VeinMiner & TreeCapitator Addon

Vein Miner & TreeCapitator Mod is a Minecraft mod that helps mine veins of ores and trees or blocks by mining which have the same type in a chain reaction. That gives you the blocks at the end. It is inspired by Minecraft Java Mod. To use Veinminer, you need to Sneak

Mining Tips: Now that you don’t need to keep crafting many iron and diamond picks to mine faster like in vanilla you can simply make a one and veinmine all them ores. But try to place a them all in fun ways to break its so fun to mine again enjoy.

This is a great way to quickly break the ores you find and continue down the line at a much faster pace. Plus when the blocks break, the ores drop closer to you so you can grab them faster as well. What makes this mod really handy are the ores you don’t see. If you find a single ore during your mining, just break it and see all the others hidden within the walls that you may have missed. 

You do not have to craft any items to have benefit from the veinminer mod. veinminer ability is, by default, set to the crouch or Shift key. Upon any item you can break with your hand ex. dirt, wood, sand, etc. will not require you to have a tool in hand, but an item (nothing specific) will have to be in your hand. Respectively veinmining ores. will require a pickaxe. Also (on most modpacks) by default veinmining will depreciate your hunger and the durability of the tool,if a tool is used.

All ores work with this addon

  • lapis
  • redstone
  • diamond
  • gold
  • iron
  • coal
  • nether quartz
  • nether gold ore


It works simply by using an axe to destroy the bottom block of any tree. As soon as you do the entire tree explodes into all its individual blocks. What’s great is that it also destroys the remaining leaf blocks and gives you all the saplings that would have dropped.

Added blocks











and more

___Other blocks added___


All stone



All Nether wood

All Nether leaves

All Nether updated Stuff haha



Tree capitator added

All logs

All leaves


Changelog View more

All Nether Update Added this included all nether trees in new biomes and all new ores added to the game as well as 1.16 bug fixes in the addon

Added blocks







Other blocks added


All stone




Tree capitator added

All logs

All leaves



Supported Minecraft versions


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136 Responses

3.62 / 5 (50 votes)
  1. WrittenConcept says:

    I absolutely love your add-on! My only problem is it breaking blocks around me (separate from the ones I’m mining) and bedrock breaking around me as well. Is there any way to fix this? No rush or anything, it’s an amazing thing, just wanting to know for the future ^^

  2. Guest-4110865393 says:

    This does not work on Bedrock.

    Experimental mode on, Veinminer enabled – nothing.

    What is up here? Did you upload an older version maybe?

  3. Guest-7921759445 says:

    It doesn’t work in version 🙁
    I tried it on Android and Windows 10

  4. Guest-7685471008 says:


  5. Guest-2196688909 says:

    It’s breaking bedrock and even breaking blocks that I’m not even looking at. I’ll go to vein iron ore and all of the gravel and andesite (etc.) around me will explode into mined blocks. It doesn’t hurt the play-ability, bit it’s insanely nerve racking when you find diamonds and bedrock explodes haha

  6. Guest-4170496239 says:

    please how i can remove the gravel mine option its a problem when i dig

  7. xPhantomDavex says:


  8. Guest-6319107477 says:

    I can’t download this, is there an actual way to download this?

  9. Guest-5863206183 says:

    I could not mine minerals in version

  10. Guest-3814267416 says:

    Can it also dig the obsidian?

  11. Grundite85 says:


  12. Guest-2449855162 says:

    i really want this but the link doesnt work bc of stupid norton safe web so can like someone give me a direct link to a mediafire llink for this

  13. Guest-6096253852 says:

    iFunbox does not work on my laptop. Is there another way to save the file and get it into my IOS device?

  14. Guest-8950979986 says:

    I’ve found a slight annoying bug…. it’s vein mining on its own. Im not crouching/squatting at all…. and well….. it ate my log cabin 🙁

  15. Guest-1359495996 says:

    I think it’s amazing but could you please make it mine things like dirt, cobblestone, and also stone, it would also be a good idea to make it drain durability and hunger, like the normal Veinminer, overall, I’d give it 4/5

  16. Guest-8286954905 says:

    can you make it for 1.14

  17. Guest-3136312596 says:

    THe link does not work please fix this, I Really need this fo rmy survival

  18. Guest-5976234827 says:

    Stupid. after u skip the adfly, it will brings u to another website and just press deny/decline and wait for some secs and u will be teleported to mediafire

  19. Voidsshadow says:

    I would appreciate a more balanced version of this. Don’t get me wrong—I love that you were able to make it affect hunger and durability, but I wish it was an item enchantment.
    For instance:
    Axe – Expert Lumberjack
    Pickaxe – Expert Miner
    Shovel – Expert Landscaper
    Hoe – Expert Farmer

    • Guest-7271139742 says:

      Maybe you crouch and then right click the dirt for expert farmer, you break wood faster for expert lumberjack, you mine dirt, gravel, stuff like that faster with expert landscaper, and expert miner makes you mine hard blocks faster, just hoping this will happen just like you are

  20. Guest-6923061264 says:

    if i break a stone block i break the world? 🙂

  21. Guest-6864405900 says:

    Can you make this addon support 1.14 please?

  22. Guest-7341386243 says:

    wat shader is that lol

  23. Guest-1082340183 says:

    Kindly set the mod to support version 1.14? Thankssss!

  24. VerdantGaming says:

    I love this Addon. Works Perfectly. Just One Question Though! How Do I Add Carrots, Clay Or Other Blocks Of My Choosing To The .functions File. Ive Managed To Add Sand For My Personal Use But Cant Seem To Get Any Others To Work?. Please Help Me

  25. Guest-4884741355 says:

    please “REMOVE VEIN GRAVEL” , it cause lag because of breaking gravel in that certain area. Gravel is also a terrain and below sea floor there’s so many gravel there just like what you’ve said “sand cause lag” (“because they are no gravity blocks”)

  26. Guest-2647495384 says:


  27. Guest-4045883964 says:

    Love it <3

  28. Guest-8604211641 says:

    Amazing but you need to make it based on the block you break instead of the player! Also if I break glowstone(example)and have diorite nearby it will break all of it! And you should limit it to a smaller area at a time so the game doesn’t slow way down(was experiencing rubber banding on single player).
    Other wise is great!

  29. James says:

    Works perfectly on on Huawie P30 Pro… I’m always using it. Thanks alit 🙂

  30. Adam says:

    Dosnt work with backpack addon

  31. ThunderyCargo59 says:

    does it work in 1.14+?

  32. CaptainMaps124 says:

    Does this work in MCPE 1.14?

  33. Creeper Aw Man. So we back in the mine, says:

    Doesnt work correctly in multiplayer

  34. me says:

    For anyone who can’t get it to work, you can put “/function vein” in a repeating command block. Important note: with this way, sneaking is NOT required, so breaking just one is *impossible*. For logs, you can avoid this by stripping the log first, but for ores and crops and stuff, it’s impossible.

    For this reason, I’m rating three stars only. Once this gets fixed, I’ll gladly 5 star it.

  35. Unknown says:

    Good Mod. imma use it

  36. Mathew says:

    I love ur mod and its helpful when playing with friends but can u plz update the mod so it doesn’t need to be at the top of the behaviour pack list to work so it can work with others mod packs like tinker legacy it will be nice to use ur mod on there too plz everyone spread the word so the ceater of this mod will see this

  37. Ryan Legg says:

    What is the command to activate? I imagine it needs one considering it shows you activated it using function on vid. It won’t work joining with addon and crouching.

    • me says:

      Put “/function vein” in a repeating command block. Important note: with this way, sneaking is NOT required, so breaking just one is *impossible*. For logs, you can avoid this by stripping the log first, but for ores and crops and stuff, it’s impossible.

  38. Bt says:

    Can,t play on v1.14.1.5

  39. Muiz Firmansyah says:

    Work very well on mcpe 14.0.50. Thanks you saved my time

  40. BT says:

    I cant mine clay,cobblestone and concrate faster

  41. John says:

    No idea if mod works or not, downloaded and seems to not work for crouching…

  42. Anonymous says:

    Unable to down load. Adfly just keeps saying press allow to continue. Just keep getting junk adds no download. Shoul ban this creator.

  43. Victor Hugo says:

    Update plz, this mod is amzing. Thank you. 😀

  44. PakBoi says:

    It has problem on 1.13 version please update

  45. MagisD says:

    can seem to make it work no matter how I enable it on android

  46. Surjo09 says:

    Bro I love you add-on it’s the best but the leaves don’t work either the carrots work plz fix this two

  47. Quốc Thụm says:

    It works smoothly in the 1.12 version but in the new update, its kinda broken or not working. Please fix for the 1.13 version.

  48. Jarredgo says:

    Why does everyone have to use adfly it’s blocked for me so I can’t ever used their mods

  49. Orlando019 p says:

    Hey uh something’s kind of wrong with this addon cuz sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t and I don’t know why. I log in and it doesn’t work? Pls fix ver 1.13.0 experimental gameplay on.

  50. GameTekWizard says:

    Great Mod but Link is 100% Broken Lol

  51. Shrek123Gaming says:

    Dakonblackrose how do i send you the dungeon?

  52. fds says:

    this website is garbage every time it takes you to a ad or virus site anyone got another website that’s better

  53. ZbotDyno says:

    Nvm I was In gmc lol srry

  54. xengar says:

    im hopping you’ll add logs to this that would be grate!

  55. IffySoulGem says:

    its not working or is bugged while having the treecapitator is active at the same time

  56. Aidan says:

    Quick Question whats the shaders your using

  57. Boi bob says:

    It’s out dated,
    It didn’t work.

  58. NotKingX says:

    Well i dont hate this addon its pretty good…but theres this missing file thing popping up and its not allowing us to use the addon properly sometimes its not working

  59. Xorjt says:

    Can we get a download from something OTHER than adfly? Seriously a dick move to use that site just to make a few cents.

    • Kyriuxn says:

      Seriously every outdated mod that used adfly is inacessable because now its trying to give you scam popups every 5 seconds its horrible and its every single one why cant they just use Mediafire sure after a minute it says something about virus protection or something else but who wouldnt download a possible minecraft virus in a minute anyway heh heh…

  60. Chrik says:

    It only works on ores for me

  61. LittleA says: keeps redirecting me to a page that’s just says “please press allow to continue” with a white bouncing bock next to the phrase. I’ve tried clicking everywhere even on the box there’s no “allow” button please just provide the mediafire link it keeps redirecting me to that page or motherguard :,(((((

  62. Chrik says:

    it wont work

  63. Jeshiswesh2019 says:

    Pls provide just a mediafire link i cant download because of adfly it keeps bringing me to motherguarded

  64. YaParodyBoi says:

    Waste of my storage I apply the Addon and load my world to test it out and it doesn’t work no matter what I did.

  65. DemonicGamer145 says:

    Im a regular Xbox user and most mods/addon always redirect to [Motherguarded.Info] which meas i can’t download this mod any tips? [Xbox Only]

  66. Anonymous says:

    Omg I have always wanted this for my game but now I finally can use this

  67. SpaceNerd says:

    Wood pls?

  68. Anonymous says:

    Does it work on 1.11?

  69. Reactor says:

    It downloaded but its not working for MCPE plz help

  70. ??? says:

    This was originally a mod for terraria.

  71. Matthew7879 says:

    Can you change the redirecion?

  72. Anonymous says:

    doesnt work say its miss a dependent

  73. Juuda says:

    How do you download it

  74. Anonymous says:

    Im really confused on how to use it

  75. WRhine04 says:

    Thank you so much!! I’ve been waiting for this mod for sooooooo long! Keep up the work!

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