Vehicles Addon

It’s time to upgrade your horse to a brand new vehicle. The Vehicles Addon adds four vehicles to the game (and three of which you can drive). The main thing which I like about this addon is that the models and textures look really cool but still very “Minecrafty”. Look up in the sky and watch as airplanes fly by while you get around in style in your freshly acquired car.

Creator: Spectro Anime, Twitter Account

What vehicles are included?

There are two different cars but the only difference between the two is the color. Long-tap and press “Ride” (or right-click) to enter the vehicle. To start driving it you will need carrot on a stick which has been retextured to a steering wheel.

  • Red Car = Pig
  • Blue Car = Cow

Another item which has been added is the traffic light. It replaces the redstone torch. It’s useful for decorating your roads. Tip: Place a lever next to it to stop the redstone particles from appearing.

vehicles-addon-7 vehicles-addon-5

The bike replaces the creeper. It is slightly slower than a car and have a quite funny-looking model. Hold a bowl in your hand to control the direction of the bike.


Ghasts are replaced by airplanes. If you want to see airplanes in the Overworld (and not only the Nether) you will need to spawn them using the ghast spawn egg. You can’t fly them but they will definitely look great as flying decorations in your worlds.


Don’t text while driving! You might hit a tree! iPhones and other smartphones are included in this addon. However, they are just textures and can’t be used for anything else than just for the fun of it.


The smartphones replace some of the dyes in-game.



  1. Download behavior pack (.mcpack)
  2. Download resource pack (.mcpack)
  3. Add the packs for a world in-game

Click to download .ZIP file.

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152 Responses

3.64 / 5 (11 votes)
  1. Guest-7332111688 says:

    Nice add on ! Add lots of road signs and railroad crossing lights.

  2. User-9691873335 says:

    It worked for me! I could drive the cars all around! But just one thing… the didn’t look like cars it had the details on them of a car just didn’t have the shape of a car. But otherwise good adon!

  3. Jerricho Sanders says:

    This addon is stupid! NEVER UPLOAD ADDONS INTO THIS SITE EVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!

  4. Apple says:

    What the! this does NOT work! as there is NO CARS!! why was this uploaded

  5. DoctorOre says:

    I really don’t know why MCPEDL didn’t check the resource and the texture packs before uploading it

  6. Elliott says:

    Clickbaiter there is no vehicles

  7. Addon viewer says:

    The ratings and all the complains I’m not downloading this

  8. The1cfpro says:

    Why does it not work for me
    The ghost is running from me

  9. KittyCake25 says:

    Hey this was the first addon I downloaded last year and when me and my friend were trying it out when we tried driving the cars they wouldn’t move

  10. funtime noah says:

    how do you drive the cars?

  11. Anonymous says:

    I can’t get the stuff is this a scam

  12. DiamondDynamite says:

    It also changed the water, I think the grass texture glitched into it?

  13. DiamondDynamite says:

    This addon is pretty cool! Although it makes only chickens’ wings, heads, and legs visible. It also makes the grass around me have weird glowing spots on it. Please fix this!

  14. JustGaby says:

    I tested this addon, but when i played it…the cars where glitchy….is there a way to fix it?

  15. Maddie says:

    I downloaded this addon resently but whenever you spawn a car or bike they act like the animal that they were made from can you help me stop the animal from taking over the car so I can drive it

  16. Anonymous says:

    The vehicles don’t even move

  17. Samurai Orochi says:

    Can you pls make a phone add-on that does not replace the dyes , when dyed beds were added, the game crashed with this add-on every time I tried it with this add-on. I am not sure if it crashes in 1.2.2 yet though.

  18. Grace says:

    Awesome! I’m drivn a car n I don’t even have my drivers license

  19. Kerbilaceras says:

    Help when I go to press download it won’t works it’s says open minecraft pe but when I open the game it’s says failed to download plz help

  20. SpicyTyson says:

    “Minecraft PE” When I download the resource pack it says that it fails to download! Same goes with the Texture!

  21. Bob says:

    All of your vehicle addons never worked on my ipod 5th gen. Please help

  22. Autobot craft says:

    Thanks i can play the game with this add ons and this add ons so awesome??

  23. Matthew says:

    Why doesnt it work for me it keeps failing im on 1.0 FIX IT PLZZZ

  24. Zoomes says:

    WOWOWOOWOW cool ! ??

  25. MINECRAFTPRO says:

    Yo AgentChicken17 I tried it 45 times and it wouldn’t fricken work

  26. MINECRAFTPRO says:

    AgentChicken17 thx for standing up I know you could do and your really nice

  27. Nothing says:

    Every time i try to get it it says failed to download veichles

  28. AgentChicken17 says:

    Same here River_Playz and MINECRAFTPRO. I really want this and I tried it 3 times

  29. PinkPizzaPony7 says:

    Nice addon! This would be useful for roleplaying

  30. MINECRAFTPRO says:

    River_Playz Mine too 🙁 I just wanted it so bad :,( I really want it

  31. River_Playz says:

    I cant seem to download it (ios) it says you have failed to import..

  32. MINECRAFTPRO says:

    Can U pls fix the download because it keeps failing for me

  33. Supermaster2005 says:

    It doesn’t work it said resources pack is failed

  34. David says:

    Would y’all stop complaining? Have some patience on the owner! He worked hard on this, the reason it’s not working it’s because you Whiney people don’t notice that it’s not compatible for 1.0.1 (Yet??) He might update it or not. Spec, if you’re reading this: Take your time, BUT PLEASE MAKE IT! It’s my dream to have vehicles on my game.

  35. Archie says:

    Get to the MCPE home screen but always says ‘failed to import ~~~’ I’m using iPhone 5c on the newest iOS model.

  36. Cameron Christie says:

    To all the people wondering why the add-on won’t download on the new 1.0.1 update, it’s not compatible. Spectro needs to update the add-on to compatiblize the add-on for the update.

  37. Eman says:

    I try downloading it but it wouldn’t download it said failed to import

  38. Thomas says:

    If it glitches get Wait for a update and that fixes it

  39. ZyroZ says:

    This doesn’t work anymore can u please update it?

  40. AshleyGaming827 says:

    I tried downloading it with the Behavior packs and resource packs and it says Failed to Import file or something.. how do I stop that from happening?

  41. RockGamerDoom YT says:

    Please fix this vehicles again please I want it back I’m on 1.0.1 version on iOS please pretty please fix this again or make one again I really want that smartphone ur a legend and ur awesome the handsome guy!

  42. Me says:

    My Minecraft keeps on crashing when I put the behavior pack and resource pack.:-( I tried it on my friend’s kindle fire and a bunch of blocks changed. Is that supposed to happen and did it crash for any of you?

  43. Adreana Sofea says:

    Wait, bike as creeper,how can I move It man?

  44. MinecraftGamer56 says:

    Can you control the airplane?why and why not?

  45. Gavin Davis says:

    PLZ FIX I tried 1K times and it always says “invalid information” on everything!!!!! SO PPPPLLLLLZZZZZ FIX

  46. I shall not be named says:

    I was going to leave bad feedback, but I looked at the files and I put the Resource Pack in the behaviour pack, and the behaviour pack in the resource pack folders! Anyways, it works great now! Thanks!

  47. Ben says:

    Hi I tried doing the vehicles mod and it worked but when I went into minecraft, it said that it did not work

  48. Athrocks says:

    Is it compitable with 1.0.0 official version

  49. LegendaryNacho24 says:

    update this to have skateboards, motorcycles, traffic police, new cars, busses, and a bunch more city stuff. u could turn it into a city addon

  50. Mr.AwesomeJackFrost says:

    Hey, can you make it so you can play Minecraft on the iPhone in the Addon and use a lever to control the ghast A.K.A plane

  51. Dylan Tucker says:

    It keeps crashing my game

  52. Kurtis says:

    Can you please make a separate texture pack with the phones? I want it for my Roleplay, please and thanks.

  53. Owen says:

    Add a rideable airplane or better a driveable one

  54. Sunset says:

    BTW I’m using IOS

  55. Sunset says:

    Wait….wait…..what I can’t download the Resource Pack I opened it in Minecraft PE but It only says Import Failed

  56. Reagan says:

    And can u actually use the phones?

  57. Reagan says:

    I don’t know how to ride the cars or what they are?

  58. Robert Zurawski says:

    Donyou think that you will make an update that will make controlling the flight of the plane possible?

  59. Kasra says:

    It crashes for me when i use the recourse pack. My device:asus zenpad 8.0
    Please reply i really want to use this addon!!

  60. Christian says:

    You can actually ride a ghast ahem!… airplane if you get close enough to it it says mount

  61. Kid flash says:

    It suck it looks amazing but it crashed my phone and now all of my world is gone it was so important to me I loved it shame!

  62. JT says:

    when i click the plane instantly after it spawned it allows me to ride it… and it freaks out in survival mode

  63. Ava says:

    I LOVE the Vehicle ADD ON but it’s really glitchy so can u make an add on with just the phones I really like the phones

  64. GirlOfLegend says:

    Also I’m not on Android I’m on iOS

  65. DarkDiaries says:

    Uhh hi I really like this addon but when I tried my Minecraft world was stuck on loading is there anyway to fix this problem and can I go into this addon ps: I play this on a ios iPad

  66. Jose silva says:

    I can’t get the texture pack it keeps saying import failed what do I do?

  67. Jonathan says:

    It doesent work just hangs on the generating world and then stops working I click on wait but still no hope plzz help me editor I use android Lenovo Vibe p1

  68. MiguelTheGamer0 says:

    I ride a airplane though! But the airplane goes turning around while using a carrot on a stick

  69. Anonymous says:

    How do I get add on

  70. Robert says:

    Will you make an update in the future that you can control the flight of the plane? Because you can ride it but can steer it.

  71. Anonymous says:

    Is this truetriz

  72. Rocky says:

    ediirto can u make a train addon

  73. LagOps3 says:

    Vlad I am glad
    For your skills to be the opposite of bad
    I’ve been wondering if your name is brad
    If so that would be pretty rad
    But either way your addons are not so bad
    I hope you have a good day like the one I’ve had.

  74. Daniel says:

    Cool Add-on but can you make a Dinosaur Add-on please that will
    Be cool

  75. Kameron says:

    Do a school bus add on please

  76. LightningPower 21 says:

    I have noticed some bugs in this add on.

    1st one is that the sheep has extra legs or something.

    The second one is that mooshroom is like a non-textured car.

    Extra question : is the bat supposed to be blue?

  77. The gaming GECKO says:

    Man after downloading this my minecraft stopped working it’s just very bad

  78. ProGamingMinecraft says:

    You can actually ride the plane but you can’t control it

  79. RishiGamingMC says:

    U can ride the plane but u cannot control the direction

  80. Adnell montemayor says:

    Why the world cant open if i add the resource and the addon?

  81. Anonymous says:

    When I download this addon I extract using es file explorer its says exception bad zip file please fix that

  82. IvanMaulana06 says:

    Like the addon but… why this addon replaces the standard mobs, you can add new entities because horses are important entity in my world

  83. Pedge says:

    Doesn’t work I’m on iOS and it keeps saying generating world

  84. AMVsGalore says:

    Great add on to have fun on. But I do have one suggestion. Could you narrow down the textures to just what is changed? Because I like to use other textures other than default and unfortunately I can’t with this addon because the unchanged mobs, blocks, and everything are included in your recourse pack as default. And I can’t put it below a texture because then that texture overlaps yours. So I would appreciate it if you could do that. If not then I am sure it will be no problem to do it manually myself. Thank you for you time.

  85. Hunter says:

    I am on iOS and the bikes don’t work for me but the cars do. Also when I ride the planes in survival they spin around really fast. Besides that it’s a really fun addon

    • IdeasEmi says:

      Hello,I’m an iOS user too, Have you tried to drive the bike while holding a bowl? It worked for me. About the airplane in the description of the addon it says that you can’t control them, I think the problem you detected was a behaviour that the creator forgot to delete. The ghast tryed to chase you but as you were inside it you only spinned.

    • Cody2074 says:

      I am also noticing the bike issue. They seem to be able to be mounted but cannot be moved, even while holding a bowl. is this the same for you?

  86. Sakina says:

    Love it as like year

  87. H.K triple A says:

    This is a good modxD

  88. Somethai says:

    Pls pls make a city addon with everything you need to make a city cause I’m making a city map!

    • maynard and marc says:

      Me too! It downloaded but it didnt work im skyscrapers are done but airport blah i dont know how to created a airport the airport and runway is done too lame

  89. Anonymous says:

    The texturepack crash the game ;(

  90. Henk says:

    I see that the bicycle can be ride with a bowl…

  91. MC guy says:

    I hope you can have more good addons soon thank you

  92. Starfrostminer says:

    How did you get that GUI for the inventory? I can’t find it.

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