VAZ 2106 (Шоха) Addon

Meet my another addon about Russian cars – legendary Russian sedan – VAZ 2106! As previous cars, it has four colors and one special variation – Russian HotRod with very heavy increased engine.

• Car info

This addon will give you legendary retro Russian sedan. VAZ 2106 produced at USSR from 1976 to 2006 at Russian Federation.

• Addon info

This addon has 5 various colors of this car:





And special HotRod edition with very heavy boosted engine.

It can carry from one to five players at the same time, but special edition can carry only one.

Every type has 40 hp (20 hearts).

You can summon it with spawn eggs or through commands;

/summon vaz:2106_red

/summon vaz:2106_green

/summon vaz:2106_blue

/summon vaz:2106_brown

/summon vaz:2106_demon

Send your car addon requests here —>

Changelog View more

Fixed summon command

Seriously, is anyone reading this at all?

Added MediaFire download link 

Added gmail link

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Supported Minecraft versions


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12 Responses

4.09 / 5 (11 votes)
  1. User-5518776150 says:

    А где « AdidOs» версия?

  2. Hech rus says:

    Я тоже ,подожди пока на другом сайте появится

  3. Hech rus says:

    Спасибо,но пожалуйста сделай Сталкер
    (Ваз 2105) из восстановление Жигулей,

  4. CykinSin says:

    Пацаны просим семку:)

  5. MaxDoshik says:


  6. Good job ;0 says:

    Amazing, same with the VAZ2105. I like the boosted version of car 😉

  7. Athing says:

    help Idk how to download

    • Ye old Man says:

      I don’t knos why you would rate one star on something almost every addon has. Bty, are u iOS or Android cuz I have both so I can try to help you.

  8. Ford Crown Victoria says:

    Aga complemento de UAZ hunter ese coche también es ruso

  9. Pro mega gamer 228 says:

    Сделай копейку ваз, 2101 поджолуйста

  10. Pro mega gamer 228 says:

    Наконец то чудо свершилось , супер мега мод. Разрабу респект

  11. Pro Gamer672 says:

    I can’t to download!!! >=(

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