VAZ 1111 (OKA)

There’s a bird? There’s a plane? No. This is Russian car – VAZ 1111 OKA. If you like easy and simple city cars – this addon for you. Bruh too many words

• Car info

Soviet and Russian passenger cars of the first group of a particularly small class. The car was developed at the Volga Automobile Plant, produced at VAZ, ZMA and SeAZ in 1987-2008. 700 thousand cars from all plants were produced.

• Addon info

This addon will add 8 colors of this car, it has nice looking textures and model and has animated wheels. omg Mcflower made animated model

OKA has only 2 seats and very smooth movement.

• Colors







Dark red

Light blue

• Summon commands

/summon vaz:1111_yellow

/summon vaz:1111_blue

/summon vaz:1111_red

/summon vaz:1111_green

/summon vaz:1111_silver

/summon vaz:1111_dark_red

/summon vaz:1111_light_blue

/summon vaz:1111_lime

• My contacts

Twitter – @Mcfl0wer

Gmail [email protected]


Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.13 1.14

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Installation Guides

AndroidiOSWindows 10

22 Responses

4.5 / 5 (16 votes)
  1. Guest-6621688393 says:

    Nice but pls make a taxi and a fıre engine pls

  2. Average Addon Man says:

    This addon is great! Very few addon creators bother with animating wheelspin. I would like to see more variation in the future! Race versions, beater versions, all sorts of crazy types of vehicles.

  3. Guest-1612778213 says:

    Lo puedes hacer que sean crafteables

  4. Guest-1100214105 says:

    Make the 2021 Kia Seltos next, PLZ

  5. Guest-1148469589 says:

    Nice car addon man, btw can you make the E34 M3 GTR from Need For Speed pls

  6. Guest-3310438500 says:

    Can you made Koenisseg Regera addon?

  7. Guest-7935668375 says:

    Por favor faz um trator para fazendas

  8. Guest-2481109552 says:

    That is cool but can you create the zil 130

  9. Guest-1469636085 says:

    can you make them craftable?

  10. Guest-5691394221 says:

    Can you make a ferrari?

  11. Guest-6524391517 says:

    Why don’t you make one add-on in which all vehicles made by you exist ? It would be great if you do so

  12. Guest-5565950385 says:

    i know this is a bit of an odd quest but,

    can you make the bmw m3 gtr from need for speed most wanted?

  13. Guest-1424752746 says:

    canvyou put all your cars in one addon, but remake the old textures and models

  14. DTechGamer says:

    Wow! You’re now improving! This add-on have lights and spinning wheel animation! I hope in the next add-on, it have spinning steering wheel, sounds, and more awesome effects! Also can you add a monster truck?

  15. Guest-1765541357 says:

    I think it’s made for bedrock and pc cuz it’s lag in mobile

  16. Guest-4127824879 says:

    Hey i get lag in loading world i cant loading my world with this mod (sorry for bad English)

  17. Guest-1226064475 says:

    Hi, just asking but may you update your other add-ons with the spinning wheels animation?

  18. Guest-5906653338 says:

    Once again I really love your creations but i feel as though a bus,taxi,ambulance, or fire truck next would be great!

  19. Guest-5906653338 says:

    Once again I really love your creations but a bus,taxi,ambulance, or fire truck next would be great!

  20. FrostGamerYT says:

    Can you make something like mrcrayfish’s vehicles? (just a suggestion)

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