Village Creator (Function Pack)

This very early version of Village Creator will help you create your very own customized villages with ease and simplicity and every building added will be up to date with the Village and Pillage update for MCPE.

This new and very early version of Village Creator was inspired by TH3EMILIS and i really hope to make this a better version with more features packed into it. So far it includes 4 different types of huts all up to date, the new blacksmith, a leather worker station, an armorer station, 3 different types of farms, a well and a church. Much much more will be added in the coming in the future including rotation, more variants of wells and huts, and structures based on biome.

How to use:

In game you can use the command /function help or /function help2 to get all the commands to generate the buildings. I’m trying my best to keep every name as short as possible so its more simple and fast to generate everything in. Also for the time being because i cant figure out how to fix it you have to be 3 blocks above your desired place to place the buildings. Note that all the buildings are currently facing north and i will implement every other direction in the future.

Known issues:

– You have to be 3 blocks above where you want to place every building, besides the church and well in which you’ll have to be 2 blocks above, I don’t know why this is but i hope to have it fixed in the next update.

– Hut 4 is generating weirdly even after redoing it more than once i also want to fix this in the next update. (FIXED)

– A major thing is i have been having compatibility issues because the update is still new so i had to create every building by hand to make all these structures in an older version of Minecraft so the worker stations do not in-fact generate with the buildings they will have to be placed separately.

Changelog View more

Added a "how to use" section in the description of the post.

-Added 4 person village house

-Added Butchers Work station

-Added a new help page "/function help2"

-Added stands

-Added Tool Smith Station

-Added a new well

-Fixed Twin Hut

-Fixed Hut 4

-Changed "church" to "cleric"

-Added a new cleric work place

-Minor fixes


If you have a previous version of this uninstall it in order to install the newest one.


Supported Minecraft versions


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16 Responses

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  1. Atten007 says:

    Error message: When I executed the command, the house appeared or spawned, but the left door was open and was only half generated.

  2. RandomBuilder says:

    The buildings only face one way for me

  3. Juan says:

    What is the comand for generate the villages?

  4. Cool dude says:

    How about doing the mansion with this

  5. Vigil says:

    Nice job, man. Keep it up 😉

  6. Mert the Turk says:

    I like it it fits with the village and pillage update but i have an idea that make it work with survival mode you can add a new villager profession like builder or something and add a special block for it to turn jobless villagers to builders but it cant spawn naturally in villages you need to craft and place it just like other jobs he can sell blueprints or scrolls for buildings this blueprints/scrolls can work like spawn eggs for buildings also he can sell bells and profession blocks that way you can build your own village in survival you can do it without mods but that make it more fun pls add that if you can

    • Oluminide says:

      I’m not all that advanced in the new add-on thing because when i used to make mods like that it was back in 0.5.0 or something but ill see if i could try, wouldn’t hurt to try something new. Thanks for the suggestion!

  7. Justin Sheehan says:

    You should do one where you can load builds like empire stats building in any of your worlds and make a lot of instant build addon. That would be cool. Plzz replied.

    • Oluminide says:

      I actually have already thought of that i just don’t have a lot of building suggestions. If you have any schematics or building suggestions ill make a pack specially for you with your specific buildings and i’m even working on a way to rotate them to your liking.

    • Oluminide says:

      I really like your idea maybe like a modern city function pack. I’ll get to work on that as soon as i work out some stuff with the village pack like rotation and more. Until then you could definitely help me with some ideas for some buildings. Thank you!

  8. Wow, looks like this took a lot of work. Good job.

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