VerseCrafter: The Fire of Determination [Adventure]

The Fire of Determination is the second of map in the VerseCrafter map series. All of your memories have been lost and you are forced to look deep inside your own head to unlock your hidden memories and take back your sanity. It’s a really cool decision based adventure map which combines everything from puzzles to parkour to create some exciting gameplay. It’s best suited for version of Minecraft Pocket Edition since it uses custom sounds.

Creator: Cheete, Twitter Account
Updated: 9 March, 2017 (bug fixes, custom sounds)


Your name is Ren Harrow and you’ve lost all of your memories. Find a way to reach The Hall of Memories to restore your memories. But it’s not going to be easy since you’ve got to complete 7 gates of emotional spectrums. Venture off into the gate of courage and try to find The Fire of Determination which is required for unlocking The Gate of Green.

versecrafter-2-3versecrafter-2-4 versecrafter-2-1

Important: This map is recommended for version since it uses custom sounds. But you can also play it without the custom sounds.

Download .McWorld
Download .ZIP

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43 Responses

5 / 5 (3 votes)
  1. Winteress says:

    dude great map! i love the plot and different characters you add in, mini games 10/10 creativity, music was kinda just an explosion of sound but redstone and transitions are brilliant and smooth.

    keep making more maps ma dude 🙂

  2. Winteress says:

    dude great map! i love the plot and different characters you add in, mini games 10/10 creativity, music was kinda just an explosion of sound but redstone and transitions are brilliant and smooth.

    keep making more maps ma dude 🙂

  3. gia says:

    When is the third coming out? I love all the other maps by you!

  4. Rowan Alfar says:

    It won’t even load properly for me. I would wait and it wouldn’t bring me to the download page.

  5. Johan Marxh Bardos says:

    Fix this please Im on iOS 10 and I clicked the .mcworld file I clicked the download file but nothing happens it loaded and I was like “YAY” but it keeps on unloading

  6. HuskyGamingTES says:

    I hope you make chapter 3

  7. Anonymous says:

    What’s the seed?

  8. CreepsterSays says:

    I’ll make a vid about this

  9. FunnyCake69 says:

    It can work for Minecraft Windows 10 Edition as well!

  10. Easeyos says:

    Wheres The Texture?

  11. Anonymous says:

    The resourcepack wont work for me

  12. Jamari says:

    The texture pack still dose not work

  13. BlueFoxKidd says:

    Hey editor plz plz plz can you help me build me my map plz if not editor plz someone else

  14. Jony says:

    After 5 minutes of building terrain boom it crashed

  15. Overblox says:

    You mind making a video of it so i can see the sounds in the map?

  16. A Minecrafter says:

    Great map! I’ve played both parts and I can’t wait for the third! Keep up the awesome work!

  17. Brittlock says:

    hello! i was wondering if versecrafter 3 will be a thing, and i will play versecrafter one and two until it comes out! not rushing you or anything, but good luck building the things for versecrafter 3! if it’s ever coming out.

    • Cheete says:

      VerseCrafter 3 is a really long map. It won’t be coming out until maybe around the end of march or around April. There’s supposed to be 1000 choices so we are busy at the moment. We are also working on audio voice acting for some parts of the map.

  18. Clowny Mate says:

    Where is the map texture

  19. PhantomKingYT says:

    Why cant i invite my friend to this world

  20. Nathan Sloan says:

    The map won’t import correctly into MCPE for me?

  21. kcirtap5002 says:

    It won’t download for me Can u fix it?

  22. NinjaxGamer7 says:

    Where is the .mcpack file download link?

  23. Doesn't Work on IOS says:

    I got excited because it was a .mcworld file, but when I press it, this is what happens: It took me to a different page, I pressed open in Minecraft Pe, and it said importing world. I was like,”yay” but when it finished, it took me back to the mcpe menu. I checked the worlds list, and it wasn’t there. HAAALLLPPP

  24. ModCreater says:

    I hope u are able to play this soon ;-; I will wait cuz i love this sequel..

  25. Jaedyn willson says:

    It doesn’t work for meh how do u do it? Cuz when I click it, it says importing world and it just goes to the home page and does nothing HELP

  26. Sam says:

    I love how it’s an mcworld file and I can download those ones and mcpack ones but those only but whenever I go on it it goes all fine and it says importing world but then when the loading is done it takes me back to the mcpe main menu!And so it doesn’t take me onto the world nor is it on my worlds list!I think this will be an amazing map if I can download it.Please help me or fix this issue!Ps;sorry for the long comment;)

  27. Won't Work says:

    Why won’t it work for IOS?

  28. Maya says:

    It doesn’t ant to work for me. It says “importing Orleans” then I am back into my normal minecraft world . Do you know what I should do ? I am also on iOS. Please help me because this map looks like so much fun !!!!!!!!!?

  29. Eduardo Montenergo says:

    Change the folder that has the world and texture pack and make it look like it’s a addon texture pack and .McWorld

  30. says:


  31. says:

    Super Awsome!

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