Pterodactyl and Velociraptor Add-on

Fun little beasts that love chasing you around! And eating you! Your boring stroll through the Plains biome will no longer be boring! Or a stroll! Excitement followed by panic followed by the need to respawn/rage quit.


These beasts will find YOU in Plains and Roofed Forest biomes. Only at dusk and dawn though. When it’s not too bright and not too dark. The Three Bears of the dinosaur world, they are. They’ll even eat you. They’ll even eat velociraptors. And velociraptors will eat them right back!


These nasty critters can’t take much damage but they’re fast! You’ll also usually find them in packs and they’ll hunt you from afar. And find you, don’t worry.

Every now and then they’ll spawn with a Commando Archer on their backs.* This is a questionable idea to stop the player from being able to stack up to avoid the ‘raptors. You’ll just have to fight it out!

* NOTE: It hasn’t been confirmed by paleontologists (or anyone actually) that Commando Archers co-existed with dinosaurs, or even existed at all, but it would be real convenient if they did! There is a NO ARCHER (boring) version, see links below.

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To the Jurassic youtubers out there, if you do a review/showcase, thank you! Please link back to *this page* on mcpedl. Cheers!

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Due to popular demand - added a NO ARCHERS version. Boooooring. Well, they're still there, but not in survival.

Fixed a bug preventing one of the velociraptor variants from spawning. A few minor changes. Included scarecrow compatibility.

Turned down the velociraptor spawning (a bit), these things are everywhere. Also sped up the pterodactyls again (slightly).

  • Fixed a 1.16 bug where infinite commando archers would spawn (ouch, sorry guys that was a nasty one).
  • Enabled the velociraptors to leap (great fun).
  • Made the Pterodactyls generally (slightly) tougher and faster

Added pterodactyls. Minor adjustments to the velociraptor, mainly to make them (not) coexist with the pterodactyls.


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44 Responses

3.69 / 5 (32 votes)
  1. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee says:

    this is better then the t rex i’d say there is an improvement

  2. Blue Wizard Wolf says:

    Can the pterodactyls be slimmer, have necks, and can it be renamed “Pteranodon”? It’s just a suggestion ?

  3. Aye im not mad about the raptors eyes but the pterodactyl…

  4. ABEREX1 says:

    The mod is nice and all but the dinosaurs do to much damage. 4 hearts in full iron. A T.rex in another mod does 3 hearts in full iron, how does that work?

  5. KingLeo000 says:

    Nice Work!!

  6. Guest-9133983884 says:

    Your raptors hand is just like a T-rex,
    Carnotaurus and gorgosaurus hand pls fix it

  7. Guest-1638187370 says:

    WTF that thing worsted mod ever

  8. Guest-7470951138 says:

    I mean it’s not bad, but I personally like scientific accurate dinosaurs more, but still a good addon. And I like how you added the pterodactyl, barely any addons now have flying prehistoric reptiles.

  9. Guest-4653276260 says:

    This is an alright addon, but I have a few problems with the raptor models. You dont have to make the raptors or pterodactyls accurate, but I think the raptor models could be improved, and possibly give the pterodactyls have necks.

  10. Guest-1424749732 says:

    Make it so they drop Bone Blocks!

  11. Guest-6759279199 says:

    Alright, I haven’t downloaded this addon (and I don’t intend to), but I just wanted to put out there that I’ve personally tried making addons. And, it’s hard! Harder than you think! So, just respect this guy.

    P.S. Do you even KNOW what commando means?! ??

  12. Guest-2484059232 says:

    Please can you make an aircraft mod

  13. Nice but need some model improvement to make people happy about this add-on

    • DevastatorX5 says:

      It’s kinda nice u guys are making dinosaur add-ons that don’t let u tame them always and I’m glad u removed the archers coz that takes away the immersion can u make an add-on with all dinosaurs combined it will save time ?

  14. Guest-7738876426 says:

    what the hell is this they have square feet

  15. Guest-4811934912 says:

    Make them tamable

  16. Beam006 says:

    Add T-Rex and Indominus Rex Plz

  17. Guest-5656222644 says:

    If you not like it go to much better add-on for you and don’t call him gay he put lot of effort for this after that you will just say his gay.shut up your freaking mouth

  18. VocalicSea67145 says:

    Could you make the raptors tamable and have the commandos serve as something like a skeleton jockey or skeleton on a skeleton horse?

  19. odarmamx says:

    Bro i am big fan of your addons but this one is not your best, commandos design is too modern for Minecraft and they are no tameable, also the velociraptor texture is kinda weird.

    Great work, just not your best

  20. Guest-3393626056 says:

    Please please please please please please please pleaseeeee make an aircraft addon

  21. Guest-2351088808 says:

    Amazing add on, can we get a bunch more dinosaurs???

  22. Guest-5601119594 says:

    No offense but the texture for the raptors is not that good I don’t mean to be rude but if there where to be an update I’d recommend a different texture once again don’t mean to be rude it’s a good idea but it’s been done so many times before people have very high expectations at this point I’m just giving I’m opinion you do not have to listen to my advice. :3

  23. kingofdrago123 says:

    what is that thing no offence i cant code but thats not velociraptor i know u said its not accurat but it dosent have the famous toe ;-; i can’t belive this was 4 star im not trya be mean but atleast do the toe…

  24. Guest-8144882606 says:

    Great add-on but can you change the commando to a more medieval look? If not that’s fine

  25. Guest-7017915327 says:

    Dude that’s not a velociraptor they had big toes…

  26. Liam TDP says:

    Hey nice addon Dex and Dad but need more improvement on mouth texture I suggest add sone theeth and make animation that open its mouth

  27. Guest-8456592123 says:

    can you make it tameable and the archers will not attack players and only attack zombies or a kind of monsters

  28. Arachnology_Bruh says:

    So unrealistic, i kinda expected better of you.

  29. Red Fan says:

    Really Nice Addon! But maybe instead of having bows the commandos could have crossbows? And there could be a variant with a iron sword? Just a idea.

  30. Guest-1176654707 says:

    Cool addon, but u should make them tameable

  31. Guest-9346629960 says:


  32. Guest-3421091285 says:

    That’s great! But you should change it model and add more animations to his mouth next update add more dinosaurs pleas because dinosaur addons are rare !

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