Village Near Spawn Next To A Ravine (Seed)

This seed spawns you in the plains, which includes a village near the spawn. This village has quite a large ravine very close to it that is almost passing through the it. There is another ravine further to the left of the spawn, ahead of the village.

When you spawn in the world, there will be a village to the left of your view. This village will include quite a large ravine almost passing through it so dangerously close. Keep the villagers away from it!!

Then, if you travel further (the same direction you went to go to the village) ahead of the village, is another ravine, except smaller.

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  1. Lord_Khufu says:

    Does this seed working on 1.14.60 ?

  2. Guest-8849509815 says:

    So for some reason i spawned on an island in middle of nowhere

  3. Guest-3296626000 says:

    Thegolen looking down lol

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