Village Generator: World Edition

This is a flat world which adds new structures in the game that can be generated by using structure blocks. You can use these to generate even a whole village!

Created by Th3Emilis ( Twitter Account | YouTube Channel | Discord Server )

How to Use

Use /function help in chat, and other commands listed by it, to get the name of the structures that you’ll type in the Structure Name field of the structure block.



Structure blocks are still an experimental feature, which means Experimental Gameplay option must be enabled in world settings. Also, the structures can’t be copied to other worlds, as the structures are not saved as a separate file.

Terms of Use

By using this world, you agree to not:
– distribute the world without creator’s consent;
– modify files from the world and/or claim them as your own;
– distribute the world with custom or monetized links.


Supported Minecraft versions


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Installation Guides

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12 Responses

4.2 / 5 (5 votes)
  1. Guest-8830361365 says:

    Hey can you make this a pack so we can use it in survival

  2. Soldier Upsertsy says:

    I have a video about this it uses this world but i have nothing to prove it iz the world although it iz fun you want to watch it?

  3. Soldier Upsertsy says:

    Yeah it iz probably confusing since i used the function packs both of them on the world. But iz /function village/plains a new thing i wish you canadd a speci mob to tis world that you can fight or they pillage dis world and you have to protect it.

    • Th3Emilis says:

      Using /function village/plains in Village Generator builds you a village.

      This world has the same concept of that function pack, except it uses structure blocks to build the village. The pro of this is that you can rotate the structure, but the con is that it’s a world, not an add-on that you could add to any world.

  4. Hexagon_Gamer12 says:

    How do use it? Can you give me example? I don’t understand your freaking pack!!!

  5. Meme boi says:

    me : *has build the entire village structure
    This map : *exist
    Me : ah the academy was waisted.

  6. Soldier Upsertsy says:


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