Villager Quest Add-on

Villager Quest is an add-on which adds two new villager types (and soon more) to Minecraft. It really makes the villages much more interesting since you will be able to obtain a bunch of new items which otherwise would be quite hard to obtain. So far it only adds two new types but in the future there will be more.

Creator: KingbudderjrTwitter Account

How does it work?

The new villagers include the Alchemist and the Tinkerer. These villagers trade a different range of items and usually more rare ones which are difficult to obtain. You will notice the new villagers by their clothes. For example, the Alchemist wears a red lab coat.

Villager Types


  • 2-3 iron ingots > 1 gold ingot
  • 2-3 gold ingots > 1 diamond
  • 1 obsidian block > 1 ender pearl
  • 1 glowstone > 1 experience bottle


  • 1 redstone block > 1 minecart
  • 2-3 chests > 1-2 hoppers
  • 4-7 iron ingots > 1-2 dispensers
  • 5-7 redstone torches > 1-4 fireworks
  • 2-3 iron ingots > 1 gold ingot
  • 2-3 gold ingots > 1 diamond
  • 1 obsidian block > 1 ender pearl
  • 1 glowson > 1 experience bottle

Here is a list of future features:

  • Enchanter
  • Time Traveler
  • Civilian
  • Guard


  1. Download Behaviors .McPack
  2. Download Resources .McPack
  3. Activate the packs for a world in-game

You can get a .ZIP file for this addon here.

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43 Responses

4.71 / 5 (28 votes)
  1. Guest-5544692726 says:

    It doesn’t work pls help

  2. Lol says:

    Umm you wrote glowson instead of glowstone

  3. issac says:

    can someone make colorful villagers mod for 1.12.2?

  4. dj cool 101 says:

    Wow. I love it! But the butcher one still has some of the original trades. Also when will you make more?!

  5. AustinW2020 says:

    Update this please !!

  6. MattPC says:

    So cool, waiting forma the updates.

  7. glahera says:

    This is a good addon concept, and so far it is quite useful. But why is it not updated to be compatible with 1.2.x yet?

  8. Gameboy1234 says:

    This add-on is not working. Whenever I hit a villager it flies way up into the sky and never stops. And they also never move and they just stay in their place. Please fix this! I really wanted to download it!

  9. Bob says:

    Sounds cool.
    What did you use to make this and what is the code you used?

  10. $tryker says:

    I can’t wait for the guard and time traveler to be released.

  11. CHERRY says:

    pls make the next update of this addon I am so excited for the next new villagers pls make the update loved the addon too.

  12. CHERRY says:

    pls make the next update of this addon I am so excited for the next new villagers pls maje the update loved the addon too.

  13. MCRAVEN says:

    This add on sounds cool! I am building a private restaurant game so this would probably be good for shopping for ingredients! Thanks and hope for Mich more helpful mods in the future!

  14. vanillaminecraftftw says:

    yo, add in the description of this thing that it downloads this texture pack: in its resources pack. It makes everything disgustingly ugly so if you wanna only get the addon, you’ll be better off just downloading the behavior pack -_-

  15. Luis says:

    Es el mejor add-on que he visto

  16. Axel says:

    Does it support 1.1.5?

  17. Ezra says:

    Hey I did a bunch of trades with the tinkerers and alchemists and the trades they can do in the list here are randomly swapped.. alchemist does the iron > gold > diamond trades and a glowstone for an xp bottle BUT THE TINKERER can only do a iron for dispenser trade, coal for emerald, and then emeralds for chicken / pork or something.. I’ve traded a bunch of times with both villager tyes and these are the only trades unlocked 🙁 I really need the hoppers and fireworks that the page states these villagers can provide..

  18. NetherFun101 says:

    Hey editor I have a problem, on these and other download links adds pop up.
    I know that that this happens on every website but for the links the adds don’t let me download stuff. If you can’t fix this than me and my friends will not be able to download addons/textures.

  19. ZCosmic says:

    I Hope This addon updated soon.I Very very love this!

  20. Villager Knight says:

    How about a fireball shooting wizard and a friendly witch that can summon GOOD skeletons that are weak because they carry wooden swords

  21. Villager Knight says:

    Add a fireball shooting wizard and a witch that summons skeletons that hep you out but they are very weak

  22. Barret918 says:

    There’ a typo at tinkerer’s trading list:glowstone

  23. Anonymous (shhh it's actually Max!) says:

    Good but sometimes, I don’t see any of the new villagers in the villages at all

  24. I Hate Adfly says:

    DANG IT! I was working on a similar addon. Oh well I guess I was too late to finish. Great work!

  25. Subject_Alpha says:

    Misspelled glowstone spelled glowson but otherwise good add on

  26. $tryker says:

    Hey ya’ll. Are the two new villagers really new? Or do they replace a Mob like most addons?

  27. DankMemes says:

    Yes! Actually new villagers!

  28. TheMinecraftPlayer says:

    Kinda like a wizard

  29. TheMinecraftPlayer says:

    Can you add a villager that acts like a witch but it is good

  30. captainfour4 says:

    You should make the Alchemist actually sell potions and the Tinkerer sell more redstone items…

  31. UnderTaleProKid says:

    Do any of them replace any villager type

  32. FieryFess says:

    I LOVE THIS!! It makes The Trades more affordable!

  33. Pugz says:

    Yay first comment

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