By Editor
Published on February 26, 2015 (Updated on February 26, 2015)

Vending Machines Mod

I really want to download this add-on but the links do not work, it always says error 404, I don't know why, please fix it.
Make this for xbox or media fire download!!!
Can you make one with snacks like chips,protein bars, and muffins and other things?
PLZ made this for iOS!!!!!
Guys Is Herobrine Real?
I Think It Is I Just Saw One
Herobrine is not real. No reason to worry. However, if other people are joining your world, they may have on a herobrine skin.
How to use this mod

This is a block launcher or some thing

Pls make a video?
Do you need to download both links in order for the mod to work?
This mod looks great but plz do ios download!!
What a shame this mod looks cool and I can't get it cause the link is wrong
Hey! ? This seems SOOOO cool, but is there iOS!
can you add this mod to mcpe master for 0.14.0 version i want this mod!
When I tried playing with the mod and the texture pack, the vending machines worked but the texture pack made everything look weird. Can you please reply. Thank for reading.
Probably due to the fact it hasn't been updated for a while.