Vatonage Client

Vatonage client is a UI-based resource pack with a vanilla feel. It has a dark/gold theme with many quality of life features including low fire, connected grass, dark mode, etc.


  • Dark mode UI
  • Custom gold Hotbar
  • Low fire
  • No Hotbar text border
  • Connected grass


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.16


16x Shaders

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Installation Guides

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16 Responses

3.57 / 5 (7 votes)
  1. Randomish_Fish says:

    I think people should stop putting hate on this pack, it is very close to a client i enjoy it and you should try to.

  2. Theblueman500 says:

    There is no client in mcpe,it just a resource pack,some people trust it boost fps,but no! It doesnt boost ur fps

    Same thing with astral client
    It just change the ui
    It doesnt boost ur fps!

    So please stop call texture a client,it doent make ur texture to be client!

  3. Guest-8213406554 says:

    Yea true, they dont do shit
    its just a normal texture pack, they want to get attention

  4. ImVanillaSkyYT says:

    Yeah. You can’t expect a texture pack to increase your fps. The creator should stop calling their texture packs “clients”. They’re not Clients. They’re overlay texture.

  5. TheCool687 says:


  6. FloppyDolphin57 says:

    There is like no point to this

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