Veteran Supreme Addon

You played your survival worlds over and over again. You know everything there is about survival and beat everything you can think of. Eventually it gets boring without a challenge. No need to deal with skimpy cheat addons. This brings everything here in one hardcore addon!

Creator: Cipheroid


  • Skeletons and Zombies no longer burn in daylight and will always try to find mounts
  • Most common hostile mobs have been buffed in range, health, and power
  • Skeleton and zombie horses are ridable, can have armor, and each has their own perks. (Skeleton horse jumps high, Zombie horse never drowns and can swim fast)
  • Creepers and fireballs have larger more deadlier explosions
  • Zombie horses now spawn naturally in the overworld
  • Zombie pigmen have a chance of becoming rogue attacking you
  • Endermen (and sometimes Blazes) are buffed up in scale
  • Witches, lightning bolts, skeleton horses, cave spiders, skeletons, wither skeletons, blazes, and even the freaking wither spawns naturally outside of nether fortresses
  • Wither skeletons now have a 50% chance of having an enchanted stone sword
  • Zombie Pigmen can now wear golden/leather armor and carry more weapons
  • Skeletons shoot more rapidly
  • Baby zombies spawn more often
  • Slimes and magma cubes have buffed health stages
  • Snow golems have more health and no longer watch the floor looking for your monster spawners
  • Villagers no longer walk on damage blocks like an dumb idiot
  • The wither and ender dragon has boosted health
  • End crystals now have massive explosions to prevent players from scaling the obsidian towers and surviving
  • The loot within nether fortresses have been massively revamped, so you have a chance of getting unobtainable blocks and unique loot you can’t normally find
  • The bonus chest loot contains the enough materials to build a portal and survive in the nether (Surviving with only the bonus chest in the nether is really hard)
  • Rare chance of getting skulls from killing mobs and other players

Do not underestimate this addon. It was made to be very difficult. You have been warned, so have fun and don’t die!


  1. Download Behaviors .McPack
  2. Activate the pack for a world in-game

You can get a .ZIP file for this addon here.

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24 Responses

4.69 / 5 (16 votes)
  1. Steve0899 says:

    Are you planning on updating it?

  2. Guest-4302007734 says:

    Se puede aplicar en Realms???

  3. Guest-9926663217 says:

    update?… plz 😛

  4. Ryft Darkmile says:

    This is still one of the best addons, I see an accusation down there that you didn’t make this though I’m doubtful it wasn’t you given that I’ve looked at a lot of Java addons and haven’t seen anything similar, (typically I notice that Java addons change a lot more in MC because they can) This still works in my worlds but man would love if you would work on an update Cipheroid, if you did port this over it’s no big deal as I’m thankful you did.

    • Cipheroid says:

      I have a lot of other sites post my addon for likes and views. I would not be surprised if people assumed they created it instead of me. Unlike other addon creators, I allow that stuff since I don’t care if I’m accused or not.

      All I care is that people get to play this addon and have fun with it even if my name is stripped and my addon stolen.

      Since the documentation is finally ready to work with, I’m updating Veteran Supreme.

  5. Anonymous says:

    can you update this to 1.13 pls

  6. Cthulhu Warrior says:

    More suggestions for this amazing addon: Ravager- when Ravagers roar they will fly you into the air and far away like a iron golem. Ravagers will shoot fireballs when they charge. Ravagers have 200 hp. Evoker- they will summon 50 evocation fangs, 10 vexes, and 4 fire balls. Evokers can now teleport unless riding a ravager. Evokers now have 40 hp. Evokers have a chance to use the totem. Pillagers- shoot faster than players do with crossbows. Faster. Now have 30 hp. Vindicator- hit twice as hard and will really bash you’re shield out of existence. Vindicators are much faster. Vindicators have 30 hp. Vex-faster. Deal more damage. Ignore armor and shields. Evocation fangs- deal 3 times more damage. Illagers now when seeing a ravager will mount them. Illagers will also spawn more often in raids. Ravagers spawn in mansions. Illagers will act very similar to wolves and zombie pigmen when one is getting hurt all the others go after that target. Illagers can open any door except iron. Skeletons of any type except stray are immune to fire and lava. Skeletons of any type won’t burn in sunlight. Witch- throws 5 potions at the you. Occasionally summons undead and throws lingering potions. Pigs, cows, and chicken are now neutral and will not run. Wither- don’t make it spawn randomly. Has 700 hp instead of 600. It’s explosion summon and death will be much larger and more powerful destroying an entire shield in one hit. It will summon twice as much wither skeletons. Enderdragon- has 1,000 health instead of 200. Teleports randomly, shoots a stream of shulker bullets sometimes, summons endermen, when shooting its one dragon fireball it will shoot 3. Enderman- much larger. Sometimes shoots 1 shulker bullet if it can’t reach you. Effects you with blindness when staring at it. Endermite- bit bigger. Deals 12 damage and dosent attack endermen anymore. Creeper- faster. Has 40 hp. Explodes when killed. Bigger explosion.

    • Cipheroid says:

      I want to make things as vanilla as possible, so I will only change their behaviors, spawns, and loot instead of their stats. I have to account for multiplayer too. It’s already hard to balance Veteran Supreme to the point where it’s still fun instead of too hard.

  7. Vrod says:

    Give the mobs diamond gear….
    But don’t over do the diamond stuff
    Its quite difficult already..

  8. Alesscreeper says:


  9. Lmaster01 says:

    Can u list the unobtainable blocks and make them a bit more common in chests

    Its a bit nitpicky but i love buildig with those blocks so plz if u can list them and plz listen to my suggestion thanks -LM1

  10. Leonardo says:

    Esta de lujo

  11. Jdjd says:

    I’m definitely playing with more than one person

  12. Raboy_13 says:

    How did you make other mobs naturally spawn like the wither or lightning?

  13. Bad Builder says:

    I love it, But could you not put the wither to spawn naturally outside fortresses everything else is fair and great though!

  14. TheCannibull says:

    looks like a great challenge mabye a bit too much for me

  15. swordinhestone says:

    good addon, but needs to be more difficult, like maybe make ore rarer, and give the player less health, and maybe make a part where you get one life, like hardcore. also, change the drop rates of mobs, so its harder to get the good stuff

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