Village with both Swamp and Jungle Villagers Near Spawn! (Seed)

Are you looking to make an army of Swamp or Jungle Villagers? Well this seed starts you off with some of these rare Villagers and you can make more by expanding the village more into both the Jungle and Swamp biome that it’s in! 

Seed: 992815959

Village Coordinate: 200, 70, 90

     As soon as you spawn, turn left and walk through the large Jungle Edge biome to the Swamp. There the Taiga Village should be to your right and you will find the Swamp/Jungle Villagers inside! If you go straight forward from spawn instead, you can find a Jungle Temple as a bonus. I included a map below to show the overview of the area to help you out. I know this seed isn’t super crazy but I hope you still enjoy it!

Seed ID


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18 Responses

4.33 / 5 (9 votes)
  1. Claire1593 says:

    This is an amazing seed! Great find!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Y me podrías decir dónde está el biomasa mesa en esta semilla porfavor

  3. Sophie says:

    It works however it is a zombie village which mean they are all zombie villagers

  4. makarov fatass says:

    why is it a zombie village

  5. Anonymous says:

    Well I came on there was no village where the swamp and jungle meet also there is no temple and the jungle isn’t as busy with trees it looks a lot different from the picture but I guess I could still settle with this , I mainly needed the jungle and swamp Biome so thanks

  6. Anonymous says:

    This is exactly what i needed i havent been on it yet tho i needed since i wanted slimes to spawn nearby and wanted the features of the jungle

  7. CM GOD says:

    I saw a village but not near in the swamp

  8. Gyan Prakash says:

    You will find another village if you walk left till the end of swamp and start of plains where there is a big village.

  9. asd says:

    jungle temple CORDS please

  10. Cleryfrey says:

    Legit!! I haven’t found the temple yet but the village is legit!!! Thank you!!!

  11. DuskyCreeper says:


  12. Mr. Human says:

    All the people who say these are fake, It actually works! At least i got it… You two should try typing it CORRECTLY this time! And also don’t just try once then give a bad review!

  13. Sanne Berkhout says:

    Havent searched for the tempel yet But the village is defenetly there🙂

  14. Don’t use this seed the person lied

    • I just tried the seed again and it works for me. Are you sure you typed 992815959 correctly into the seed box? You should’ve spawned in a Jungle with the village forward and to the left from spawn in a diagonal direction.

  15. William Amiss says:

    I recommend NOT using this “seed” because this person says their is a jungle temple and a village but lied

    • If I lied, then how did I managed to get a picture of said world? Just to make sure I didn’t do a typo, I tried the seed and again and it works. Are you sure you typed 992815959 into the seed box correctly?

      You should spawn in a Jungle with the Village at 200, 70, 90 and the Jungle Temple at 0, 80, 200. let me know if you still can’t generate the world and I’ll try and help troubleshoot.

      • Guest-2808322011 says:

        I guess it is version difference. I don’t find village either in those coordinates, but the biom seems right of your description. Mineatlas shows no village in those coordinates.

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