Villager Trading Mod

The Villagers Trading Mod implements the existing PC villager trading system to Minecraft Pocket Edition. Even if it’s not as extensive it’s very impressive both in terms of functionality and the graphical user interface.

From now on your emeralds will have a beneficial use. Walk up to villagers and trade them for items.

Creator: Affogatoman, Twitter Account


Basically emeralds work like cash, you can exchange it for items like food or exchange items for emeralds.

To trade with the villagers you will either need emeralds or have enough items of any of the ones found below.

  • Apple
  • Bread
  • Cooked chicken
  • Cookie
  • Melon
  • Arrow
  • Flint & Steel
  • Shears
  • Raw chicken
  • Wheat
  • Cooked fish

Walk up to a villager and a Trade button will appear above the action bars. Tap on it once to open the trading interface.


From there you can select whether you want to sell or buy items. Use the left and right arrow keys to select which item you want to exchange.


As you make the trade the items, in our example some apples, will appear in your inventory.



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63 Responses

5 / 5 (2 votes)
  1. Angelo says:

    Useless mod. Why? Because you can trade with the villagers since MCPE 1.0.4. Too impatient. Be patient because PE will get as close to Java Edition.

  2. Bowen says:

    Do you need BlockLauncher? playing on 1.9.0

  3. Anonymous says:

    Omg you can all ready trade with villagers 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😇🤣

  4. Sydney says:

    It’s already added your gonna get banned if you ever have anyone download it!

  5. REDZ says:

    Hi! Does this work on Minecraft PE v1.0.0?

  6. DonMarijuano says:

    Why is the download an apk

  7. febrian says:

    How to install the mod??

  8. DiamondxKing12 says:

    Is it possible to edit the trades? If so, how?

  9. Anonymous says:

    Thanks It helped

  10. Anonymous says:

    When it says it could harm my device is it true? I’m playing on version 0.15.6 on an RCA tablet.

  11. Herobrine says:

    Does it work 0.14.0

  12. Andrew Lucky says:

    Please make it avaliable for PE 14.0
    I will very appreciate that. Thanks.

  13. Aira jader says:

    It works for 14.0?

  14. Creeper says:

    Hey dude, can you make this mod for MCPE 0.14? It would be HUGELY appreciated 🙂

  15. sheehan says:

    This mod working on minecraft pe version …??? Thanks

  16. kelrex says:

    Hi can you plssssssss update it for 0.14.0 ok!

  17. Nick says:

    Walkthrough and instructions for installing mods are for .js files not for .apk files. Instructions for how to install mods using apk v. js?

    • Editor says:

      For this mod simply use a file explorer app like ES file explorer and then locate the downloaded .apk file. Then tap on it to install the BlockLauncher addon.

  18. Jillian christine E. Apolinar says:

    I love the minecraft.because the VILLAGER can’t Trading.That looks awesome and Epic.
    That mod are awesome.Maybe i will get that mod.I love the mod and I love it

  19. Swini says:

    I doubt it is but is this mod updated for 0.14.0?

  20. Franish says:

    Also how do you tap a villager and not hit it?

  21. Franish says:

    Do does it work for 0.13.0
    iOS? Not trying to be annoying!! Just really wanted to try it out!

  22. Lance the Lumberjack says:

    apk files dont work as a mod (which are js files)

  23. TCMCreeper says:

    I install the mod the mod is on I test the mod I spawn a villager and it don’t show the trade it don’t work on minecraft pe 0.13.1

  24. BEAST says:

    Does it work for 0.13.0 and can I have the link for the iOS one please

  25. Not Editor says:

    is this addon ?

  26. Daniel says:

    Can we get it on v0.12.3?

  27. İdil ay kılyar says:

    Um why are you say that bro and i dont know how to get the mod can you write pls
    Oh dont forget i live in turkey bro

  28. joel says:

    does it work for 0.12.1

  29. Jay Otto bucod says:


  30. WildCatTheGriefer says:

    Work fine but how do i trade with village?

  31. Parker says:

    Your nice

  32. kevin says:

    Download link?

  33. Sawgminy says:

    Does it work for ios

  34. MasterPieces920 says:

    How to get mods?

  35. Odin says:

    I like it

  36. Dutj22 says:

    I can’t get it

  37. Samif says:

    Ammmm sorry but can anyone help me i dont know how to download it

  38. Edward Fletcher says:

    I love this mod thanks

  39. Mohammed says:

    Best mod ever

  40. Mark says:

    Wow! Great mod! This works just as it said. Im using mcpe 11.1 for this mod

  41. Shafit57 says:

    Nice Mod

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