Village, Pyramid, Badland Savannah, Mesa and Flat Lands Nearby!

Are you a type of Minecraft player who loves to build? Or you just want a flat land for your survival world? Well, this seed is absolutely perfect for you! 

This is where you spawn. Just infront of you there is a village. Don’t place hope too high though, there is no blacksmith in this village. 

You guys may asking “What is special in this seed? I don’t see anything special here.”

Okay, so the specialty of this seed is stored in three ways. 

First, if you go to right from the village, you will notice a Pyramid in the distance. That’s actually a good feature, especially if you want an instant loot. 

Second, if you turn left from the village, you will see a Badlands Savannah Biome. Not too special, but it’s kinda rare for me

But, most importantly, if you travel further, you wil notice a Mesa Biome! This Biome is very useful if you want to make something out of terracota in your survival world! 

Third,  if you walk diagonally from the village, either to left or right, you will find large amount of flat lands. This is very great type of place for building! I actually build my house in this place, and to be honest, the land here is very big if you want a big building! If it doesn’t seem big enough for you, you can just clear the forest area a little bit. 

And thats it! A good village for you those want to build, and a bonus which is the pyramid if you want an instant loot. Have a good survival! 


If you go past the flat lands area, you will find a village

To make things even nicer, there is actually two blacksmith in this village, which is nice, isn’t it? 

The nice things doesn’t stop there though, as you can see, there is a ravine in entrance of the village. If you brave enough, you can go down there, and you will surprised. Yes, there is a cluster of diamond in those ravine! I actually surprised when i explore more of this seed, because of how many nice thing i found in this seed! 

So there you go! Enter this seed into your Minecraft, and you will surprised of how many niceties you have in this seed! Have a good survival! 

Changelog View more

Just re-arrangement for description and add it a little bit. 

Added the description of the second village and diamond in the ravine. 

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  1. Guest-1286102116 says:

    best seed ever. pillager outpost at -700,x,300 at border between mesa and desert biome.

  2. Guest-4937796731 says:

    I dont know if its a bug or it is what it is but theres no chest inside the pyramid tho

  3. Guest-5167795262 says:


  4. zeyverOps17 says:

    Awesome!!🤗 I will use this for my survival achievements

  5. Looks like a good seed! Also, My seeds may be coming now but there may be two of the same since i thought mcpedl will never post my seed. Cuz i put the time

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