Village Guards Addon

Villages have for too long been victims to vicious attacks by zombies and other monsters of the underworld. This addon implements archers and swordsmen who will loyally guard the townsfolk and fend off possible intruders. And if you don’t think that there are enough of them you can always train villagers to join the force!

Creator: Deedubbs, Twitter Account
Updated: 8 April, 2017 (full changelog)

How does it work?

A villager guard is a new type of mob which can be found spawning in villages. You can also use a wither skeleton spawn egg since it replaces that mob.

There are archers (35% spawn rate) and swordsmen (65% spawn rate). All guards wear a chainmail vest and an iron helmet. They are also equipped with a bow or a sword depending on their class.

Guards spend most of their time patrolling the village looking for possible threats to eliminate. This includes monsters or anything else which want to cause harm to the villagers.

It’s mainly during nighttime that the guards show their usefulness. Monsters will continuously try to break into the homes of the villagers but as long there are guards around none of that is going to happen.

You can train ordinary villagers to become guards.

  • iOS / Android: Hold an iron helmet, long press on the villager and press Train
  • Windows 10: Hold an iron helmet and right-click the villager to train him


You can swap the guard’s weapon by giving him a new one. Currently it’s just the bow and iron sword which are supported.


Give each of your guards some personality by giving them a name. Like Greigor, Haggard, Betty or Leif. All of them are awesome names for guards!

Use an anvil to rename a name tag item. Then use the name tag on a guard to rename him or her.

Give a village guard an empty glass bottle and it will turn into a healer. Walk up to a healer if you are injured to top up your health. Healers are passive and unarmed so make sure to keep an extra eye out for them and keep them guarded during the night.

You can give a blaze rod to a villager guard to turn him into a wizard. Wizards have the ability to throw fireballs at their enemies. Make sure to keep them far away from trees, grass or anything which he might accidentally set on fire.

Guard Villager Features:

  • Wither skeletons replaced by village guards
  • Armor/weapons: iron sword/bow, chain mail vest, iron helmet
  • They can open and close doors
  • Automatically fights nearby monsters
  • Spawns in villages
  • Give a villager an iron helmet to train it into a villager guard
  • Give a villager an empty glass bottle to turn it into a healer.
  • Swap weapons (bow, iron sword)
  • Wither skulls spawn randomly in Nether bridge chests
  • Name your guards with name tags
  • Guards walk slowly
  • Compatible with villager trading
  • Guards walk more frequently indoors but their speed is decreased
  • Give a guard a blaze rod to turn him into a wizard. As a wizard he has the ability to throw fireballs.


  • Wizards – give a village guard a blaze road and he will be able to throw fireballs at enemies
  • Restored sword guard attack power to 4 (up from 3). They can take out creepers before they explode once again (thanks for the feedback Ragnar!)
  • Slowed bow guard attack speed to 1 – 2 seconds (up from 0.8 – 1.2 seconds) so they aren’t rapid firing all the time (thanks for the feedback Blaze8403!)
  • Village guard sounds haven’t been working as they use the same files as regular skeletons. Removed until Mojang adds the ability to point to custom sounds.


  1. Download Addon .McAddon
  2. Apply the packs for a world in-game.

You can get a .ZIP file for this addon here.

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268 Responses

4.19 / 5 (42 votes)
  1. Guest-4468914904 says:

    Bro can u pls enable taming options??whr u can tame the guards and make them follow u or stand in their positions like wolves as u please, bt whnvr its attacked by a foreign player or hostile mob, all the guards fight it together…i think it wud be a gr8 idea…just a suggestion…😂😂😂

  2. MrAgentBlaze's Second Account says:

    the other villager guard addon is more advanced and evolved than this. this one still needs to replace a mob while the other is a fully custom mod

  3. Guest-7409756321 says:

    Update for 1.14.30 PLEASE!!!

  4. Guest-5927579429 says:

    i like that but please make for ps3 if you can

  5. TheRedPvpYT says:

    This really work in MCPE
    But please fix this
    The Bow is invisible
    I can’t give them the iron helmet
    They don’t really open or close doors cuz of the MCPE
    Is it ok to add shields?
    Love this addon ❤️
    Thx for making this

  6. Discord96 says:

    Made a tweet to the maker of this addon. Feel free to send messages of support as he believed people didn’t use this addon anymore
    Let’s get this addon back to life

  7. Anonymous says:

    I cant train villagers anymore please fix it

  8. ARDs says:

    Yo creator bro, please update already. Loved using this add-on during early versions but now incompatible. It’s been 2 years now for crying out loud!

  9. Aminaa says:

    I need to tell one thing. They not attacking to monsters and listens like skeletons. And in survival they attacked me. Too much big bugs

  10. No One says:

    With the new capabilities of the latest updates, you can now create completely new entities to the game. Use these tools to update the addon.

  11. Sprigganplayz says:

    I cant give them helmets because it always go to trade. When i hold the helmet and i long press it to the villagers it goes to the trade

  12. ezif says:

    Dear Creator,pls update this cause there is a new update to mcpe which you could add custom mobs so that you could tons of new guards and retun the wither skeleton,but still great add on.

  13. Angelo says:

    All features work for me. But I can’t trade with them and they can’t open doors. It is still a very great addon.

  14. Angelo says:

    I see them without helmets. I tried on older versions but they have helmets. My newest version is 1.9. Please fix it. BTW the best add-on

  15. McpeddFan11 says:

    I actually like this Addon, I use them as my soldiers to fight in battle

  16. Angelo says:

    After archers came into battle, they can accidentally hit other archers or swordsmen and afterwards they attacked each other afterwards. Could you fix this problem? BTW a best add-on.

  17. Angelo says:

    The #1 add-on for me!

  18. Anonymous says:

    OMG!!! So NICE!!

  19. Nnsjsjz says:

    This addon is so good

  20. andrew_9898 says:

    Why don’t they kill husks?

  21. WailedBoat661 says:

    You should make them tameable. That way one can make the guards stay at posts to protect that person’s base. All in all, though, great game.

  22. Kris says:

    Mod is not work, why?

  23. Anonymous says:

    umm i need help with this mod. i cant give them swords, bows, blaze rods, and empty bottles and i have no other mods installed plz help

  24. OTAKU Boy says:

    Hi there,
    I have an idea but I cannot do add ons though..
    Give a totem and it turn into a guard that summons evocation fang.
    Give a trident (if you could change everything the resource pack of the trident) and it will throw spear on enemies.
    Give Ender Pearl and change its role to attack its target by using Shulker projectiles.

    That’s it

  25. Aizzul Luqman says:

    I cant change between sword and bow for the soldier….

  26. Anonymous says:

    I really love the sound of it but I can’t figure out how to download it plz make it clearer how to download it

  27. Anonymous says:

    It would be cool if during the night the guards could carry around torches and if there would be different classes like: a royal guard that has full iron armor.

  28. Abdal says:

    Hey Mr.Creator…can u pls add more weapons and allow us to tame them….pls….orelse its an awesome addon ths

  29. SomaticFrog3100 says:

    Did you know there was a command to give them random stuff

  30. sage says:

    Could you release a separate file that make it so iron golems are replaced instead?
    Thanks for this great addon

  31. Reverend Jesus says:

    This is an awesome idea; I’d love to see this for Java Minecraft, maybe as a Bukkit plugin?

  32. Someine says:

    Hi editor
    When i press “give” it doesn’t work
    please reply

  33. leo says:

    there should be a giant villager guard

  34. Creeper_person says:

    But still, great addon 👍

  35. Creeper_person says:

    When I try to change the weapon of the guard, it doesn’t work. I hold the bow, (or any other item) press give, does nothing. Plz help. So confused. 😫

  36. $tryker says:

    Oh and to fix that problem where Guards don’t become healers and wizards- they are already wizards and healers, it’s just that their gear didn’t change due to an MCPE addon bug. Just exit your game and go back in, and they will have their gear (and scripts) equipped.

  37. $tryker says:

    Um… It’s like version 1.2 and they already added Custom sound. Can you update the Guard’s sound files from Skeleton to Villager?

  38. MR-J says:

    When will there Be a next update! Last update was last year and you have stop listening to our comments
    Also please make a horse back riding guard , healer guard and a legendary guard like it has 300 health and 50 damage has a sword and a shield and replaces a minor creature so it would be common not too as big as a standard golem but not as small as a regular villager

  39. AntiZombieAgent says:

    I recommend making the archers and the swordmen replace vindicators and have the healers and wizards replace evokers but that is just my opinion.

  40. Anonymous says:

    Love the idea on this addon, but perhaps replace the Snow Golem instead of the Wither Skeleton?

  41. Adam says:

    This addon is great. But now the wizard and healer no longer work, at least not for me. Also switching from sword to bow no longer works. Thanks for the great addon.

  42. NoFaceIDK says:

    Can someone help me how to swap weapons

  43. Samuel says:

    Hey Deedubs there is a way to change the way they sound. Moaning fixed that bug

  44. AlfonzoATG says:

    Hello There Creator theres a problem of this addon when i install it properly theres a problem.. When i give a bow to the Guard or a sword or any specific items it doesn’t work please fix it… im new

  45. John says:

    Good mod, but, in my opinion, it would be better if it has not replaced wither skeletons. Just adding the training system in ordinary villagers would preserve the game experience of vanilla, but now with this amazing feature

  46. Danial says:

    I am using 1.1 and this addon has someproblems for example you cant chage gaurds weapons from sword to bow
    And plus if you throw a healing potion at gaurds they get damage
    Other than that you addon is cool

  47. Salty says:

    I like the add-on I think it’s a great idea! But I am unable to make the villagers into guards. I am playing on 1.10 if that makes any difference. I am also on a laptop. But I right click an nothing happens.

  48. Deedubs loyal fan says:

    make it mutant villager guard & villager (some of them not all) that will be awesome!! i really hope you do this

  49. T.. says:

    Looks like there’s abug when they hold the weapon and i can’t give them the blaze rod and glass bottle,why???

    • Jaydon Mcvay says:

      i am having the sam problem when i take off the resource packs its ok but no resource packs work the all have their swords and bows up to their shoulders can u please fix this or tell me how to

  50. Cutfack201 says:

    This is a cool add on I hope the guards will be able to ride horses in the future

  51. Blueskyfire21 says:

    Add a villager guard that replaces the iron golem that guard has a big body and can be spawn by spawning it like an iron golem or give it a potion of strenght

  52. didi says:

    does it work with the minecraft pc edition ? i don’t get how to intall it

  53. Widow_Maker says:

    Love this addon. The best. Healer addition is interesting.
    Only thing that would make this addon better would to to make them able to change color with dyes…like sheep and wool. That way we could have the guards different colors for different empires. I don’t even know if it would be possible.

  54. nathan says:

    This is a really cool mod now i can make guards in my village and not make iron golems which is hard to make but it would be great if the players can give the guards any weapons and armor so they can be much more stronger…thnx for the mod

  55. Tuner7172 says:

    There is a Problem with the Models. The swords and bows are on the wronge spot. Is that a normel bug, because of the new version of mincraft or is something wrong with my Files?

  56. Alexander says:

    It’s a bug my sword and Bow Villagers weapon are up on The head

  57. A minecraft player says:

    Is the Changelog updated?

    It says mcpe doesnt have support for sounds..

    But that’s not true.. It has support for sounds and music too..

    Please add some sounds

  58. Brandon says:

    Make Healer and Wizard have custom texture.Healer maybe can have yellow stripes and orange shirt.Wizard can have a blue coat and red stripes plus healer would not wear helmet.

  59. Anonymous says:

    Dear Editor, It doesn’t work when I try to “give” a sword or bow. One thing, Villager Guard attack each other when Bow Villager Guard miss target. That not like before, don’t attack each other even miss target when the target is died.

  60. Sage Smith says:

    My village burned down because of a Wizard. Can you please do something to where he doesn’t burn stuff down?

  61. David says:

    One more thing; make the guards not be able to attack creepers, as they can blow up parts of the village, which happened to me twice.

  62. David says:

    Nice job with the nerfs. But again, I’d love to see the village guards to be able to fight the wither, as the guards have no effect against it in any form of damage. Thanks for the awesome add on, I can see this to be PE’s greatest add on!

  63. MR-J says:

    Editor please add at least 10% chance for horseback guards it would be really cool and you can train a horseback guard giving him a horse armor

  64. TheCannibull says:

    Cant u already make custom sounds in resource packs?

  65. Alexander says:

    And so they can ride on Horse That should be awsome😀😀😀😀😀

  66. Alexander says:

    Can you please add Shields to sword Villager That should be so cool

  67. MCPEDL FAN says:

    They kill me!

  68. Fawfuls TNT says:

    Custom sounds were compatible with Minecraft pe since update 1.0.4!

  69. FortyDayNocks says:

    Umm… blaze ROAD?

  70. Uranimous says:

    Can you make them tameable? So you can have a bodyguard and help you fight

  71. Salamder K says:

    Hey!!!Editor Please Make A Clash of Clans(CoC) Add-on

  72. KingcalaPlays says:

    Wow really amazing mod, its a good WAR BETWEEN ZOMBIES AND VILLAGERS scene, I would add them to ride hourses or minecarfts also try to make a moter villiager so it would like launch TNT, also make a witch a good person, make her spawn like pitman but they are good like the witherskeletons great mod

  73. Someguy45 says:

    This add on is great! I experienced no issues

  74. NFGamerMC says:

    Editor, I have changed my domain to, turns out the free one was used for spam.

    Please update it on my profile

  75. Matthew says:

    On the healer section it says unarmed unarmed

  76. Xv_BladeSlice_vX says:

    Wait… If you hit them will they kill you?

  77. withnoregret289 says:

    I assume you have already considered this, but why not substitute the iron/snow golems instead of wither skeleton? It would eliminate the limitless roaming, bring back the wither skeleton, and keep the same behaviours as the golems.

    • David says:

      Snow golems would leave snow everywhere, and I think that an iron golem shouldn’t be a substitute as it would well pair up with the guards. Good thinking, about the roaming thing though.

  78. Atampy26 says:

    Do the village guards still drop wither skulls? Because if they do that means survival still works with the Wither.

  79. David says:

    Excuse me, but if I say so myself this add on is AWESOME!!! I’ve been making the guards do mob battles but the problem with the wither boss is that the wither doesn’t get affected by the guards at all.

  80. Bill says:

    He do you change the mcwolrld to mcpack I’ve tried everything I could and it’s getting annoying please reply!

  81. Rustelk2930 says:

    No offense Editor, but it says unarmed twice.awesome addon, and Editor, if you are looking for people to help out I’d be glad to.

  82. I Hate Adfly says:

    Can the Healer villager heal villager guards?

  83. Endernbrine says:

    This addon update in incredible. You made a mistake in the healer villager text. You said unarmed twice.

  84. MR-J says:

    Why are my other replies not sending?

  85. Mr-J says:

    By way make them shoot more arrows so it looks cool and improve the texture of other villagers just like villager s comes alive addon maybe both of you guys can work on this together because villager guards and villlgers comes alive texture are both awesome

  86. Mr-J says:

    Hello deedubbs please add this to your addon where villager guards can ride horses and please add more life and strength to the guards because my mobs are too strong lastly please improve there armor like I can give them any armor and they either wear it or hide it but equipping it please listen to my ideas and I hope to see more awesome improvements

  87. Anonymous says:

    The guards attack Archer guards and I can’t make them into healer

  88. Radoric9 says:

    What does the healer replace?

  89. ChaoticFlame says:

    editor, you wrote unarmed twice in the healer section

  90. SandyGamerBot says:

    This is kinda good but I blew up the village XD

  91. Blaze8403 says:

    I love the addon but when my villager guards use bows their attack speed become really fast. To the point it looks ridiculous. They are firing their arrows like a machine gun.

  92. Alexander says:

    That should be so cool

  93. Alexander says:

    You can fix so They have something more just a sword and a bow, for exeampel, a shield to sword Villager

  94. JackieTheGamer says:

    In the next update, (if) why don’t you make it so you can have other types of guards, like a more bigger tank guy or something, or a wizard, but of course probably not, so how about making it so you can put armor on them?

  95. Orion440 says:

    Why does the behavior pack are not showing up in my game? I clicked “Behavior.mcpack” and it opened the game and started importing. Then nothing happens except it has done importing but the behavior pack isnt there

  96. Adam says:

    Awesome Addon. I was wondering if you could possibly make the guards have the ability to ride horses? I’ve seen it done in the medieval mobs addon. Thanks for the great addon.

  97. Kron says:

    I really love the addon but saddly it dosent go with the other apocalypse addon which means your guards do not attack natural spawning zombies from the apocalypse addon so, I really hope you fix this to make the addon more useful and enjoyable!

  98. Tom says:

    I found a mistake in the add-on unless it was a joke 🙂

    The villager sounds were on the wither BOSS instead of the wither skeletons (aka guards)

  99. gamer amazing says:

    Hey..can you the guards fight player Please…

  100. marty says:

    The village guards are invisible only the helmet and sword/bow are visible , can you please help me

  101. jc9880 says:

    Why don’t you add a “Griefer” class that lets the villager throw TNT that doesn’t damage blocks? You could also make it where guards could have any armor and weapons, including tipped arrows, but only if you give it to them.

  102. linh says:

    So Basically. The Wither Skeleton will disapear! Right? that would be suck

  103. Ragnar says:

    the update was nice but now the guards cant kill the creepers with 2 sword hits which allows them to explode before being killed

  104. Ragnar says:

    The guards are hostile to each other and now they dont wear helmets oddly.. also, it is not compatible with villager trading

  105. Anonymous says:

    Hey the guards don’t attack , How I fix this (Im in iOS) And they make w.skeleton noises

  106. Dubious says:

    It seems to work perfectly and the guards seem to naturally fit in, in fact I wouldn’t play without this. It is a brilliant idea, I really hope Mojang considers adding village guards in the future. It is nice to finally not have entire villages wiped out by zombies.

    Thanks so much for making this, I am really enjoying it!

  107. Brian says:

    I hope the texture for the vilage gaurds could be more detailed and realistic like more medieval style 🙂

  108. Jack says:

    Oh by the way My guard keep Leaving my house and won’t Defend They just go far into the wood I dont wanna build fences and keep them like a dog here And it is very hard to lead them home geez

  109. Jack says:

    I’m missing something.. I wanted a really cool army of these guy to fight the wither. But their arrow Are no match against wither they shoots it hits wither No Dmg The arrow just hit and fall to the ground like a shield that deflected it Another thing. Would be cool if the wither Dint deflect it I would turn into a huge battle ground Still waiting for the Clay army 😛 I like Strategy real Tim strategy stuff wouldn’t it be amazing if there was a 3D one WHO HEARD COMMAND BLOCK COMING TO MINECRAFT 1.0.5 YEAH COME ON BABE U BETTER MAKE CLAY SOLDIER

  110. Jericho says:

    I cant see the guard when i spawn it all i can see is its sword pls fix it

  111. Bruh_itz_jason says:

    Hi you didn’t add any texture packs

  112. Arafah says:

    How about you update like in the below
    -can swap any weapone
    -can swap any armor
    -attack bow 15.1
    -ghast is a helicopter can help
    -change costum
    -change sound

    Have you any ideas?

  113. Shraya says:

    How do you do this

  114. T.. says:

    I ever thought about this !!. Can I give suggestion to make the villager using gun more than a bow to make it more modern???.And Maybe this addon looks better when combined with talking villagers

  115. JackGaming44 says:

    How come every time I download it, it just says “failed to import”? I really want this add on since it sounds amazing but I’m stuck with this ._.

  116. bip says:

    I love it it defand my survival vilage and i want a update that we can add diamond sword,tool and more!
    It will make minecraft the best game ever!

  117. RiseUpOfficial says:

    Oh bro can you make big addon pack butt my mobile is ios ……

  118. Widow_Maker says:

    With today’s 1.0.4 update, this addon does not allow villager trading with any villager. Turning off this addon then allows trading. Hope you update this addon…it is the best one.

  119. Ethan33442 says:

    I made an villager guard village

  120. Kochiko says:

    I hope in the future we can tame them so they don’t go far away

  121. Rogan Elven says:

    Not good why he dont attack the zombie villager??

  122. TheBlueDiamondGamer says:

    Wow this is so Awesome!!!

  123. david says:

    Can you make the zombie pigmen look like enemy warriors and they kill villager guards? Also make the zombies their citizens? If you can make it in the next update. Btw this addon is great.

  124. REDZ says:

    Great addon.. But the archer guards seem to have very low accuracy.. Even on short distances they miss especially when either them or the enemy is on a different height level.. (eg. Enemy is two blocks higher or lower..) hit ratio is 2/10

  125. Ivan says:

    I’ve been trying too get a villager too become a guardian and it won’t do it. 😢

  126. RoboTix says:

    How to spawn? Idont know how to i spawn villgaer but its normal and i set it to this mod in my minecraft still no working for except to girlfriend villager its working but this no how to spawn villgaer egg or wither?

  127. FilipinoSlugger says:

    The addon is great, but they do not seem to attack zombie VILLAGERS. I just stare at themand they do not do anything to the zombie villager clearly attacking them

  128. David says:

    Editor should add add hoplites, give villagers iron ignots to have shields, or make the pigmen as the enemy army but not as a pig skin

  129. Tingekoo says:

    Been looking for these for a really long time now, nice addon next update i wish i could command them, using book banner or something. That would be so epic… Lmao

  130. Josh says:

    I’m not sure whats acceptable to comment on addons, but i just have to say i really love this addon its great!! Just wondering about the workings, Villager golems will attack you if your village point thing gets to low, aka you hit villager too many times. On The Windows Pc version you can regain points by trading, not sure how this feature works on PE but anyways, do the Village guards act like this? If you attack a normal villager will the guards attack you? also an idea about extra weapons, here is an addon that replaces witches with wizards.
    These two addons would make an awesome combo, but i’m not sure if they work together or not, will have to try it

  131. LegitBT says:

    Hey Deedubbs, Im currently making an advemture map that would be so much cooler if your Village Guard add-on was default on the map. I just wanted to get your permission before using it. Would it be okay with you?

  132. Kristian Lara says:

    I’ll need that addon to be on the resource pack.

  133. Jack says:

    So I was playing around with this make them fight the wither and the archer guard can’t even hit the wither can you make that they can hit the wither? And another thing this is great! Thanks for making this I maded a zombie outbreak and a zombie raid On a village and maybe a custom map during night spawn a lot of monster and guard defend :/

  134. Widow_Maker1 says:

    One suggestion (if you don’t mind), power up the arrow damage slightly. Seems like the poor guard has to shoot a lot of arrows to take down a skeleton.
    These guards are so fun watching them go about their business. I’ve spawned them everywhere that needs protection. Thanks again for this cool add-on.

  135. Widow_Maker1 says:

    This is THE best add-on thus far. Just makes sense. Loads of fun watching these guys protect my villages and castles. Works perfectly and with texture packs as long as the texture pack is applied first. Love It!! What will you think of next??

  136. buildermaster07 says:

    Has anyone trouble with this addon ? My baby villagers don’t grow up…
    Maybe I did something wrong by combinating 3 different addons ( trade + gards + leashable ) and this mistake prevent them from growing up… I checked, i didn’t find…

  137. Lol says:

    Please make maze runner addon

  138. Prince says:

    I’m not sure if my suggestion on this GREAT ADD ON by dee dubs will be applied but what I can suggest is that , the villager guard or archer can also MOUNT a horse , it’s also nice if we can FEED them for their health to be regenerate, or we can make them to let say stay on a specific area , also it would be fun to see if they say something to the player if approached LOL 😅👍.

    But kudos to Dee Dubs.

  139. Kristian Lara says:

    I love that add on. ;).

  140. Blaze says:

    Good add-on but when the one who had the bow shoots the one with the sword they fight each other please fix this!

  141. PhoenixFlame says:

    The addon is amazing so far and helpful in the game, but I think you might need to fix it a bit for IOS. Whenever I use it, it doesn’t show the skin of the guards, but just the skin of the wither skeletons wearing iron helmets. They act perfectly fine, just that error is the issue with the skin texture on them. Hopefully you guys will have a update to help fix that for iOS, but other than that, nothing much. The addon is great. ^^

  142. GreenBlaze28 says:

    Btw this is the best add on ??????but you got little problems to fix

  143. Ashton self says:

    Lol so awesome

  144. ShaninTheShark says:

    Do withers still spawn in the nether or are they removed/replaced?

    • Deedubbs says:

      Wither Skeletons have been completely replaced by the Village Guards, so you may see them spawn in the Nether. Maybe they can help you stay alive in there! 😛

  145. Flame says:

    Will the villager skin change if your using another texture pack?

  146. Adanthefirst says:

    Can you make a feature where you can give the guards any weapons?

  147. RetroGirlNikkia says:

    Plz add a way to get them to follow you or stay on a certain area so they don’t leave your base.
    BTW this is my favorite mod ??

    • Deedubbs says:

      Thanks for your support! 🙂

      I thought about making them leashable, that way you could leash them to an area. Not sure how to make them stick around otherwise. Could always try making them tameable, but that would involve yet another interaction from the player.

      Any other suggestions?

      • Theashortnose says:

        hmm. The person who made the Doctor addon might be able to help. The doctor in that replaces the wither, but it stands still-ish. It moves, but doesnt walk around. Maybe ffigure out how to apply that to just the archers??

  148. Kristian Lara says:

    You must find a village.

  149. Kristian Lara says:

    Go to behavior packs, then wait.

  150. Kristian Lara says:

    I like to have that addon.

  151. TItan0_00 says:

    Realize a possibility of management of soldiers.

  152. Z3R0TH3H3RO says:

    Idk if this will make a difference for letting me post this or not but I made an official account so maybe the massage will get to you but here’s the message again. Dang, dude this is the best add on so far. Oh and I’m that one guy who commented on your twitter that said if enderman and pick up and place blocks maybe you can make a miner villager. But I like the new additions you made to this add-on. Maybe something you can add next is them having an inventory. And my idea on how you would do that is, so you know how donkeys have chest? Maybe you can put that code to a villager so you can give them things. And maybe that can be a way you can trade with villagers some how. Another cool feature would be to get a villager guard to follow you. So for example you already have a lot of villagers from breading at a village and a lot of them are already trained and you want one to follow you so you can tame one like a wolf. You can change the text maybe to befriend or hire like so you can hire a villager guard to protect and follow you. But like I was saying so how you would get it to follow you is like how wolfs follow you and how they can teleport to you when your to far. So if you like got attacked by a hostile mob or player the villager guard would fight for you. And so you know how players can regenerate health over time? Maybe the villager guards can do that to and how you would do that is go in the the player.json file and if there is any code about regenerating health you can out that on the villager guard. Or another idea is how you feed wolfs meat to heal their health back when it is low you can heal a villager ghard like that to. Yeah you can always just use a instant health on them or maybe it’d have yo be instant damage because he is still counted as an undead mob. Or you can throw regeneration on him. But I think adding them to regenerate health over time or feeding them steack or any other meats to heal them would be cool. But I am a little experienced in coding the mobs. I’m not a genius or as good as you at this and I’m still learning but I’m a really fast learner and have tons of ideas for this add-on. It is my favorite add-on for Minecraft pe so far. And I was wondering if you could let me help you work on it? If not that’s okay but if you could follow me on twitter so I can message you some of my ideas that’d be cool. But you should really make a YouTube channel. I have a feeling you’d grow to a big channel real fast. But those are my thoughts on what could be added to this add-on. I have more but I’ll save those for another message. If I could work on this addon with you that would be really awesome. I have so much ideas. But if you can contact me on Twitter that’d be cool to. My twitter name is Z3R0TH3H3RO.

  153. The_Free_Thinker says:

    I have a quick question if the wither skeleton spawn egg is replaced by the villager guard does that mean that the villager guard can spawn naturally in the nether fortress?

  154. PLZ HELP says:

    Nice addon but i have a question to all mcpe users here. My iPhone 6 had Minecraft and it started crashing and i couldn’t play again. I updated to 0.16.1 hoping that it would fix it but it still did not work. Any ideas how i can fix this. Thank you for your help.

  155. Ethan says:

    AWESOME! It is a great mod but some cool suggestions (i don’t make add- ons or know what you can change but here is some ideas for this add-on or a new one)Chemist- throws potions. wizard- shoots fireballs Beast tamer- rides a cow has a sword. Suicide villager- give a villager tnt he will run up to a mob and explode Defenders- have a shield and sword Shield- replaces something used to train defenders (And maybe make a evil version of the guards and have a war)

    • Z3R0TH3H3RO says:

      Yeah those would be awesome ideas for the creator to hear. The only one that would be hard probably is the sheild maybe its possible tho. Something else would be cool is if you can get a villager to mine. I don’t know if its possible to wrote you own code. But if creators are allowed to then thats a whole new world of possibilities with Minecraft.

  156. Aidan says:

    Hey creator instead of the Wither Skeleton, which are needed to collect wither skulls, replace strays. They are pretty rare. I personally never seen one naturally spawn. Strays are not required for normal survival.

  157. SuperSeth02 says:

    Can u make it so u can find wither skeleton heads in nether fortress chests because u use wither skeletons for guards

  158. Jeff says:

    I tried spawning in the wither to test the villager guards strength. But it won’t let me spawn the wither. Can you fix that? Other than that, it’s a great add on ?

  159. Jimmy says:

    When I try to install both the behaviour pack and the texture pack it just gives me a page full of coding. How do I install it?? ?

  160. Space_Duck147 says:

    Can you add Villager Guards that can use bows?

  161. Kanday says:

    Is this available in ios?

  162. Ashton self says:

    Thank you I love it

  163. Anonymous says:

    Cool addon!

  164. Rachmadi says:

    Help I cant Install the addons How to install it? its always say Import failed 🙁 help

  165. IonixChrome says:

    XD nowbi can use them as Combat dummies and Guards…wait, can you also add an archer that when a villager given a bow will turn into skeleton can you do that?

  166. Anonymous says:

    It isnt available in ios 🙁

  167. NhelNach says:

    Oh yeah! it worked… 😉 I accidentally touched this addon and yeah he’s after me! I’ve got killed HAHA ?

  168. McpeDlFan says:

    Please make a Royale family addon .If you can make the villages turn to mini castles (optional) make a princess,prince,king,queen,knight etc.My sister is counting on that ! Tnx
    also make the prince and princess breed so that they can make a baby it is up to you which mobs will you replace.Tnx ?

  169. Ramon Joma says:

    Do villager guards spawnnin the nether?

  170. buildermaster07 says:

    This is kind of useless to give in the Zip file the same thing from the other links… I think it would be better for us to give the folders with the json files, or the .png files to give us an idea of how it works 🙂

  171. Jw says:

    When I click train they just turn invisible and disappear

  172. NFCorp2016 says:

    Creator, do you have a YouTube that I can subscribe to?

  173. Nido says:

    It No Look Like The Real Thing! e.g Villager Guards Look Like Wither Skeletons!

  174. Kendrick says:

    These add-ons are awesome but the villager guard is cool and my favorite!

  175. jamgabilz fruta says:

    plz add new type of guard like archer or wizard

  176. Aqil says:

    Please make a “the end” addon please because i’m very waiting for that long-long time sooo please make that addon

  177. Ariad says:

    This is a nice add-on thank you

  178. Kathy Canales says:


  179. Crazy Wolf says:

    I wanted around for so long!?????

  180. Alex says:

    Can you do more addon in the future

  181. Deedubbs says:

    Thanks for the great write up! 🙂

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