Village, Ruined Portal And Mineshaft All At Spawn (Seed) 324232940

A survival world which would be perfect for seeded speed runs or just general survival. You spawn on a plains biome facing a village that lies next to a huge ravine. The ravine contains a nicely sized mineshaft system and even contains a few diamonds. And with the Bonus of a ruined portal sitting at the end of the ravine which contain some pretty nice golden items.

The Village

The village contains a garden with beetroot and wheat crops growing(there might be more gardens I did not see). 

There is a Church containing a brewing stand and a small house containing some apples, potatoes and bread.

The Village spawns on a plains biomes and is mixed into a mountain biome making a few random building spawn on the mountain.

 The Ravine

In the image above you can see that the ravine spawns next to the right next to the village. In this ravine is a mineshaft. I have left the mineshaft unexplored so you will have to find out what loot is inside(; . there is a few diamonds sitting at the bottom of the raven, easy diamonds.

The Ruined Portal

The portal is found at the end of the raven and contains some golden items...


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This seed is great, but the nether is just a BASALT BIOME! I cant get out from this dam pit, becuse it is SUROUND OF LAVA! TERIBLE FOR SPEEDRUNING! (for nornal playing is great)
wow a great seed i will make a vedio on it i toor the revine and mine shaft and in revine i found lots of diamonds wow cool keep it up
Great seed for a quick start. With the update it is a quick way to get the new blocks and ores. I haven't found any diamonds on the ravine yet.
wait what is this seed
The texture pack used in the screenshots is: (Yeetus Fault REVAMP [16x] PvP Texture Pack)
@DavidN7454, the seed ID is located under the changelog & above the comments section; the seed is 324232940.
great seed but what texture pack do u use?
it doesnt seem to be working?
Best seed i have seen so far
Whats the thing u r using that changes the chest interface