Village And Pillage Showcase Map (1.11 Only)

The Village And Pillage Update is coming to bedrock this year, while waiting, i’ve created this review map to test the upcoming features such as new blocks for building, new crafting and smelting blocks. new flowers, new variations of villagers, new trades, new items, new combat weapons, and more. 1.9 is going to be a small update that might have a chance to be releasing next week. 1.10 is considered a medium update with shields, villagers and more. And The 1.11 is going to be the Full Village And Pillage update. just like what they did to the update aquatic.

Features :

  • 14 New Slabs And Stairs
  • 12 New Walls
  • Smooth Varieties Of Sandstone, Red Sandstone, Stone And Quartz.
  • Scaffolding
  • Crossbows
  • New Varieties For Signs WIth Corresponding Wood Type
  • Lecterns
  • Blast Furnace
  • Loom
  • Smoker
  • Fletching, Smithing, Cartography Table (Addon)
  • Stonecutter
  • Barrel
  • Grindstone
  • New Dye Names For Rose Red, Cactus Green, And Dandelion Yellow
  • New Flowers; Lily Of The Valley, Cornflower, Wither Rose
  • New Dyes; Blue Dye, Brown Dye, Black Dye, And White Dye
  • Bamboos
  • Banner Patterns
  • Cats
  • Pandas
  • Pillagers
  • Illager Beasts
  • New Textures
  • Crafting Recipes
  • New Enchantments ; Piercing I-IV, Quick Charge I-III, Multishot I
  • Berries
  • Campfires
  • Particles
  • New Village Architechtures by biome
  • Composter
  • New Villagers : Mason and Nitwit (Green Robbed-Villager)
  • Wandering Trader
  • Pillager Outposts
  • Wood Blocks (Formerly known as Bark Blocks)
  • New Villagers Outfits
  • New Villager AI and Trades
  • Shields
  • Jellie

Archives :

Changelog View more

The Villager Update : (1.5) 

Added Berries

Added Shields

Added New Villagers

Added Jellie

Added Shields

Added New Blocks

Added Banner Patterns

Added Composter to Farms in Plains And Desert Villages

Added Stonecutter

Added Wood Blocks

Lecterns and The New Blocks are moved into a new area! 

Savannah N' Taiga Update (1.6)

  • Added Savannah Villages ( Still No Animal Pens )
  • Added Taiga Villages ( No Farms )
  • Added Village Teleports next to the Village Structure Teleports
  • Started Working On The Tundra Villages Again

Village Update (1.7)

  • Added Raids
  • Added New Locations 
  • Added Village Teleports
  • Added More Block Functionalities
  • Added Foxes (Addon)
  • Added Bad Omen and Hero Of The Village Effect
  • Added a new area for the ravager info

Minor Update (1.8)

Map :

  • Added Some Features From  Beta
  • Redecorated some areas of the map
  • Updated the path to a checkered pattern

Page :

  • Updated The Featured Image
  • Renamed The Map Name
  • Added Archives of old versions
I've Just Updated The Featured Image that will appear in the page


TAKE NOTE : ALWAYS CREDIT ME IF YOU WILL YOU THIS MAP IN A VIDEO. and This Will also be the last update of the map for now! April will be a very busy month for me cause' i need to attend summer classes and also it's holy week this week so i might be offline for this month, anyways, see you next month!


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  1. Teak-mana says:

    Uh can you please remove the script? Is already on 1.11.1 version. It does’t download and run on rashiascript. Please. I’m in iPad device (IOS/Apple). I’m trying very hard on it and the rashiascript said the error of minecraftjavarun. Is said “Sorry, the trouble of running the Java world is your device remove a position to a world. Is might be a file_script_world not working. Please if you download this or share by the owner. Please recheck this files by unzipping in the document app and talk in owner a question of the files. If you the owner of the files. Please re-back up it on by running a 902 script” and then please my minecraft not realize the world

  2. Frankie says:

    I LOVE this map! But I have to ask you something. With my bedrock ai lite Addon, spawn a pillager and a ravager then the pillager starts running to the ravager and then you’ve made a Illager Leader!

  3. HomieCreeper says:

    Could you make older versions available for download like the Bedrock AI Addon

  4. MCBoy YT says:

    i am on iOS and it says ’’the world you are trying to enter requires your device to run scripts. Your device doesen’t support scripting, so you can’t join on this device’’

  5. NOELDIAMOND says:

    It says level import field pls make a zip pls

  6. HomieCreeper says:

    It says that it supports 1.9 but I’m on 1.9 and it says that it supports 1.10 only when I try to play on it

  7. Bruce Jacobs says:

    It says open on newer version when I try to play and I am on 1.9 plz help

  8. Anonymous says:

    It says I need the beta to do it and I am on IOS can you help me

  9. BREACH35PLAYZ says:

    It’s 143 MB? WHAAAAT

  10. Editor! i have a new twitter acc which i created last year, and forgotted to tell you it! here’s the link :

  11. Lamaster651 says:

    It’s taking a long time
    Does it have campfires?

  12. Brianaticloud says:

    I really want to explore this map but I have no idea how to get the beta on my iPad 😂

  13. Rolan says:

    Add illager patrols

  14. grand1200 says:

    wut? the new textures???

  15. No says:

    What about the pillager watch towers?

  16. Boop says:

    Level import failed. Of course.

  17. Zenjo.oh_Sama says:

    Is this the Version 3.1 of the new texture? We not submit it.

  18. Noice says:

    Great map design for review

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