeletons from attacking you


  • 1.6 compatibility
  • New feature: wearing a Zombie Head in your head will prevent zombies from attacking you
  • New feature: wearing a Creeper Head in your head will prevent creepers from attacking you
  • New feature: wearing a Skeleton Head in your head will prevent skeletons from attacking you
  • New feature: wearing a Wither Skeleton Head in your head will prevent wither skeletons from attacking you


  1. Download Resources & Behaviors .McAddon
  2. Activate the packs for a world in-game

You can get a .ZIP file for this add-on here.

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42 Responses

3.43 / 5 (14 votes)
  1. AThousandSunny54 says:

    Link doesn’t work

  2. AThousandSunny54 says:

    Does this work in 1.16!? I really like it but if it isn’t pls update maybe add more features

  3. Guest-3354600724 says:

    cant download!!! fix the links!!!

  4. Guest-1849086665 says:

    Does the Wither Skull stop Blaze attacks too?

  5. Rolan says:

    Fix all download links! And update!

  6. Cant download!!!! says:

    Cant download! >=C

  7. Freeplay says:

    ‘Domain Does Not Exist’ for the Download link, Please fix!

  8. MathKookie129 says:

    Hey, where’s the Mediafile link file? It’s not working anymore

  9. Anonymous says:

    The link does not work

  10. Sean says:

    I really like this since I live underwater so carrying kelp with the boat is great and my friend loves the parrot part, but we were wondering if there was a way of changing boat controls to not be annoying the way it is and back to normal movement controls?

  11. Arceus says:

    How do you download it?

  12. LuckyGuy2017/Celtic Celery says:

    Can anybody give me the original link? (without adfly)

  13. Captain says:

    There’s a bug with the chest boats they have a weird Whit chest when nothing has been equiped to the boar

  14. 3 LOL's says:

    Can the link be replaced with MediaFire?

  15. Zev20x says:

    When I used it the chest in boat texture didn’t work. The chest was white and it didn’t work.

  16. AnandaNeeg says:

    Hi…i like your addons and i showcased it…but i not showcased all your feature…i just showcase one of them…thanks.
    Nice addons you make it bro 🙂
    If you want to watch i will give you a link
    I hope you like my video [ ^_^ ]

  17. Shuddho says:

    But how the chested boat one works
    I am confused

  18. Shuddho says:

    How to use the chested boat one
    I don’t know how to use it

  19. Switter says:

    Can you make fish breed

  20. Codysaur2004 says:

    Hey, is it intentional that strays/wither skeletons float instead of sink? Because undead mobs were made to sink in water 1.5 (beta). If it is intentional to match 1.4, please update this add-on once 1.5 releases.

    • joepaleto says:

      Hey! I’m one of the authors.
      Yes, the post doesn’t mention it but the add-on is intended to be used on v1.4.4, not on the betas. Of course, once 1.5 is fully released I will publish an update for this add-on asap that includes compatibility with it.

  21. RivalSeeker65 says:

    Great Add-on guys

  22. LugiaGamerYT says:

    One idea drowned zombies will attack boats

  23. S4/\/\ says:

    Great addon! One feature I don’t like is guardians not attacking squids. It’s usually a fun and useful feature, but sadly removed in this addon

  24. Sefferdoodle says:

    Since bunnies are now useful in fending off Endermen, is it possible that you make the bunny tameable? Or is that already in-game?

  25. Nicholas says:

    Can you make Enderman afraids of Cats and TNT cause fire?

  26. PersonWhoNeedsHelp says:

    Thanks!! This was relly helpful in my Survival SMP!!!

  27. Tv UEA says:

    I would like it if you added to climb on top of a bear just like the horse would be a cool resource !!

  28. Dorami says:

    This is cool I love it that it is not over powering and couldve been what the vanilla version of minecraft is but could you add something – add a feature where if you smelt iron or gold armour instead of giving only one nugget instead the number of nuggets is dependent of the durability that would be cool

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